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Is Dr. Swain’s Op-Ed for “The Hill” Blocked by SPLC?

“Right now, it looks like the SPLC has the power to block a well-researched article that questions its credibility.”  From Dr. Swain’s facebook page on January 11, 2018

Is Dr. Swain's Op-Ed  for "The Hill" Blocked by SPLC?






  1. The basic principal behind the adage remains true: “Freedom of the press is a wonderful thing… for those who can afford the presses.”

    1. I agree. Posting info about the article, without posting a link to the actual article does not help anyone understand or actually help the process.

  2. I strongly suggest that this issue be taken to Tucker Carlson at Fox News. He also believes, from what I’ve seen on his show, that SPLC is a hate organization that targets anyone/everyone who does not conform to their ideology.

    1. MikeW……your comment about the SPLC being a hate organization is dead center bulls eye. Everything they support and do relates to the destruction of our country and system. They are directly tied to Obama and his agenda and continue to support him and the current “shadow government”. They have a never ending supply of money that comes from George Soros and the Clinton Foundation.

  3. There are no longer any objective, neutral journalistic organizations. That went away when so many of them turned rabidly and fanatically leftist/communist. The ones that were left had to move right or find they had NO audience at all.
    So I have a suggestion. Make them all join an organization that has some way of rating them according to their political position. Make it objective and neutral. And make them post it at the front of their publication. Something like 100 is an ultra conservative group and 0 is a flaming radical leftist.
    The public REALLY needs this as a guide to know what they should expect.

  4. The SPLC became a corrupt power-player organization not too long after it was formed, but maintained the charade their name implies. What Mike W writes is accurate.

  5. It is up to us to get the message out then. Make sure the link is included in your article to start with and then let’s see if we can get this out through social media. How about the Daily Caller or another conservative blog???

    1. She said that the “Hill” asked for the article. Probably a contractual situation with remuneration? I’m interested in her perspective on things. She had every opportunity to fall into the slapstick reactive thought mode but she didn’t.

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