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Poland and Hungary Stand United Against Brussels!!!

Poland and Hungary Stand United Against Brussels!!!

Poland and Hungary, who endured roughly 50 years of Soviet domination and its anti-religion ideology, now have leaders who stand proudly for the historic Christian values and culture that they believe defines their countries, and indeed, Europe itself.

Brussels, the home of the European Parliament, wants to dictate to Poland and Hungary what would, in essence, be the destruction of the Christian values that Poland and Hungary proclaim is their heritage, and their rightful future.

The stage is now set for a confrontation between the EU and the eastern European countries, which could have far-reaching consequences for the EU and Europe. Poland and Hungary have support from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in a loose alliance called the Visegrad Four. This confrontation could very well be the event that brings about the dissolution of the EU along with a realignment into competing Western European and Eastern European alliances. Remember, Austria recently elected a new Parliament that also stands for Christian values, and is anti-immigration.

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Here is the Christmas speech given by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

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  1. Well Done! I will continue to pray for these “Christian Nations” that are fighting the good fight of faith!
    Thank-you for your passion for these nations.

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