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Draining The Swamp – Part XXXI – “White Privilege”

Draining The Swamp - Part XXXI - "White Privilege"

Among the many memes that the Globalist minions have been putting out there, in an attempt to destroy our country and culture, is the meme of “White Privilege”, which says that because White People are privileged in some undefined way, they cannot understand, or relate to non-whites. On the one hand, these same minions claim we are “All One”, yet, on the other hand, white people, because of “White Privilege”, are different and should be prevented from being a part of the decisions made for all. After all, we are “privileged”.

The goal of this meme, it seems, is to have White People hate themselves for being White.

Far Leftists, in my experience, often hate themselves. I’ve never been able to understand why, but they do, just as the children of rich parents sometimes hate themselves because they come from rich families. They cannot seem to accept themselves, or where they came from. Some Far Leftists have even called for the extermination of Whites, while being White themselves. Talk about a massive contradiction! They are so confused and self-loathing they can’t even see the contradiction! They are, to put it mildly, irrational. They can’t think rationally, and thus grab onto thoughts put out by others that coincide with their self-loathing; their “feelings”, and put on a mantra of self-righteousness and condemn their very selves, and countless others in the process.

Below is a video taken at a City Council meeting in New Brighton, MN, where one Council Member begins speaking about “white privilege”. The Council is all white, but one member, a woman, objects to something the Mayor says. The Mayor’s confused statements, in particular, are all about her “feelings”, with no rational thought. It is sad to see someone in a position power so self-loathing that she actually begins shaking.

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  1. And what the hell is “White Privilege” any way?? To start things off, I’m sorry but, I’m “White”.
    I went to “Public ” school. ALL children have this “privilege”. I attended, all the way through High school, and graduated. To those who did not attend, and didn’t graduate, I don’t have the “Privilege” Of a high school diploma, I EARNED it. I then went on to a Vo-Tech. and learned a skill. Yes, I paid for it too. Affirmative Action doesn’t work for “People my Color”. So yes, I had the privilege of paying for it for years to come. And now I have the privilege of having a job. Is it my fault I went to school, and others skipped classes? Is it my fault you can’t read, and I can? Is it my fault I can get and keep a job and you can’t? Hell no!!
    People seem to think “White” people were the only ones to own slaves.Try just the upper 1% of whites did. Just about every culture in the world has owned saves through out history. Who do you think captured the ones from Africa that were sold here?? Try OTHER Africans!!
    We are being trained to be ashamed for being “White” and it is a bunch of hogwash. We as “White” people don’t owe any one anything.
    White privilege my butt……………….

  2. When the Club of Rome wants to set the clock back to the Oligarth control of Rome they know America and the idea of FREEDOM stands in their way. Watching Spartacus series really is eye opening to all the slavery that still exist in the many forms today. The conniving the left do to be master.

  3. I have seen this first hand in my town. A white gal made her self to look somewhat that she may have been Amerasian or Afroeuropean My son is married to a black lady and I have two mixed race grand kids, But this gal that I started out with was the head of the NAACP and very out spoken for blacks and seemed to loath whites. Her parents were white ,live in town and she had denied them and disowned them. Which brings me to my question, what do you all think about Manchurian candidates and can they be readily controlled to carry out mass murders like we have seen so much of lately? I know what my answer is , but I am interested in what you all may have to say.

  4. The Leftists of all colors are completely irrational. You have the self-hating white snowflakes that buy into this but, that’s about it. There is no talking with them, they are a lost cause.

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