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Draining The Swamp – Part 51 – SOROS ADMITS: ‘The Dominant Ideology in the World Now is Nationalism’!!

Draining The Swamp - Part 51 - SOROS ADMITS: 'The Dominant Ideology in the World Now is Nationalism'!!

George Soros has spent many years and billions of dollars promoting globalism. Just when they thought they were close to achieving their cherished dream of a secular, globalist, One-Size-Fits-All world government, the rise of Nationalist/Populist/Traditionalist sentiment here in the US, Europe and India has shaken the globalists dreams to the core.

Now Soros has admitted that the “Dominant Ideology in the World Now is Nationalism”. The globalists are shattered and are desperately seeking ways to counter this new wave of Nationalism, never dreaming that their own ideology is fundamentally flawed, as the public has steadily been discovering. The Soviet Union fell, because its ideology was flawed, and so is the sister ideology of globalism.

Yes, culture, religion and traditions matter, and it is Nationalism that is defined by those basic beliefs, not some Vision of Utopia that the globalists strive for.

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Shorty Dawkins



    1. Keep reminding her we are all born free men with free will; something no government and no other can provide nor take away. We the People of the United States” hold our God-given
      unalienable sovereign rights to selfgovern by indigenous power endowed by our Creator.

    2. Get rid of Soros and destroy everything with his fingerprints on it and she will be ok. If nothing is done to bring him and his ilk down we will be in trouble.

  1. The elites and those who line up behind them don’t understand the human spirit and the human heart, and they underestimate the goodness in people and the power of good will spurred on by our Creator who they foolishly scuff at or don’t believe in. What they want is a dystopian society, which doesn’t match what every human heart yearns for. This ignorance of their enemy (the world ) and their disdain for us will cause a lot of tears. Not all countries and people will line up for what they want. In the end this life passes and we believers win, but I never want my young children to see their dreams come true.

  2. These rights that we cherish are actually given to us from God and this is why Soros, Obama, Clinton and others hate them so badly. They are truly under the thumb of Satan, who is against our having free agency.

    1. Yes they are. I agree 100 percent. Wolves in sheep’s clothing which makes them dangerous and cause more harm. They are human and so not all bad and likely did a few good things , but I would guess heavily outweighed by the corrupt things and their debased scheming.

  3. Nationalism much like socialism and democracy lead in almost every case to tyranny! I kind-da like the Constitutional Federalist Republic Ideology but then again, you sort of lean toward the ideology you’ve bled for! And yes our rights come only from God!

  4. Natoinalism? Not here Mr. Soros! Born a free man and will die a freeman. Belong to Oathkeepers for a reason. Not going to submit to anyone who does not follow our Constitution. Obama and Hillary and the rest are just waiting to give the order to start the chaos. Lock and load America. Trouble is coming and that right soon!

  5. Unfortunately, Soros. Clintons, Obama, Oprah and the rest of the Liberals will NEVER quit pushing for Communism/Socialism – they want to change our government to a United Nations- Anti Christian – form of government where the billionaires of the world are in charge and the rest of us are slaves. Only God can save us.

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