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What Good is ‘Preaching to the Choir’?

What Good is ‘Preaching to the Choir’?
Choir-master leading a rural congregation singing hymns. Hand-colored woodcut of a 19th-century illustration (Photo credit:

A comment posted under a recent Oath Keepers article admonished us to essentially keep quiet about issues of vital interest and threats to freedom. The argument went:

  • We’re preaching to the choir.
  • Being informed is not enough. We need a plan that will be supported and acted upon.
  • Otherwise, we could get in trouble for talking about it.

I disagree on several points. Here’s why.

First of all, not everyone is in the choir.  The people in the pews — some not even paying attention — aren’t.  The choir is comprised of activists, people who make and keep a regular commitment to practice, to improve, to work together and to perform. Appreciating (or not) the results of their efforts does not make one a member of the choir.

I do agree that simply being informed is not enough. No one intends for readers here to merely consume information and then do nothing else with it. That should go without saying, as should requests to share information with people we know that may otherwise only see what “gatekeeper media” wants them to. Ditto for writing to legislators.

In other words, there’s always something we can do with information if we want to.

When there are “projects” designed to elicit cooperation, Oath Keepers does that — all the time — from asking for volunteers, to helping fund educational projects, to providing humanitarian relief, to joining or re-upping membership. It’s on us whether we will heed those calls and pitch in, or ignore them.

The thing is, activism, even when joining with others, will always be an individual decision. And we don’t generally need group action. So if you see something like an ATF solicitation with a fast-approaching deadline up for public comment, we don’t need a consensus to act. If we’re serious about this, we ought to be involving ourselves without being asked.

If we see something else—something that does not solicit a specific action, like information on the Democrat budget shutdown, or oath-breaking generals joining forces with Gun-grabby Gabby, or domestic enemies embedded in high levels of government, why not share it, instead of complaining that learning of such things is “preaching to the choir” that will only get us in trouble if the wrong ears hear us talking about it?

On that last point, good grief. The day we fear speaking truth to power is the day we may as well surrender our guns, because we’ll have proven we won’t be needing them.

And since when is cutting off intel any kind of winning strategy?


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. David, my sense is that you are using this as a teachable moment. You’re correct, we can’t just stick our heads in the sand. To the spirit of your post, I’m including 2 links; the first is how to become an activist, and the second is the 5 stages of becoming an activist. The individual you mentioned is sneaking up on stage 4, he just doesn’t know it yet. We’re getting hammered in this state and he’s feeling the fire well up. I would add that we have a bunch of what Stewart calls 5th column progressives inserting themselves and putting sabots in the works. Not an excuse, but he’s frustrated and rightfully so.

    Also I caught this story at the Federalist today.

    1. All good points but seriously the 5 point issue is little more than common sense. There is a lot we can all do and should do, but many Americans and OathKeepers are or have been afraid or too lazy to take any action at all and opt to pay for others to take action for them as if that is the same thing, It isn’t.

      We are now in an information war for minds and how people think and then act and that is what the DSA is all about. It is just a very serious control mechanism at the highest levels of what we call our government and PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda/indoctrination arm of the DSA and now the democrat party as well as some RINOs who are aligned with all of it. I know some of you will not fully understand some of my points, but I still keep on having many successes and doing what I know are exactly right and not at all concerned with others think or better said don’t think ! It was far worse under BHO and Hillary no doubt so we are making progress, but all of it is at stake with the current war with the DSA that has been exposed. We are in a war for the outcome of our nation and society.

      Not long ago I was saying many agencies are seriously corrupted and nothing more than criminal enterprises and some of the responses here and else where were you don’t love your country or you are not a patriot or some such ignorant nonsense. Now it is clear all of that is and was not only true, but in spades ! And that has all been in the last 5 years or so. Most were not at all up to speed for a lack of paying attention and letting others do their thinking for them, no different at all than the left does. So it is well past time for people to get off the couch and actually do something beside complain on the net and send in a few bucks as if that is taking action ? No doubt it does help keep the cause alive, but much more is needed and most of that is as mentioned in the article, inside our selves and facing some of the laziness and apathy so prevalent in our society and helping others see it as well. Here is how I have spent my last 5 years trying to help and getting strong myself. The first 3 links are within the last several years and everyone was a successful endeavor !

      These are recent and many more go back a ways and explain many matters most people ignore or run away from out of fear and laziness !–.html—ammo.html

      Good luck to all on your own personal Inner Journey !

  2. Last time I checked, choirs, orchestras, bands, classrooms, and other typical large groups all have leadership and from that leadership comes the focus of mission and level of expectations. Even a small group of two, such as an airline cabin crew, uses extensive cockpit resource management tools to stay alive and safe. Always preach to the choir! Carry on…

    1. I agree, Battles are won and lost on the smallest bit of information. When we are afraid to speak we have already lost. Stand and fight, or get out of the way.

