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Draining The Swamp – Part XXXVIII – Deep State Corruption

Draining The Swamp – Part XXXVIII - Deep State Corruption

It has been exposed that a high-level FBI agent, Peter Strzok, an ardent anti-Trumper and fervent pro-Hillary Clinton supporter was involved in both the investigation of the “Russia-Trump Collusion” and the email scandal of Hillary Clinton. Emails between Strzok and his lover, Lisa Page, also an FBI agent, show a remarkable bias against Trump and favoring Clinton bordering on paranoia against Trump, and what looks like a plan to derail Trump’s campaign, while giving a free pass to Hillary Clinton and her associates. That Strzok and Page should have recused themselves from any investigation of Trump or Clinton would seem obvious, given their bias, but such was not the case. Strzok was removed from the investigation of Trump by Robert Mueller after the emails came to light, to his credit, but the investigation of Trump continued, though it was predicated on the “Trump Dossier”, which has been discredited.

There are other aspects of the investigation that bring into question the impartiality of high-level FBI personnel, doing a great disservice to the many good people in the FBI. Slowly, we are learning more of the Fusion GPS creation of the “Trump Dossier”, and the FBI’s involvement, both with payments to Fusion GPS and connections between at least one high-level FBI agent and his wife, who was in the service of Fusion GPS. To put it mildly, the whole thing is beginning to stink of an attempted soft coup.

It is time for the investigators to be investigated. The highest levels of the FBI, Justice Department and the Special Counsel are chock full of Conflicts of Interest and should step down, and investigations of their actions should be forthcoming. Will it happen? We can only hope so, though the ability of those in power to coverup their crimes is historic. It is up to We the People to demand that this be done. Heads must roll! Justice is applicable to all, not just to the common folk. The mighty may think themselves impervious, but the truth will eventually win.

Stefan Molyneux discusses the Peter Strzok matter in the following video.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Time to investigate the investigators that are investigating the investigation!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all such a crock!!!! Get the crooks up on charges and put them where they belong!!!!! And let’s get the Trump drain running on schedule!!!!!!!!!

  2. Doesn’t ANYONE out there think that the time is long past due to start throwing these creeps in a jail cell for a LONG LONG time? I for one am getting TIRED of ENDLESS “investigations” that go absolutely NO WHERE, cost TAXPAYER MILLIONS, and those lawbreaking ‘ELITES”… “pleading the fifth” and walking out, grinning from ear to ear with all their pensions and freedom intact.

    1. Cliff,

      The problem has been that high officials have not been doing their job, but have instead been hiding facts and evidence, while covering up for their friends. Those hiding facts and covering up need to be investigated, along with the likes of Comey, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, and the FBI agents and DOJ officials we have been learning about. Cases need to be made, but until now the officials who should be making the cases have been sitting idle, or are involved in the coverups. A real housecleaning needs to take place.

      Shorty Dawkins

  3. Seeing that the majority of Oath Keepers are former military Veterans , we all took an oath to protect this country from foreign and domestic terrorists . Shouldn’t we also asvtaxpayers have the authority to arrest these people in the FBI whose bias prevented a fair investigation of Hillary Clinton , both special agents and Jim Comey protected her and really committed treason in trying to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President. We have the proof both written and testimony from Comey in front of Congress under oath. About there was a conspiracy to try and sabotage the election . Clinton was never charged for her treason also murder activities in regards to Benghazi. Even in he taxes of 2014 of the Clinton Foundation she gave away aid to a country for 5 Million Dollars , but wrote off $ $34 Million in Salaries, $94 Million in expenses and 8 Million in administrative fees. So that is how Chelsea got that 15 million dollar apartment in NY . Also just rrevently charges against those people in Nevada and Montana , who were protecting their land , all charges were dismissed even as those ranchers were locked up . The individual hold up at a National Park , was on the way to town to speak to a Sheriff to negotiate a settlement When he was stopped by
    The FBI AND THEN KILLED IN COLD BLOOD BY AN FBI AGENT, this still hasn’t been resolved

  4. This whole “Draining the Swamp” feature is becoming tiresome. The author rants on and on about the filth and corruption in our nation’s capitol even though most of us are already aware of all this evil, vile depravity based on the torrent of daily news about all of it. Those in power in DC commit crime after crime while using their position and power to cover up, or at least avoid prosecution for their crimes. They appoint friends and family members to high level government positions who become a part of the conspiracy to cover up their mentors’ crimes. YET, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO HOLD ANY OF THOSE CORRUPT PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. We talk, talk, talk while the corrupt filth count on us talking which reinforces their belief in their invincibility. Being aware of all this filth and corruption is only one part of the equation; DOING SOMETHING about the filth is what really counts, and to date, nobody in our nation has done anything to put a stop to it. We are wasting our time. ENOUGH already with all the talk. We the People must hold the corrupt accountable for they will never do so themselves.

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