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KrisAnne Hall on Federal Prosecutors Seeking a New Trial

From KrisAnne Hall on facebook   12-31-2017

Federal prosecutors are seeking a new trial against #BundyRanch?!?! Are you freaking kidding me?

Prosecutors are telling the judge all the misconduct that caused the mistrial was “inadvertant.” So lets see…

1. The Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement “kill list” against American citizens… oops we didn’t mean to, sorry.

2. Hiding evidence that the BLM created false evidence… oops it was an accident.

3. Prosecutors having in their possession physical evidence that directly exonerates the defendants & failing to disclose that evidence… just another inadvertant mistake.

4. Prosecutors lying and refusing to comply with the proper rules of Discovery…. yep, you guessed it… we goofed!

Chief DOJ prosecutor Steve Myre said, “The government takes its discovery obligations seriously,” Myhre wrote. “The government seeks justice on the merits of a case, not through dodging discovery rules and technicalities, or by obscuring violations if and when they may occur.”

This is NOT justice, this is negligence and prosecutorial misconduct!

As a former prosecutor, I can tell you the actions of Myre and these federal prosecutors are unforgivable.

Hey #Myre… YOU are a complete disgrace and evidence of the putrefaction of American Due Process. Sincerely, KrisAnne Hall, JD.

Seriously America, if #Sessions does not put an end to this, he needs to be #Impeached!!!

If #Sessions will not stop this madness then #Trump must get Sessions under control and stop it himself!!

If this was not such a miscarriage of justice against these Americans, I would almost be in favor of another trial. At this point, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see these federal prosecutors, the entire DOJ, & BLM become utterly humiliated when all the hidden evidence comes before a jury and the American people.

Then, if Queen Judge #Navarro pulls her little royal judicial tantrums in the face of all of the hidden evidence of BLM misconduct, the light of true corruption would expose more than her. The true rotten to the core nature of the DOJ, #Sessions, Congress, the entire Judiciary, and every executive agency would be indisputably exposed.

America #ThisIsTheSwamp! Congress is not the swamp, they are the cypress trees. Rs & Ds are not the swamp, they are the palmettos. The real swamp exists only because of the absolute and extreme disease of corruption that has consumed every federal agency from top to bottom. It is the federal executive agencies that must be drained…completely…or nothing will ever change.

KrisAnne Hall, JD


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  1. They need to dismiss the case with prejudice and discipline the prosecutors, at the very least. If not, they aren’t even pretending to follow the law. It seems that some one wants to send a clear message. They will not tolerate the peasants defying the King. One way or another they want guilty verdicts or plea bargains. That is the reason for delaying what should have been an easy decision a long time ago. They are just trying to figure out how to get there.

    What will Sessions do? What will Trump do? If they stand by they have chosen the wrong side. We shouldn’t give them a pass. The mainstream media will not give the trial honest coverage, if it covers it at all.

  2. The corruption in ABC agencies is without bounds. Time we start arresting them.

    These people are criminals:

    “We did get it appraised and we did acquire it for $2.5 million which I stole the money from Washington to acquire it,” the employee in the video admits, adding that it’s sometimes hard to bamboozle property owners due to the agency’s reputation.
    “’Lands’ isn’t always supported because we’re the ‘bad guys.’ We come in, and we take this land. And we always take it for less than it’s

  3. So very much hinges on this SESSIONS CHARACTER. From his actions with all the Clinton / Russian / Obama crimes there seems to be every indication he’s another DC Soros, Bilderberg stooge installed to sabotage the rule of law, and put on another fake phony dog and pony show. Trumps management of this is most critical. If sessions does not start acting like a law man soon, He damn well better be fired and REPLACED WITH A REAL PATRIOT!

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