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Dems Think 800,000 Illegal Immigrants Are Worth Forcing Active Military To Go Without Pay

Dems Think 800,000 Illegal Immigrants Are Worth Forcing Active Military To Go Without Pay

This article comes from The Daily Caller.

by Robert Donachie

Dems Think 800,000 Illegal Immigrants Are Worth Forcing Active Military To Go Without Pay

Democrats are threatening to hold national security hostage, potentially costing the economy billions and forcing hundreds of thousands of federal government employees to go without pay in exchange for securing legal protections for 800,000 illegal immigrants.

Congress has three days to strike a deal to keep the government funded through October. If members fail to come to an agreement by Jan. 19, all “non-essential” government employees and active U.S. Military personnel will be working with out pay (including troops currently deployed). Funding for agencies like federal museums or national parks will also be cut off.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. The keyword here is “ILLEGALS”, meaning here in this country against our laws that President Trump is REQUIRED in writing to enforce. I only see a problem if he does NOT do his constitutional duty. Those ‘politicians” who wish to assist the illegals who will be moved out of our nation may, actually SHOULD go with them so that they can assist them in their homeland. I am willing to donate for the democratic “ticket”, plane ticket, one way.

  2. Why are the Democrats even allowed to be a political party in this country? They are more concerned with illegals than the citizens of the country they are supposed to represent?
    Wouldn’t it make more sense if they all moved to the countries they are representing? Why do we pay them?

    1. Robert…The democrats are doing this because they know all too well that every one of these illegals will vote democrat. It is nothing more than a chance for them to regain power and set fourth an evil agenda of socialism in America. They are not the least bit concerned with Mr and Mrs America.

  3. They lied all along, the number I have been seeing today, from Drudge, ect is over 3 million immigrants protected by DACA. This is crazy

  4. It turns out that the gov.t will have to reduce their spending to 80% of last years budget. Not only that, but the spending is somewhat discretionary. However, I learned yesterday that the President can (and should) order certain agencies to spend their monies in certain ways. In other words he could order the DOD to pay the troops first, and withhold funds to private contractors in the interim. He could keep the Parks open and furlough the rangers and BLM agents etc. This info, if true, is exactly what he should do!

    It’s time for “We the People” to see how much government we can live without.

    1. I’m thinking the agency we truly need is the defense of our shores/borders. Certainly congress is uselessly lazy and incompetent. The ABC agencies can all go to hell for their treatment of the public that pay their inflated wages and benefits. The monies saved on a gov shut down can be redistributed to the military…money well spent.

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