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New California Tent City Video Sparks Outrage

Sanctuary state’s decay on display for world to see.

  –  January 16, 2018

UPDATE: After amassing almost five million views in 24 hours, the original post has disappeared without explanation, but a copy has been embedded below.

Video footage of a homeless encampment in Orange County, California, has gone ultra-viral after a Facebook page operated by former law enforcement posted stunning scenes of the sanctuary state’s rapid descent into a dystopian “shit hole.”

Retired Orange County Deputy Sheriffs released the video on Facebook, where it racked up nearly five million views and 104,000 shares in little more than a day.

In the caption, the page’s administrators placed blame for the shocking breakdown of law and order on Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Sandra Hutchens and Undersheriff Don Barnes, with a tongue-in-cheek reference to controversial – yet unsubstantiated – “sh*thole” comments attributed to President Donald Trump.

“Orange County is now a shit hole country thanks to Sheriff Sandra Hutchins and her co-conspirator Don Barnes,” they wrote. “Please watch 10 minutes of filth.”

The slum stretches for a considerable distance, abutting upper-scale apartment complexes, multiple professional sporting venues, private businesses, and even a children’s playground. Squatters’ garbage and personal effects are strewn along and across the pathway, and derelicts in various states of undress and consciousness can be seen walking or lying about.


When Democrats Rule With Socialism / Communism: Tent City Stretches Miles With Mansions In The Background With WALLS Orange County, California

When Democrats Rule: Tent City With Mansions In Orange County, CA – Spread This Folks!

Posted by Populist Wire on Sunday, January 14, 2018

Copy of original video posted by Populist Wire

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  1. Now I am not kidding, and I don’t live there, but wasn’t Orange County supposed to be the conservative capital(for lack of better words) in S. CA. Was this forced on O.C. by Brown? Are these Immigrants. or cast offs from around the state and country? I guess in other words I would like to know where all these folks are coming from. Is this the Precursor of Agenda 21? A lot of questions I would like to have answered. Not name calling and such. Are these folks being displaced or are they new age Vagabonds. What is really happening? Any OKers from O.C. that may know they facts?

  2. Any comparison even in the slightest with Hoovervilles of the past? Is the insane cost of typical living (rent, buy, etc.) so high that a percentage of the populace is simply priced out of the market? Would removing an estimated 12-20-million illegal alien invaders cause rents to plummet due to a lesser demand for housing? What percentage of housing costs fueled by property taxes to ensure bureaucrats and civil servants receive the benefits and pensions the typical lower socioeconomic level workers can only dream of assist in sending folks to these encampments?

    Country poor farms and state-run mental institutions used to siphon off a percentage of the homeless unable to be productive societal members. Ever see the productivity/average-wage graph showing the steadily rising line indicating the rise in average wage while the faster-climbing line with the ever-increasing gap between the rise in productivity and wages indicating the constantly growing percentage of the national wealth held by a tiny portion of the populace?

    You old coots surely recall when the pundits growled that housing should be 25% of ones income then, poof… the new percentage in the new-improved USA is one-third of ones income should be allotted to housing.

    And a few thousand other factors worthy of consideration exist. Sure… drugs, that demon alcohol, mental illness and sheer laziness are all involved but consider the downfall of the average Joe Blow down on his luck without family or friends to step in and assist. Savings can disappear quickly and without a phone, shower, etc. getting back into the normal workforce can be problematic,

    Folks… without family and a fortunate small inheritance allowing me to buy a shack in the bad part of town in fly-over country there is a good chance I would have been homeless. And once there it can be hard to ruse back up… especially when the blue-collar worker relying upon musculature and physical abilities has been waylaid by repeated injuries and the normal ravages of aging. Social Security denied me yet I have seen folks of doubtful distress receiving the freebies, typically for mental disabilities. Folks… those who can afford the docs who will fudge reality are of great assistance when pleading to the bureaucrats for hand-outs. The current system too often spits upon commoners who are truly hurting.

    Screw it. Extremely complicated. Mere luck kept me out of the homeless camps. For that I am extremely grateful. As for veterans… the suicide rate is highest for those above 50. A percentage are surely due to declining health. When the doc says cancer I will go until it hurts too bad then the scatter-gun is there to send me into oblivion. I wonder how many of those older vets taking that or a similar route are due to desperation from the struggles of homelessness etc. Shall we bring in some more Somalis and support them for a few generations?

    1. If not for the kindness of a vet friendly cowboy here in Arizona willing to trust me for an owner financed home, I too would be a homeless vet.

  3. So, I’m guessing that these aren’t the people to whom the redistribution went, therefore they must be the people from whom the redistribution came then? I don’t see a problem here, they all look equal to me.

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