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Draining The Swamp – Part 45 – What Is Going On?

Draining The Swamp - Part 45 - What Is Going On?

There are a lot of rumors swirling about, from sources such as Q-Anon, that say indictments are “coming soon”. Also, that GITMO will be used to house many new “important detainees”. What are we to make of this? Is there any substance to the rumors?

The simple answer is: We won’t know until it actually happens, and that it has been confirmed. Don’t hold your breath.

One thing to keep your eye on is the Executive Order that Trump issued:

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

Within this Executive Order, Trump declared a State of National Emergency. He is using powers given to the President by Congress, (whether it is Constitutional, or not).


President Donald J. Trump Proclaims January 2018 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

It is interesting to note that Pres. Trump has put a lot of emphasis on Slavery, Human Trafficking, Human Rights Abuses and Corruption for January. As Gregg Hunter, in the video below, points out, the Statute of Limitations on some possible crimes of Hillary Clinton, while she was Secretary of State, runs out as of Feb. 1 of this year. Are these two connected? Possibly.

Now there is this:

FBI Launches New Clinton Foundation Investigation

Is this a serious investigation? Is it a narrow investigation, or a thorough investigation? Time will tell. Charles Ortel has been investigating the Clinton Foundation, for instance, and is convinced the Foundation has been acting illegally almost from the start, as it has stepped outside the bounds of its stated purpose as a non-profit. See him being interviewed by Gregg Hunter here.

While the mainstream media is focused on Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff’s book, is it possible that the DOJ and Trump’s team are getting serious about human trafficking and the Clinton Foundation? Trump is a master of deception, where he creates a storm to keep his opponents occupied with trivia as he works quietly on his real purposes. Again, time will tell, but it is important that we focus not on the trivial circus act, but on the meat of the matter.

Huma Abedin looks to be in the sights, finally, of the FBI and DOJ. Classified emails were found on the laptop she shared with her husband, Anthony Weiner,

State Department releases Huma Abedin’s emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

I would not be surprised to hear of her indictment soon.

The Mainstream Media is focusing its attention on the Bannon/Michael Wolff book, and its ridiculous promotion of the “Trump is mentally unstable” meme as a means of somehow removing him from office, as they are running scared and are left with few options. These attempts show their desperation.

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Shorty Dawkins


  1. If we don’t see some serious indictments and convictions of the real crooks soon, then I vote we change USA to BRA (Banana Republic of America). And the perfect President of the BRA would be Oprah.

    1. Aside from indictments I also expect that a wall be built (not simply funded) and real immigration reform (not amnesty).

  2. I would point out that there is some good news at DOJ, Somebody is paying attention at least a bit and I have been rather critical of Sessions for obvious reasons. About two weeks ago I received a PDF file that turned out to be spot on accurate. At the bottom of this page link below near the video on that page you will find the PDF download. It is a letter written by a fellow named Larry Wooten to DOJ .This letter is what caused judge Navarro to call a mistrial in the Bundy case and within just a few days she dropped all charges in the matter. This letter exposes in detail, many crimes committed by BLM and other fed agencies and personnel and Wooten is head investigations officer for BLM. So this man is truly the hero of this event !

    This means things are changing in a big way because from the time I received this document until it all happened was incredibly short and fast. It shows that Navarro was forced to end this travesty, she did not act out of good will, but forced by DOJ. I was also told that Sessions and Trump both saw the letter but I cannot verify that part. I suppose all that matters is that the letter was written and it had its affect very quickly and effectively

    Here is the page link, go to the bottom area to Wooten PDF

    Realize what is happening is more and more people inside these agencies are coming forward now that BHO and his coercive crew are gone and they are losing control of the agencies. Many of these people did not agree at all with what they saw but they could not speak freely and now they can. as well many were passed over so BHO and crew could install their won cronies and they now have a sort of ax to grind ? So take heart that we are seeing some action at DOJ. I still see Rosenstein and others at that agency and in a way Sessions is letting the fox’s guard the hen house and investigate themselves, which is absurd of course. So I still think Sessions is weak and has been bamboozled more or less. also documnets are still going far too slow to congress and FBI is out of control and polluted with BHO holdovers. None the less the Wooten letter is a good sign and I alo hear rumors of prosecutions, we shall see ? All I know to do is to keep the pressure on and hope for the best by putting out any and all truth I can for the general public to wake the hell up ! Some of it has worked for sure as you can see the J Arpaio page and now the Bundy page have had success ! We just have to keep on keeping on and never give up for liberty, no matter what !

    Think about this ? Just go back two years and then come forward and how many things have seriously changed for the better ? It is one hell of a lot of events and matters ! Obama and Holder are gone, the Clintons are destroyed and Hillary is not the pres. Trump is rescinding as much as possible and implementing many good policies. We are now seeing the DSA fall apart as PRAVDA/MSM loses more power each day and it all happened because of people fighting against these criminals and massive corruption with knowledge, understanding and truth ! We are in fact in a war for this country and the DSA must be taken down to size. They are the swamp and all its tentacles.

  3. Until the people of this nation stop being so stupid and ignorant, there is no hope for anyone! It will come to an end, period. IF many finally see the truth and get with the program, stand firm- state the truth and take back America! THEN and only then, will we have a chance to redeem ourselves for being fools and idiots that turned our back our nation, Constitution, Faith in God, our laws and our honor! I am ashamed of the government and feel very angry at the lefters and fools that want socialism communism and anything but freedom, democracy and the great nation that was founded by people with greater minds and knowledge than any of us so called modern people with all of our technology…ha…idiots all who will not stand up and fight for our nation and want to trash ehr. We deserve any horrible thing that happens for being such abject insane fools for letting what is happening to come to America …..what in the would is the matter with so many that are supposed to be real Americans? Traitors all! Trump is trying and the vultures are circling because they have been working for so very long to take us apart and trash freedom and this wonderful nation with their evil and insanity! Are we going to let that happen? I PRAY NOT, FOR IF WE DO, WE SHOULD DANCE ON OUR OWN GRAVES AND BURN IN HELL! Luckily there are many patriots that will still give their lives for faith, truth and the American way….and we will take many with us before we will let the likes of the left to try and ruin it all! God is on OUR side -remember!? I Am ashamed of anyone that does not stand for the Constitution, the Flag, the laws of the land and our foundation of Faith in God….THAT is America!

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