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Good Guys With Guns – Documentary Trailer #2

Progress Report

22 January 2018

From Producer/Director James Jaeger


I am happy to announce that the second trailer for GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS is now complete and you can screen it on the viewer below or at

This one is longer and more complete than the last one which admittedly had problems.


I hope this trailer will give you a much better idea what we are trying to accomplish with this documentary, and if it does, please donate so we can get this film back on track and start interviewing the experts.  The donation URL is at

The mass shootings across the nation must stop.  The NRA could play a vital part in stopping them if only it would take its head out of the sand and recognize ALL of the Second Amendment.  And by this we mean the first 13 words, not just the last 14.  If you are not sure what I mean, watch the trailer and read the movie’s short narration script.  The 6th and final draft of the script is at

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS is inspired by THIRTEEN WORDS — a book written by Edwin Vieira, Jr.  For those of you not familiar with Dr. Vieira’s work, he is one of the foremost Constitutional attorneys in the nation.  Among his books on the Second Amendment are The Sword and Sovereignty and By Tyranny Out Of Necessity – both available at

Again, help us produce this important film by donating what you can at   We will accord you a producer, executive producer, associate producer, production associate or production assistant screencredit on the finished movie to acknowledge your donation.  Early donors will be prominently acknowledged, not only in the MAIN or END titles of the completed movie, but in THIS trailer and subsequent pre-production trailers.

The mass-shootings that have been happening across the nation must be addressed.  The producers and sponsors of this film believe the only way they can be stopped is by “good guys with guns.”  This means WE THE PEOPLE need to encourage our gun organizations to step up training in the proper handling of arms appropriate to stave off attacks.  This also means WE THE PEOPLE and the NRA must take responsibility for bringing the first 13 words of the Second Amendment -– a Constitutional Militia — into the public consciousness, no matter what the gun-control lobby and the Mainstream Media say.

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS will be our 9th feature-length documentary.  All of our movies are public service projects and you can screen all of them for free at or get them on higher-quality DVD at


Again, thank you for helping make these films possible.  You are greatly appreciated.  A “free state” and “a more perfect union” are made possible by men and women who care.






P.S.  If you don’t have the money to donate $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 please forward this Progress Report to at ten or more friends.  Wouldn’t it be great if a wider circle of Americans — and NRA Members — became more familiar with the ALL of the Second Amendment and Constitutional principles?



Why the NRA Should Support ALL of the Second Amendment

Good Guys With Guns - Documentary Trailer #2

Movie Synopsis:

Every time there’s another mass-shooting at a church, school or public place, predictably the same “gun-control” lobby comes out and advocates yet more infringements of the Second Amendment.  More gun-free zones, more registration, more limits on weapons and accouterments that could save lives.

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS explores the reasons the Founding Fathers gave WE THE PEOPLE a means of protecting ourselves, not only through the “individual right to keep and bear,” but through well-regulated state Militias.

Given the first 13 words of the Second Amendment — as well as 3 additional clauses in the U.S. Constitution – shouldn’t all Americans and gun associations be supporting ALL of the reasons the Framers wanted Americans to keep and bear?


A James Jaeger film, inspired by the book Thirteen Words, by Edwin Vieira, Jr.,







  1. I must ask you what is the issue you have with the NRA regarding the 2nd Amendment? The NRA provides more training, funding and support to the shooting community, law enforcement and our military than all other resources combined. I see the question is previously asked but cannot find your response. Please provide the answer to the question Your response is vitally important as their are 5 million NRA members in this Country. Thank you. Mark

    1. I am not renewing my membership with the NRA. Reason: The 2nd A clearly is without question put in place to arm the citizen such that governments of any nation should fear the power of We the People. Our firepower in the hands of citizens in my view prevents foreign invasion on many levels as well as keeping our own government in check (even though we often see otherwise). The NRA has over their existence supported gun ownership, but primarily from the view to protect your home from intruders and the right to hunt the kings meat (except at my property, sovereign as it is, no king but me owns any four leggers). The rub with the NRA is they do not stand tall, at least on tough questioning while on live TV, put to the public what the founding fathers of this nation intention is for the 2nd A. The NRA always caves on negotiating our rights rather than taking the stand there can be no other rules/laws/regulations/fines etc applied to the public that impair the 2nd A. It is simple, if the government can own it, then I can, otherwise their is no power we hold. My thoughts, not speaking for anyone else here nor there.

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