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Hastings Settlement Latest Revelation in Career Defined by Corruption

Hastings Settlement Latest Revelation in Career Defined by Corruption
And let this sink in: Hastings chose to commemorate Pearl Harbor Day not with a solemn and patriotic remembrance, but with a call to keep his countrymen disarmed. As for his disingenous “states rights” argument, notice “progressives” never argue that when they try to impose national edicts and gun bans.

“The Treasury Department paid $220,000 in a previously undisclosed agreement to settle a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment that involved Florida Democrat Alcee L. Hastings,” Roll Call reported Friday. “Winsome Packer, a former staff member of a congressional commission that promotes international human rights, said in documents that the congressman touched her, made unwanted sexual advances, and threatened her job.”

Hastings denies the charges and knowing about the settlement. If he’s to be believed, it’s fair to ask why the government settled. Of course, it’s also fair to ask why American taxpayers are forced to foot the bill for corrupt actions of representatives in the first place and why settlements are protected under an aura of secrecy.

That’s if he’s to be believed. It’s also fair to ask “Why should we?”

Per Senate history, when he was a Carter-appointed federal judge, “Hastings was charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice for soliciting a $150,000 bribe in return for reducing the sentences of two mob-connected felons.” After he was acquitted it was shown he had pulled that off through perjury and evidence tampering, and he was subsequently convicted on 11 out of 17 articles of impeachment by the Senate and removed from the bench.

Why wasn’t he retried and forbidden from future public office? Go figure.

So his past didn’t stop him from working his way back to the public trough by getting elected to the House of Representatives in 1993, where he remains. Nor has that stopped him from being ranked “No. 1 in nepotism” by Judicial Watch:

“Hasting’s girlfriend, Patricia Williams, draws a generous six-figure salary from his congressional office and gets reimbursed for “travel and event expenses,. The ten-term congressman, who serves on several powerful committees, also owes his gal pal, who is a lawyer, up to $1 million for defending him during his impeachment trial.”

Another reason we shouldn’t trust Hastings is that, in spite of his oath to the Constitution, he has worked to undermine rather than support and defend it, specifically in regard to the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

He just doesn’t trust you with guns.

Hastings was a cosponsor to the Orwellian-named Public Health and Safety Act of 1993 which sought “to prohibit the manufacture, import, export, sale, purchase, transfer, receipt, ownership, possession, transport, or use (transaction) of a handgun or handgun ammunition.” He’s for suing manufacturers out of existence for the criminal actions of others, ending private sales, waiting periods, banning standard capacity magazines, and forbidding “delicensed” FFLs to transfer inventory firearms to personal collections or employees. And no surprise, he’s against “stand your ground” laws.

Per Ballotpedia, Hastings also voted against “Kate’s Law” to  create “criminal penalties for individuals in the country illegally who are convicted of certain crimes, deported, and then re-enter the U.S. illegally,” and against the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act,” to “withhold….federal funds from states and localities that do not follow federal immigration laws.”

With all this going against taking Hastings at his word on anything, in a rational world he wouldn’t be able to get elected dogcatcher. Fortunately for him, he doesn’t come from a rational world, or at least from a rational Congressional district, which reelected him in 2016 with 80.3% of the vote.


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”Hastings Settlement Latest Revelation in Career Defined by Corruption



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. When you have an agenda you can always find the oddity to support your ideology. My agenda is God given rights that no man has the power to infringe and my oddity is 110 million gun owners who followed that same agenda in peace while Hastings has two.

  2. “Fortunately for him, he doesn’t come from a rational world, or at least from a rational Congressional district, which reelected him in 2016 with 80.3% of the vote.”

    This was such an outrageous claim that I had to go back and look at the gentlemen’s picture. Now I understand… never mind.

  3. Your average legal gun owner is way more honest and trustworthy than this deceitful/dishonest democrat politician.

  4. Somehow, I just can’t believe that groping staff members was part of Hastings’ job description. Why are the taxpayers having to pay the bill when these public parasites violate their oath? I would think that asset seizure and prison time would send a better message.

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