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California Begins Registering Illegal Aliens To Vote In Federal Elections

Illegal alien voters in California have it easy. All they now have to do is make the claim that they are citizens and the willing traitors in power take them at their word. They can vote

The Democrats are about to pull the trigger. They’ve laid the foundation of wide-open voter rolls, civil rights legal entanglements and motor voter registration for the purpose of using illegals to distort elections in their favor in the past. Now they’re going for the big enchilada.

Starting April first, the joke will be on the American people as the corrupt anti-American Democrats who have seized California comply with the ruling of one of their planted agitator judges and begin automatically registering people to vote as citizens simply by virtue of their possession of a drivers license.


California Begins Registering Illegal Aliens To Vote In Federal Elections

The obvious problem with that system is that California no longer requires that one prove they are a citizen of the United States in order to obtain a license to drive a vehicle, so effectively, they are doing the same thing for voting, opening it up to illegal aliens squatting in our country.

Any illegal alien who answers “si” on the question of whether they are an American citizen is taken at his word. No documents are verified, nothing is checked.


In announcing their successful circumvention of the Constitution, our national sovereignty and the requirement of citizenship for voting, Jeremiah Levine, an attorney for the open borders, anti-American groups stated, “We are especially satisfied that changes will be made before California’s statewide and federal primary elections.”

California has just delegitimized their entire voting population and should not be allowed to participate in any national elections unless those voting provide proof of citizenship. If that means establishing a separate federal registration status for Californians, so be it, there’s time to do so. Otherwise, no votes cast in California should count in national totals due to the deliberate inclusion of illegal, foreign registrants.







  1. Article IV Section 4: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

    How can the state of California have the “Republican Form of government” guaranteed by the US Constitution if foreigners are voting? Would that not displace unlawfully and illegally the legitimate citizens of the state from having a legitimate government?

    Would not that protection first be done by the Militia of the State of California, along with that protection against invasion that is the Miltiia’s constitutionally assigned duty? But what if those corrupt serving within the California government break their Oath to the US Constitution along breaking their Oath required by the State Constitution (two felonies, two charges of Perjury)? Is this not a LEGITIMATE duty of those who serve within our federal government to assist in maintaining a LEGITIMATE government in the State of California for as long as she is in the Union?

    If those that live within the state of California wish to separate into a couple of different states along with the original – but smaller – state of California be assisted so that they can LEGITIMATELY become and stay a part of the Union as a “new” state (State of Jefferson, State of Northern California), should the more corrupt parts of the state continue on with leaving the Union? Would it not be the duty of those who serve within the other states, the federal government to assist those wishing to not leave the Union to become their own separate states; particularly if the (now smaller) original State of California leaves the Union?

    Is this not a time for this to be considered if those of the Union are not going to assist in the maintaining the constitutionally guaranteed Republican form of government for that state by charging those who have not kept their Oaths. (Ah, but then that would also mean those that serve within the federal government and other states would also need to be charged, correct?)

    Just thinking….

  2. “California has just delegitimized their entire voting population and should not be allowed to participate in any national elections unless those voting provide proof of citizenship. ” Elections on all levels are and have become in the whole, illegitimate. The democratic party invented voter fraud, both and all other parties are guilty of it. Once again, we see as usual, no consequence for the fraud. Until we see people going to jail, we’ll not see an iota of legitimacy. We are in all aspects a lawless country solely impart by lawless legislation, lawless judiciary, and lawless executive leadership. No offense to any, but I primarily blame attorneys who have concocted a law for/against every human activity and regulated us into slavery through fear of penalty.

      1. In states with Motor Voter registration, any who are here as illegal aliens or otherwise that have attained a drivers license receive by mail a ballot. Thus, paying for a drivers license is unconstitutionally paying to vote and provides a fraudulent path in non citizenship voting.

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