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Draining The Swamp – Part XXXIV – Rejecting The Globalist Left

Draining The Swamp - Part XXXIV - Rejecting The Globalist Left

Trump’s victory, Brexit and the surge in the support for anti-globalist Marine Le Pen, in France. was just the tip of the iceberg, as anti-globalist parties on the Right, have gained strength throughout Europe. Five countries in Eastern Europe, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria now have governments which the Globalist Media call “Far Right”, though they are beginning to admit that the “Far Right” is now the new mainstream.

In the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy, parties from the Right” have surged, recently, and though they have not taken power, they are definitely in ascendance. Angela Merkel’s Globalist party, in Germany saw its vote totals shrink drastically, and she is struggling to form a minority coalition.

What is fueling this dramatic shift? It seems to be two closely linked things: the migrant crisis and the destruction of their native culture. Bringing in vast numbers of migrants of a different culture, who have no desire to assimilate, is destroying the Western Culture that is the heart of Europe. Voters see their culture being attacked by the immigrants, who have been forced upon them by the Globalists, and have begun to push back. They have had enough. They want their culture to survive.

Europe has always been a bastion of Christianity, not Islam. Islam has twice attempted to invade and subjugate Christian Europe, and failed. This third invasion is not an invasion of armies, but of Islamic migrants, and they have no intention of assimilating. They demand special Rights, including Sharia Law, and treat the natives of Europe (Infidels) with disdain. That this is an invasion cannot be disputed any longer.

Poland has refused to take any migrants who are Muslim. Period. This of course has enraged the bureaucrats in the European Union (EU) who are threatening Poland with all sorts of legal actions. Poland is standing firm, however, and now Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are joining Poland in a coalition, called the Visegrad Group, who are defying the Brussel’s EU. They want to keep their borders secure and their culture intact.

It should be noted that the last Muslim invasion of Europe was stopped at the gates of Vienna by the arrival of a Polish Army, who helped route the Muslims, who retreated back to their homeland.

Austria recently elected a government that the Globalist Media calls “Far Right”, that is anti-globalist and anti-immigration, while being in favor of securing the Austrian border and preserving the Austrian culture.

There is a strong backlash to the migration of vast numbers of Muslims into Christian Europe. The Globalists appear to have miscalculated the extent of the resistance to their plans, and are running scared. The Globalists intended to destroy European Culture, but have only managed to bring forth the pride of the Europeans in their culture. The Globalists have miscalculated the mood of the Europeans, particularly the Eastern Europeans. If they don’t backpedal, (which they can’t, because it would signify defeat), they will see the collapse of the European Union.

What the American Globalist Media can’t admit, is that Globalism is under attack everywhere. They continue to decry the rise to power of the “Far Right”, who are simply Nationalist Populists, like Trump. It is the Alternative Media who are spreading the truth about the resistance against Globalism. And the resistance is winning!

Here are some videos from Dr. Steve Turley concerning the rise to power of Nationalist Populist governments in Eastern Europe/

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Short Dawkins and Oath Keeper’s series of articles have been fantastic. I applaud your efforts. Thank you for bringing these topics to light, something NONE of the media seem capable of doing! It’s a war for the mind and soul of America.

      1. NO doubt your ongoing article/expose’/explanations have been informing for the people that are not up to speed on such matters and it is a good thing ! But it has all been out there for any who care to look the entire time. I started writing about all of it some years ago, so all of it is nothing new. Just that PRAVDA/MSM does a good job of covering it all up and most folks are lazy.

        Interesting many in Europe are turning out in large numbers to oppose mostly the massive importation of supposed refugees. And that will likely grow more intense with ever larger protest going forward and other actions not reported here in USA. At the same time we see Americans far too lazy and fat to get off their asses and do much of anything except complain.

        We now have a serious expose’ of DOJ and FBI that clearly shows both are corrupted to the core and basically dysfunctional. And that is NOT necessarily connected to the idea of an international cabal of NWO types . It is a straight up Amercan phenom of massive corruption at the top of the supposed law enforcement food chain in this country. Obviously it was all about political corruption and it is now a critical matter that must be cleaned up and the criminals held responsible. Sessions has proven he is not capable of dealing with the deep state apparatus that exist in every agency as all were corrupted and tainted by BHO and crew as well as Hillary. I see no other answer but to fire Sessions and prosecute those at the top of DOJ and FBI who were involved in this cabal against Trump and deliberately committed many crimes that are now well known and well documented. So focusing on the international; cabal of NWO types is NOT the most important matter before us at all. It is the rule of law right here in our own country that is our main threat ! And that has been coming from inside our own government under BHO and Hillary and still the greatest enemy before us. The FBI and DOJ both must be routed of the anti Trump mania and it is obvious that has to start at the top of the food chain in those agencies. I am not saying Sessions is or was part of their cabal, but he has not done anything to stop any of it either so at what point does he become part of it ? That is the only valid question regarding him keeping his position and getting these whores nest cleaned up. He simply is not capable of fighting the deep state apparatus and that too is obvious. Americans have been very slow to understand any of it and as I say it has all been out there to see if a person was willing to look ! The newest revelations out of DOJ and FBI of specific peoples actions and crimes defines the extreme importance of the matters. It is quite out of control at the top of all of the agencies including the IRS and Koskinen still runs the IRS as L. Lerner enjoys her retirement on our nickle ! This not really simply about Trump, it is about our entire government being corrupted and undermined from the inside ! Not by communist or NWO types but by political partisans to the extreme who use those paradigms as a scapegoat to do what they do.

        Americans need to demand accountability or nothing will actually change and these criminals will walk free and get paid to do so !

  2. The international communist kabbalists have a tried and true method of bringing large populations into their fold, if they cannot be bribed with fiat currency and/or power; it’s called starvation, torture, rape, and wholesale slaughter.

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