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Donald Trump Announces $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Donald Trump Announces  Trillion Infrastructure Plan

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by Charlie Spiering

President Donald Trump announced plans for a $1.7 trillion infrastructure investment plan on Wednesday.

“We’re also working to rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure by stimulating a $1 trillion dollar investment, and that will actually probably end up being $1.7 trillion dollars,” he said.

The president revealed the price-tag during a meeting with about a hundred mayors of cities inside the United States. He plans to introduce the plan at his State of the Union address with further details afterward.

“Oh, you like that?” Trump asked as the mayors applauded wildly and cheered. “I can tell we have mayors in the room … only mayors could be that excited.”

He said that he wanted all of the projects funded by his plan to be “on time and under budget.”

Trump also promised to start sending military equipment back to local communities, something that the Obama administration tried to stop.

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Shorty Dawkins



    1. I agree, Cal. We need to pay strict attention. Is this money for real infrastructure, like roads and bridges, ports, etc.? Or for superfluous yuppie desires.


  1. Please allow me to play devils advocate for a second,1) I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall.2) Where are we going to get the 1.5 Trillion to pay for the infrastructure? 3) What is the military equipment going back to local communities for, unless the President is planning on reviving the local state militia? can any one please answer these questions for me?

  2. No doubt states are licking their chops; however, Trump builds sky scrapers, resorts, and hotels and he does it efficiently as possible, having no dependence on any public funds. I imagine there to be plenty of oversight on infrastructure projects, especially oversight on fraud and waste. Contracts will be air tight. We’ll watch.

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