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Nobel Prize Winner: Trump Has Launched a Nationalist “Revolution” Against the Elite

Nobel Prize Winner: Trump Has Launched a Nationalist “Revolution” Against the Elite

This article comes from InfoWars.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Davos globalists seek to derail populist uprising.

Nobel Prize winning economist and globalist Robert Shiller says that President Donald Trump has launched a nationalist “revolution” against the elite.

Speaking to CNBC and undoubtedly on behalf of many of the political class, Shiller said he found it “troublesome” and was “concerned” that the Trump phenomenon was derailing globalism.

“Trump is a revolution unfortunately, (and one) who’s reaffirming nationalism,” said Shiller, expressing his desire that Democrats will recapture control of Congress after the mid-terms so that Trump’s agenda is “defanged”.

The Yale University economics professor indicated that the upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos, which Trump will attend, will see globalists scheme ways of derailing “the international growth of populism and nationalism” that has surged as a result of Brexit and Trump.

Shiller also reveals that Davos will be hosting a session based on “Narrative Economics” and “the effects that narratives and stories can have on the global economy.”

He explains that many elitists still don’t understand that narratives, particularly those that go “viral,” are what shape society.

“Though these narratives are deeply human phenomena that are difficult to study in a scientific manner, quantitative analysis may help us gain a better understanding of these epidemics in the future,” says Shiller.

In other words, thanks to the decline of mainstream media and the growth of the Internet, the global elite is losing its ability to control and monopolize the narrative, which was one of the major factors that led to Trump’s election victory in the first place.

As we reported back in September, globalist publication the Economist, seen by many as the voice of the international elite, expressed its panic that Trump was a “present danger” to their “new world order” and that he must be removed from power.

Last August, former CIA agent and CNN analyst Philip Mudd said on air “the government’s gonna kill” Donald Trump because he was disrespecting the deep state and the political class.


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  1. Power and wealth and the control thereof. An entrenched elite class will do all it can to maintain a status quo so beneficial to them and their vile spawn who will be honed to continue affairs. When elite greed exceeds the capacity of the common folks to keep funneling the wealth WE CREATE via our labors ever-upwards into tyrannical hands then dissatisfaction occurs and thus Trumps appear.

    Sadly, the embedded systems are so firmly entrenched that a mere change in political figureheads will change little to nothing. Whoever controls the money supply and the channels it moves within and whoever controls the media controls a huge portion of the masses of common folks. Then there is the public education systems wherever those exist (first-world and second-world countries have these, third-world not as much) where a lot of indoctrination occurs.

    Folks… imagine how much worse affairs would be for us common folks if the Web had never occurred. Expect elite-class curtailment of the Web in the not-too-distant future. Ever-rising cost to access the Web will be the likely method of restricting commoner access to sharing information.

    Mention must be made of the collusion between corporations and government at all levels. Ugghhhh…. the extreme complexity of affairs rears its hideous head yet again. The complexity of affairs assists the elites in maintaining control of their systems.

    Where is the “think-tank” bringing quality minds together to figure out some solutions to the horrors enveloping the common folks?

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