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Draining The Swamp – Part 43 – Artificial Intelligence

Draining The Swamp - Part 43 - Artificial Intelligence

There is an article of interest on PJ Media:

Artificial Intelligence: Dumber Than a 5-Year-Old, No Smarter Than a Rat, Researchers Say

The title pretty much sums up what the article has to say, as those who seek “artificial intelligence” miss the point concerning what intelligence is. Intelligence is not just a matter of facts. Many so-called intelligent people can spew out facts, but lack all common sense. In short, they lack wisdom.

Garbage in, garbage out.

A robot can be trained to perform tasks. So can dogs and monkeys. Can a robot be imbued with wisdom? Wisdom is not just a bunch of facts, words or numbers. Wisdom is an act of understanding. Wisdom has empathy as one of its parts. Can a robot be empathetic? I doubt it. It might be able to mimic empathy, just as Bill Clinton does when he says, “I feel your pain”, but that is not real empathy. Psychopaths and sociopaths lack empathy, but have learned how to mimic it. Do we want a bunch of psychopathic robots running about only mimicking empathy? I don’t.

The whole “artificial intelligence” movement emerged as part of the Transhumanist movement, which believes in the concept of a Superman, or Superwoman, as a replacement to the human. The Transhumanists seek to create the “Perfect Man” who will be immortal, have superhuman powers and will “become godlike”. It is ironic that Transhumanists, while denying God, seek to become “godlike”. They don’t deny the existence of God, but seek, rather, to become God. Does that sound familiar to you?

While lacking the understanding of what consciousness is, (no one can define it), the artificial intelligence promoters are seeking to create consciousness. That sounds to me to be a very formidable task. It is like asking a Neanderthal to create a cathedral without any idea of what a cathedral is. A cathedral is more than a large building. In essence, the Transhumanists seek to create God without having any knowledge of God.

I have no doubt the robot creators will develop robots capable of doing many tasks, but those robots will never have consciousness. They will be mechanical slaves, which is what the Elite have tried to force us to become. But we are conscious, and can rebel against our “masters”, if we choose.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. That’s funny Shorty, a psycho saying I feel your pain, like Bill Clinton. ha ha ha I can see it now. What a joke.

  2. I suspect that sociopaths, psychopaths, and robots do have something in common in addition to not having a conscience – they lack a sense of morality. How many American politicians have you heard in recent decades talk about the morality of their actions?

  3. One day, probably not too far away, we will construct a computer with enough memory, processing speed, and access to data, that, when turned on, will say “I”, displaying self awareness and consciousness. Then the rules of the game will change.

  4. I agree with you that only humans and animals can feel. Robots will have talents but NEVER will have real feelings. Those crazy elites want slaves anyway. Humans are DONE with slavery.

  5. Take driverless cars: Does anyone believe that the robot will be able to notice a car up ahead that is waving in and out of its lane, and make the decision to stay far behind it or get ahead of it, in case it causes an accident?

  6. The warning about Ai isn’t intelligence but access to all data instantaneously. The web, dark web all levels of gov, military and utilities. Banking and so forth. It may not be smart but it will make someone smarter.

  7. Programming has become dangerously efficient; even computers are programed to program. What happens when one decides on the basis of efficiency & logic that the world would be improved if you were eliminated?
    What happens when human brain function so enhanced that such an elite human decides you should be eliminated? They already think they know better than we do.

  8. Great article. I personally would be very cautious and not underestimate what these machines can be made to do, and then make themselves do on their own.

    I suspect they will not only be able to achieve consciousness, but they will then go far beyond that, and far beyond us. We have created a monster that I am pretty sure will ultimately be our doom if we do not handle it correctly as humans. And with all the evil humans on the planet, I don’t think.there is a chance that one evil group will not release the darker side of the machines.

    Let’s hope I am wrong.

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