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FBI “Lost” Emails

FBI "Lost" Emails

Go figure. The FBI says they “lost” about 5 months of emails between agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, curiously, the missing emails are from the period up to the day the Mueller Investigation began.

Can anyone say Coverup? It seems pretty obvious. By law they must be kept, but somehow they disappeared due to a “Glitch”. Sure.

From Breitbart:

The inspector general first found the texts between Strzok and Page while investigating whether political bias played a role either in the Clinton email investigation or the investigation into the Trump campaign.

Strzok was deputy chief of counterintelligence, played a leading role on the Clinton investigation, and reportedly is the one who watered down language that could have held criminal implications for Clinton. He oversaw the Trump investigation when it was opened in July 2016.

How convenient that the ‘glitch’ happened.

Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page are virulent anti-Trump Hillary supporters. Apparently the Swamp Creatures didn’t want those emails made public. Who might they implicate in what form of wrong-doing? The mind wanders far and wide.

Do those Swamp Creatures actually think we will believe those emails were “lost” by accident? They are getting desperate.

One question I have is: Does the NSA have copies of those emails? They routinely collect all of our emails, so they must have collected these. Surely those emails reside in the NSA’s big data collection center in Utah. I wouldn’t be surprised if they once existed there, but have been carelessly erased.

Can the NSA “carelessly erase” all my emails? I’d like my privacy back.

Once again, we are being fed a line of bull as an explanation for a coverup. No dice, FBI. Produce the emails, or face criminal charges. You are required by law to keep those emails, glitch or not. Backups probably exist somewhere. Produce them.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Calling 50.000 missing texts ‘a gap’ is a great underestimate. This will leave a very bad stain for the FBI… Unless some so-called “media” come across and start covering it up.

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