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Draining The Swamp- Part 52 – Project Pelican – Gulftainer Scandal

Draining The Swamp- Part 52 - Project Pelican - Gulftainer Scandal

The people at Right Media have a video on the Gulftainer scandal, which is coming to light, wherein Gulftainer, with direct links to the United Arab Emirates government and several very questionable individuals, obtained a lease on facilities in Port Canaveral, in Florida, a national security hub, with the help of people closely connected to the Clinton Global Initiative and Barack Obama. This lease was obtained in a no-bid deal under very questionable circumstances.

This is yet another brewing scandal involving the Clintons and Barack Obama.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. “Draining The Swamp – Part 52” – Sadly I note the “part 52” reference. I note The Donald has been residing in the White house a year now and, call me cynical, the fluid level in The Swamp hasn’t gone down a bit. No one’s been indicted. No change in the aggressive (ridiculous) foreign policy. Beyond rhetoric (“make america great again”) the plight and fate of Citizens in this united States has changed for the better. Perhaps next year we’ll conclude “draining the swamp” like global warming, is so much bull shit.

  2. Talk is cheap while the country is being invaded and the scum in Washington further it. What is needed is an armed revolution. We put all our faith in a handful of paitriots in the government hopeing they will save the day. The time has come to stand up and be counted but only in numbers can this amount to anything meaningfull. All the operating militias in this country and not one to make a stand while the political class destroy the country on a daily basis. God bless the U S A we need it.

  3. What’s new? We all talk, read, make comments! NOTHING EVER HAPPENS! I’ve spent 32 years in government. I wanted to make a difference for my fellow Americans. I did just that, but I’m so disgusted with governments, from Local to the Feds. My family has proudly served, I served and my sons serve. We have all spilled our blood for our great nation. I have only the belief in our constitution and the people who stand to defend it. I have no use for the rest that are clueless and self absorbed. Do I sound bitter, angry? Good as well as you should be! I will stand and fight and never beg on my knees. But all I hear is talk, more talk and lies! Nothing changes.

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