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Roy Moore Poised to Win AL Senate Easily

Roy Moore Poised to Win AL Senate Easily

According to the latest polls, it looks like Judge Roy Moore will be victorious in his quest for the Alabama Senate seat that was vacated by Jeff Sessions, when he became Attorney General.

We are all aware of the massive hit piece put forward by the Washington Post, and the subsequent calls for Moore to step aside from the “Establishment” Republicans and “Establishment” “conservatives”, but it would appear that the voters of Alabama don’t believe the “hit piece” put forward by Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post. This is a clear sign of the decline of influence of the Globalist media and their minions. The Alternative Media has arisen to challenge the Globalist Media, and it would appear that the populace trusts the Alternative Media over the Globalist Media.

Here is Dr. Steve Turley discussing the Alabama race.

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