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NavyJack – The DeepState Endgame

Immediately following the election we commenced Operation Hypo. As I noted in the after action report, a new phase of infiltration and investigation was launched to penetrate the “resistance” movement that had been formed to obstruct the President and attempt to remove him from power.

Our efforts started by infiltrating a George Soros led group named “Democracy Alliance”.  This organization is singularly focused on undermining the President and financially supporting a myriad of efforts towards that objective. We learned early on in our investigation that high ranking Government officials that had tried to undermine Candidate Trump prior to the election had created an “insurance policy” strategy to undermine his administration both during the transition period and following inauguration. We also learned that the coordinated effort included a significant number of Republicans who had been active in the “NeverTrump” movement during the primaries and lead-up to the General election. You can learn more about these efforts and the individuals involved here.

Using foreign agents like Chris Steele (former MI6) and his Russian counter-intelligence sources the document we now refer to as the “Dossier” came into existence.  What people do not seem to realize is that the Dossier was never intended to be an opposition research document to aid the Clinton campaign against the GOP candidate Donald Trump. The Dossier was always intended to provide justification and cover for CIA and FBI counter-intelligence operations led by Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe.

NavyJack - The DeepState Endgame

McCabe was supported by a host of Obama Administration cabinet members, including James Clapper, Susan Rice and John Brennan. Their plan was simple; never allow Donald Trump to occupy the Oval Office. Their plan failed. They did have a backup “insurance” plan now named “RussiaGate”.  The RussiaGate insurance policy has but one purpose; to remove Donald Trump from office as quickly as possible, to ensure the survival of what many have labeled “DeepState”.

The “RussiaGate” plan required the neutering of the incoming administration’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. To that end, reports were provided to the media and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to attempt to force his recusal on issues related to “RussiaGate”, the 2016 election and any matter concerning Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was instrumental in this element of the plan. He successfully convinced Mr. Sessions that he would be able to complete an investigation of Russian Interference and possible collusion with the Trump Campaign without the need to hire a Special Counsel.  This assurance was the basis for Mr. Sessions to agree to recuse himself from these matters. Mr. Rosenstein then immediately set off to create the conditions necessary to require a Special Counsel assignment by convincing President Trump that the removal of James Comey as Director of the FBI was warranted. Following the President’s removal of Mr. Comey, Mr. Rosenstein immediately moved to assign Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. You can learn more about this aspect of the insurance policy here.

What many people do not seem to appreciate is that RussiaGate and the efforts to undermine and remove President Trump from office are not related to any loyalty to Hillary Clinton. They are motivated by the need to ensure the continued cover-up of illegal activities perpetrated by our Nation’s intelligence community under the Obama administration.

Since early 2009, the FBI and the CIA with the assistance of the DOJ have been instrumental it the cover-up of events, including the arming of ISIS, Fast & Furious, Uranium One and Benghazi. These events would have quickly been exposed if the FBI and the DOJ had pursued charges against Hillary Clinton for her the home-brew email server. All of the evidence is in her emails.

NavyJack - The DeepState Endgame

I would love to tell you that the efforts of the resistance and DeepState to undermine the current President and his administration are coming to an end, but that is simply not the case. I would love to tell you that the efforts of the DOJ Inspector General, Mr. Horowitz, would fully expose the depths of corruption that have been uncovered by our efforts documented in the links above. That too is simply not going to happen. I am certain that the DOJ will never prosecute its own leadership or the leadership of the FBI involved in these criminal activities. From my perspective, justice can only be achieved with an outside prosecutor, armed with the ability to subpoena witnesses, convene a Grand Jury and issue indictments.

We will continue to keep a close eye on the individuals involved in the DeepState Endgame going into 2018. Interim updates are posted on my twitter timeline and moments here.

NavyJack - The DeepState Endgame


Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. … justice can only be achieved with an outside prosecutor, armed with the ability to subpoena witnesses, convene a Grand Jury and issue indictments.”

    Amen to that! Is there any chance in hell in using the constitutional powers of We the People through the power provided us within the constitution to form grand juries and arrest these treasonous enemies of the state bastards?

