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Controlled Collapse? Rothschilds Have Sold Massive Amounts of U.S. Assets

Controlled Collapse? Rothschilds Have Sold Massive Amounts of U.S. Assets

This video, from Dahboo77, in August of last year, shows that the Rothschild family businesses have sold almost half of their US assets. The question becomes: Why?

The richest of the rich, who are the Rothschilds and their associates, control the Central Banks of most, if not all, of the countries in the world. Why this was allowed to happen is a story for another time, but they can destroy a nations economy at their whim. They created the Great Depression in the US, and have done so in other countries.

As Dahboo77 points out, the new craze for cryptocurrencies is not an answer, as every transaction in a cryptocurrency is traceable. With Bitcoin, or any of these cryptocurrencies, you have no privacy. Nothing that is digital is private. Nothing.

What can you do to safeguard your family? Buy gold and silver, for one. Or buy real assets, such as real estate that produces something for you, be it a farm or forest land that gives you cordwood and lumber. Hoard useful goods, such as tools and supplies for making necessities. Learn skills, such as gardening, herbal medicine, animal husbandry, blacksmithing, canning or drying food.

Learning to produce many of your needs for your family is a start. The next step is to form relationships with other families whose skills complement yours. No one can do everything. No man is an island, as the saying goes.

You can store food and supplies in your house, but there will come a time when those supplies run out. You need to consider what comes next. That is where the ability to garden, can food, raise animals, cut firewood for your home, or other skills come into play. You will need to trade with others, which means you will need something to trade with. It can be goods, food, or even skills. Skills can be traded for necessities.

During the Great Depression, my grandfather had a small homestead farm. He grew a lot of food for the family on that homestead, raised chickens, had a horse and cut firewood for his family and for sale to others. Times were lean, but they survived. So did most of their neighbors. They had the skills for survival.

You can believe it can’t happen again, but that belief won’t help you, or your family, if it does. You can sneer at Preppers, or Homesteaders, but they will have a better chance of survival if another Depression is brought down upon us.

As for gathering together with others, for survival sake, that is what Oath Keepers Community Preparedness Teams (CPT) is all about. CPT is about the survival of a community, by sharing expertise, by joining together for security, for teaching new skills. I encourage you to form your own CPT community, whether it be an Oath Keeper group or a group of your own design. There is strength in numbers. More people means more skills. Having more available skills increases your chance of survival. Civilization is not about “lone wolves” hiding out. It is about like-minded people working together for a common goal.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Over the last several years, lets say 4 years, how many ‘economic collapse’ stories have you posted? This sale of assets occured over 4 months ago. If this were a big deal, wouldn’t it have had a more immediate affect on the market/economy? I don’t believe everything I read…including YouTube’r economists.
    Here’s a story for you. The title is ‘Peter and the Wolf’.

    1. My sentiments as well. Every year there are fear mongers yapping about some big collapse. Crying wolf gets old. How about just some common sense regarding being prepared for some disaster. Like a real disaster, such as a solar event that fries the entire planets electrical systems. Or local events like tornadoes and earthquakes and hurricanes and flooding and…. Preparedness is far cheaper than the insurance we purchase.

    2. SheepDog,

      Collapse is not an event. It is a process. The controlled collapse, contrived by the Globalists, has been happening for a long time. How many are homeless? How many young people are forced to live with their parents because they lack decent jobs/income? Look at Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Stockton (CA) and Baltimore. Are they healthy, vibrant cities? They didn’t decline overnight.

      Shorty Dawkins

  2. I ran a search of the OK website using the term ‘economic collapse’. Seven pages of articles returned. Here are a few of the titles….

    ‘Epocalypse Soon: The Great Economic Collapse is Happening’ – December 14, 2015
    ‘Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses’ – August 31, 2015
    ‘ USAWatchdog Discusses Economic Collapse With Alt-Market’s Brandon Smith’ – February 28, 2014
    ‘ One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes – Part 2’ – March 11, 2015

    It took the Globalists 500 years to bring down the Roman Empire. Any idea how long they are going to toy with us?

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