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For The Federal Team, Losing Is Not An Option


“Estimates suggest that the 1.89 billion acres of land (that make up the continguous 48 states) are collectively worth approximately $23 trillion in 2009, with 24% of the land area and $1.8 trillion of the value held by the federal government.”

by Loren Edward Pearce   1-2-2018

Krisanne Hall, former prosecutor and well known expert on the US Constitution, spoke for all of us when she said in a recent post,

“Federal prosecutors are seeking a new trial against #BundyRanch?!?! Are you freaking kidding me?!?”

She went on to say, “As a former prosecutor, I can tell you the actions of Myre and these federal prosecutors are unforgivable.

Hey #Myre… YOU are a complete disgrace and evidence of the putrefaction of American Due Process. Sincerely, KrisAnne Hall, JD.”

Larry Klayman, also a former prosecutor, has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice and against the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, for prosecutorial misconduct. Klayman explains,

“The complaint details how the the U.S. attorney for the District of Nevada – Obama Deep State holdovers who should have been removed by now by Attorney General Jeff Sessions – working in concert with the FBI and BLM under the Obama administration, systematically violated the constitutional rights of Cliven Bundy and the other defendants in the criminal prosecution, denying them due process, equal protection and other rights under the Constitution and the law in general.

Key exculpatory evidence proving Cliven’s innocence in engaging in what the Obama Justice Department called a conspiracy to threaten federal agents was shredded; material FBI 302 investigative reports were not disclosed and hidden; and the existence of three surveillance cameras showing that the Bundys surrounded government snipers positioned to possibly kill the family as they were at home were kept from defense lawyers for years. In short, the Obama Justice Department, along with its corrupt FBI then run by, you guessed it, Director James Comey, hid and/or destroyed material evidence until this obstruction of justice was discovered mostly by accident during an evidentiary hearing in the criminal prosecution just the last week.”

What Is Motivating The Federal Team To Continue The Prosecution Of The Bundy Et Al Case?

Is it ego, is it pride or is it something much deeper, much more sinister, that drives the federal team to double down, triple down and do “whatever it takes” to win this case?

Why is the federal team refusing to give up? Why is the federal team continuing to spend many millions of dollars, tying up court resources, imposing on and severely harming the lives of not only the defendants and their families, but the many dozens of jurors, juror candidates and their families?

The Stakes For The Federal Team Are Incomprehensible

Some may ask, “Why can’t the federal team just dismiss the case with prejudice against the Bundy et al defendants, and everybody go back to their lives and pick up where they left off and be happy that the trials are over?”

There are a lot of reasons why life will never be the same for any of the parties and that theslate cannot be wiped clean, that the issues are so huge and remain that way, that the parties simply cannot afford to “forgive and forget”.

As noted under the title of this article, the land owned by the federal government, not counting Alaska and Hawaii, is estimated to be worth in excess of $1.8 trillion by 2009 values. That is $1,800 billion. Throw Alaska into the equation and it far exceeds $2 trillion.

That federal land ownership, and its accompanying power, is at risk because the Bundys and others have raised the issue of the constitutionality of federal ownership of over 640 million acres of land which includes 85% of Nevada. Navarro tried to keep the constitution out of “her” courtroom, and only focus on the charges by the prosecution. However, those many constitutional issues remain unresolved.

One article, states that, “Few minds will stir when they learn that the US federal government owns a grand total of 640 million acres of land: that figure is so vast that it becomes meaningless.” Meaningless because the average person can’t get their mind around it.

The BLM created to manage that land, has over 12,000 employees whose livelihood and lifestyle depend on the continued viability and constitutionality of their agency.

For The Federal Team, Losing Is Not An Option

Staring Down Stare Decisis

While many will argue that the issue of federal ownership of over 640 million acres has been well settled through numerous court cases and that it is a “dead horse” that can no longer be kicked, many will disagree, that the previous courts, based on the constitution destroying “stare decisis”, have made rulings that do not comport with the constitution or the original intent of the founders.

Stare decisis, the drifting away from the original constitution through a process of piggy backing precedent on top of precedent, is like the telephone game, where a message is relayed through a chain of people until it comes out at the other end totally different than the original intended message because each person puts their own biases and spin on the message.

The subject of land ownership by the federal government as it relates to the enumerated powers granted to the federal government as opposed to those reserved to the states and the people, was very clear at one time and needs to be revisited and the dead horse revived.

In addition to the raw subject of federal land ownership are many other tangential subjects that have to be resolved such as the constitutionality of BLM law enforcement, BLM administrative law judges, denial of bail and pretrial prison, denial of a speedy trial because the federal team declares it has a complex case, federal jurisdiction over criminal matters outside the boundaries of a territory, double jeopardy of multiple retrials, and many, many issues that have been warped and distorted over the decades by the imbalance between federal and state powers.

THIS Is What The Feds Are Fighting To Keep –
Control Over Public Lands And The Very Existence Of The BLM Itself.” ~Bill Goode

In an excellent article by Bill Goode, he states,

“When the Bundys are finally declared innocent in the Las Vegas trial, that will only conclude the legal status of individuals involved in the Bunkerville standoff. Then there is Cliven’s suit and the suits of other standoff defendants against the DOJ that must be decided in court.

However, the most significant issue after the current Las Vegas trial will be the legal status of the Bundy Ranch itself. The legal status of the Bundy Ranch is now held in abeyance, despite the return of the Bundy cattle. The Bunkerville grazing allotment was officially closed by the BLM after the standoff, though the Bundy cattle do still graze on that land. So that’s a conflict that must be resolved.”

An Injustice Against One, Is An Injustice Against All

Morgan Philpot, attorney for Ammon Bundy, in one of his meetings with the media, made the comment, “An injustice against one, is an injustice against all”

The stakes really are incomprehensible, not only for the Deep State and the federal team, but for all of us. The injustices against the Bundys et al, are injustices against all of us, and they need to be resolved

Because losing is not an option, for either side, we can expect to see many more legal battlesto come. The outcome of the legal war will determine the future of America and its rising generations.

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  1. I am overjoyed at the Bundys’ vindication! However this is just the beginning – American patriots still face a long uphill battle and falling asleep now could be our undoing.

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