    1. ” Is there any chance in hell in using the constitutional powers of We the People through the power provided us within the constitution to form grand juries and arrest these treasonous enemies of the state bastards?”


      We have to hope that Sessions appoints one. I am not sure what he’s waiting for, which makes the speculation that he’s been compromised and blackmailed seem more believable.

    2. This High Level, covert INSURRECTION requires NO LESS than what can and should be called The American Nuremberg Trials!

      Regardless of the cost, the Republic MUST be defended from and CLEANSED of this INSURRECTION!

      To fail to do so is to endorse and ACCEPT this OVERTHROW of our Republic, and the inevitable COUNTER-PURGE that they will surely perpetrate the MOMENT they have re cemented their power!

  2. Maybe there is a way to notify President Trump we, the entire group of Oathkeepers, fully support him.
    Maybe we send that out each week; each sign it through a web app; and address specific things we support that week. And what we are doing about it . . . each item we state for that week.

    (this would be like a consensus algorithm)

    If things get dicey he can know we are behind him as a cohesive, large group; and that we are right on the issues he has to face and can even be a source of encouragement. He must be completely alone there with all this complete corruption and fraud. How about we make ourselves known to him – specifically to the point each and every week.

    Godspeed Oathkeepers and please remember no member of the US Army can be on sovereign state soil unless as described by and in agreement with the States’ Agency Agreement: ‘Constitution of the United States’. The National Guard is a division of the US Army.

    1. I would be cautious about unsecured comms to the WH – with all the crap going on right now there is no way to tell who is reading our comms to the WH. If there are inroads to be made at that level I would hope that Stewart is working on it. I feel confident that the Pres. would welcome our support – I’m less confident about some of those that surround him and read his emails before he gets them. Just my .02.

      1. I would agree that the President is surrounded by traitorous jackels. Any written message of support and alignment with the President will have to be hand delivered by the leadership of Oathkeepers and any other group.

      2. Why be cautious since all comms are compromised. Better to just say what you mean and mean what you say ! We are well past the cautious comms point for years now, although that does not mean you should blab what you do not want others to know. Attempting to contact the pres is not one of those things and the worse that could happen is he will never see it.

        I agree with 90% of the article. But there is no doubt there has been two specific goals by the DSA (deep state apparatus). One to get Hilary elected by any means necessary and the second to undermine Trump by any means necessary which is still on going today. My take on Sessions is a very simple one and very close to yours if not the same. He was out maneuvered and boogered from the get go and seems to be too weak to grasp it all or do anything about it ? So he is NOT serving the president well at all by his lack of actions. I do not think any more outside special council or prosecutors is an answer for many reasons. We simply need a leader at DOJ to clean it all up as well FBI. Session is not that guy and he needs to go ASAP or get on with the task at hand and admit his mistakes ! The link below gives more detailed clarity. Keep up the good works !

  3. Disturbing report Jack. It says to me that our future is “Banana Republic”. I would agree were it not for people like you and Tom Fitton, hundreds of courageous whistle-blowers in the rank and file of the agencies you mention…and our 2nd Amendment…and the EO targeting the assets of the perverts! Maybe I’m just a blind optimist, but I feel a “momentum” on our side that they will not be able to hold back for much longer…not to mention God on our side.

    1. nrahat….Great question…. what is that anti American gutter filth Soros doing on American soil….I find it impossible that he is not in the morgue with acute lead poisoning…… truth be known, he is here and doing great because he has a huge “collection” of Democrats and Republicans on his “payroll”…….$$$$$$ talk…..and BS walks !

  4. Great article. very informative. It would be nice to think that all this “nightmare” will come to an end and our country will heal and we can get back to being a nation of disagreements BUT getting along. But in my humble opinion, we are on the path of no return. Once one squeezes toothpaste of the tube, you can’t put it back in. There are “high dollar” leftist fascists paying for and pushing an agenda and eventually the “silent majority” will have to break its silence.

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