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Draining The Swamp – Part XXXV – Judge Moore Loses

Draining The Swamp – Part XXXV - Judge Moore Loses

Judge Roy Moore lost his bid for the Alabama Senate seat by a narrow margin to Democrat Doug Jones. I say he lost not that Jones won, because in a State that overwhelmingly voted for Trump, it is obvious that it was Moore who lost, not that Jones won.

Moore could not overcome the sexual misconduct allegations lodged against him. On the issues, he was a Drain The Swamp type of candidate, but many Conservatives were apparently leery of the charges made against him and stayed home, rather than vote for Moore. Meanwhile, the Democrats got their voters to the polls in large numbers.

This election has shown that Populists and Anti-Globalists need to enlist strong, moral candidates if we are to defeat the Swamp. The Swamp cannot be allowed to tar and feather candidates based on questions of morality. If untrue allegations surface, the candidate must be ready to respond to them forcefully, and believably. None of us is perfect. We all have regrets for actions we have taken, but by our current actions we must project integrity and honor.

In our quest to Drain The Swamp, we will suffer setbacks, but we must not cease in fighting those who wish to destroy our Nation, our Culture and our History. We must remain focused on the enemy, the Globalists, the Satanists and the psychopaths who seek to control us. Evil exists. It is not something you fight once and declare victory. It is an ongoing fight. To stop fighting is to succumb to the evil you once fought. Don’t give up.

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