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The Southern Poverty Law Center No Longer Serves Its Original Purpose

By Scott Walter

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is an organization that has so succeeded in pushing bigots out of the mainstream, that now over 40 years after their founding, they need to constantly find new bigots inside the mainstream to fight against. When there aren’t many left, that means dangerously expanding who is called a bigot.”

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  1. A Web search for information about the SPLC reveals a horde of links to many sites where people expressing negative opinions about the SPLC abound. I have noticed the elite-owned tyrannical media often uses SPLC output in their propaganda/indoctrination stories. Over the years I have learned to automatically look askance at any “news” story, essay or any other content that refers to SPLC output in any way other than shaming the SPLC as but another attempt at pushing the elite agendas upon We, the People. SPLC… shame on you. Evil is your middle name… in my opinion.

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