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The Government On Trial

by Norton II   12/5/2017

We have pushed back in Nevada , in rugged Western Oregon and in it’s Eastern wastes, in Montana and in cosmopolitan Portland. We have witnessed triumph and tragedy where boots meet the ground and in the stilted atmosphere of the courtroom. Some have fallen away, perhaps unavoidable in a time that tries men’s souls, but others, those “Americans of true sight” – Jefferson’s phrase – have been called above themselves, alive in a cause larger than any one of us.

Passionate but peaceful, no act of violence has stained our advocacy. Our single casualty, now icon, had raised his voice against injustice and was met by the Government in ambush. His call for redress was answered with bullets.

They set the terms in April of 2014 – brute force – but what can only be described as warlike invasion was met by a grand assembly of Citizen Militia. In a textbook exercise of their first and second amendment rights, those Americans of true sight interposed themselves. The appearance before them of these aroused citizens, made even more extraordinary by the arrival of Citizen Cavalry, threw the mercenaries into disarray. They were soon in headlong flight.

In military terms, those who hold the ground are the victors. Those who withdraw have admitted defeat. We have held. Our lives, Our fortunes and our Sacred Honor….Whatever It Takes.

Three years on, and High Noon for the “Government Interest”, and for those who have fought so long, sacrificed so much. There is no equivocating the gravity of this Bundy trial. After years of going where the fight is, and after the tragic loss of one of our best, we have finally brought a corrupt and predatory government to bay. Trapped now by their own lies and chicanery, we are putting THEM on trial. With the frowns of public opinion bearing down, with a prosecution campaign best described as black comedy, they have lost the initiative, yanked from their hands by a Nevada cowboy.

Will you, dear reader, sit on the sidelines while history is made ?

It is time now for a reckoning. To the President and to the Attorney General – THANKS FOR NOTHING! We will no longer look to you, or to DC, to solve our problems. To those State Officials who have shown themselves as little better than Federal subcontractors, your days are numbered. The leader now will later be last. We will fly our State flags above the Stars and Stripes…………….. We will Claim…..Use……Defend.

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