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Snow In Florida! Snow In the Sahara Desert!

Snow In Florida! Snow In the Sahara Desert!

Global warming causes global cooling, or at least that is what Al Gore and his fellow Global Warming/Climate Change Cultists believe, even though science has shown over and over again that the Earth’s weather is tied to sunspot activity. We are in what is called the Maunder Minimum, meaning a minimum of sunspots. When that occurs, the Earth cools and weather patterns get more erratic.

The Sahara desert got snow for the second year in a row! Last year the desert got a foot of snow. This year it got up to three feet of snow!

Northern Florida got measurable snow this year, as up and down the East Coast and in the Mid-West there were record low temperatures.

Europe and parts of Southeast Asia are seeing record low temperatures, also. Meanwhile, Australia is seeing record high temperatures.

There will be winter crop failures in many parts of the world. Prepare for higher food prices. Better yet, grow more of your own food! Don’t just play defense. Go on the offense!

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Shorty Dawkins