  3. Keep preaching brother David. You’re very good at it!
    Many of us are indeed listening, and doing what we can to educate the masses in any way we can. Yes, many of us are very familiar with these matters, but I personally like the reminders, and once in a while, you point out something I may not have thought of.
    You’re a good Patriot David, and a fine writer. I always enjoy seeing your latest article.
    I post on as many sites as I can, although I refuse to do Facebook, and I have never in my life “Tweeted” anyone, (I promise!).
    I hit a multitude of discussion boards, You Tube videos, Comment on “News” articles, when possible, and even strike up conversations in public places such as check-out lines, parking lots, and Town Hall Meetings. I usually start the conversation by giving them a Pocket Constitution, and if appropriate, an Oath Keepers Tri-Fold or card.
    I purchase the Pocket Constitutions by the box of 100 lot, (at $40.00 per box of 100), and pass them out to whomever will agree to take one and read it.
    I have also located numerous businesses and Doctor’s offices that let me leave them among their reading materials. I check on these places irregularly and replace any copies that have been taken.
    Some of the managers, at first apologized for them being “Stolen”, but I quickly assured them that it was precisely my intent that they should be taken, and hopefully read.
    Anyone wanting the link to where I get the Pocket Constitutions at that rate, just respond to this comment, and I will post the link. If allowed to! Or for those of you that still have it, just send me an email.
    We all should do whatever we can to spread the truth, and awaken the masses. Because Liberty must be defended at all costs.

    David E. Burden

  4. Very well said, sir. We have to take action any way we can, no matter how insignifcate it may seem, EVERYTHING matters.

  5. I am a Life Member of Oathkeepers and have, since my retirement in 2008, been an “activist” in a number of ways, starting with what some would call political activism – mostly related to attempts to get US Congressment for SC who will uphold and defend our Constitution. After the 2016 loss “again” to Lindsey Graham and his Democrat supporters, I have turned my attention in the direction of removing from the Federal Government that which keeps the power-hungry mongrels in office.

    I am sick to death of our Federal Government Spending Habits and believe something needs be done to control the same.

    I see no way to make this happend without an amendment to the Constitution to force spending controls.

    Also, I see much of the spending on completely “unconstitutional” projects for which the Federal Government is assuming powers which were not intended and not granted in the US Constitution.

    Thos most guilty of the errant spending and power-mongering are “Career Politicians” – and, I like many others believe, Term Limits would help to resolve some of the abuses aforementioned.

    I have become and activist for the second of two methods of amending the Constitution which allows the states to propose amendments in a convention which must first be requested to be held by 2/3 of the states. And, as in the 27 times used method where the US Congress can propose amendments under Article V, 3/4 of the states must approve with “ratification” of any such amendment proposed by tyhe sttes. Quote from Article V of Constituion follows here.

    “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof”

    I refer all who might read this first to Article V of the U S Constitution and secondly to a website where details of the Convention of States Project begun by Citizens for Self-Governance can be reviewed and studied in detail.

    I herewith request that Oath-Keepers consider formally supporting this effort.


    Thanks and God Bless the United States of America

  6. David, this is an interesting post. I agree with your position, if for no other reason than we all should be aware we live in an era with incredible disinformation being dumped on us via the media and the Internet. Google, YouTube, FaceBook – they are all doing what they can to stifle the free flow of truthful and accurate information. I forward many Oath Keepers articles because they help provide information that we might not get otherwise.

  7. We gather information here and learn what is happening around us and other places. What in the world can we get in trouble for? We have done nothing wrong. I’m not going to live my life silently and afraid. I talk and I stand up for my belief. If someone (especially government) wants to try to take that from me, so be it, at least I know who my enemy is and I will fight.

    1. I’m extremely proud to be an outspoken trouble maker against the NWO/Globalist et al.


  8. I, personally, read all of your articles, and I pray for your Organization, and used to be able to donate a small amount, but due to the Inceased cost of living, including the increase in Taxes in Illinois, I am forced to sell my home and property, and depend on help from my children just to buy groceries each month. I’m sure there are many other Widows, such as myself, who are now at the povertty level, due to the millions of Illegals who are living off Medicare & Madicade. The Democrats want more Illegals to get enough votes to stay in office forever, if they manage to win the next election, by hook, or crook.

  9. Well said.

    Nevertheless, after reading various comments I offer a few thoughts:

    Keeping with the “religious” parallel, many pastors acknowledge that ministering is often a needed self reinforcing process (same for teachers and teaching).

    Given the flaws arising out of semantics of the words used in any communication, repetition can advance understanding, precision and effectiveness (even the “choir’s”).

    Lastly, no one convinced of their own opinions will suddenly abandon those beliefs simply based on rational opposing arguments; repetition and wording that speaks to them, causes them to think and that they might share in turn in discussion is needed.

  10. lets be frank,, feds have been infiltrating state and county law enforcement agencies for some time, training the deputies and brainwashing
    corrupt powers are endorsing this vile,sick, twisted form of indoctrination.
    weak minds think they are doing the right thing.
    we must get back to the constitution as the law of our land, of our country, and judicial system now.
    it doesn’t matter what the nay sayers say at this point…..whats right and just is truth and love of moral, and american values.

      1. our govenor here in new york made 6.5 million citizens into felons, behind closed doors. the s.a.f.e. act.
        fema and the dhs has been training a hand full of deputies from each county, as well as training every emergency managment director in every county to take orders from dhs and fema. from the top down.
        feds are turning our protectors to engauge in gang stalking of constitutionalists.

        1. Thanks for the response. Yes, NY, like CT, MA, OR, WA, CA, etc is a ticking time bomb. When will they start raids on patriotic gun owners? And what will local LEOs do when those orders come down, or those raids by state LEOs start? We shall see.

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