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Draining The Swamp – Part 41 – Hillary In The Crosshairs

Draining The Swamp - Part 41 - Hillary In The Crosshairs


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has instructed DOJ prosecutors to begin asking FBI agents for explanations regarding evidence pertaining to a dormant criminal investigation into the controversial Uranium One deal linked to Bill and Hillary Clinton, according to NBC.

The order comes as part of a promise made last month by Sessions to examine whether or not a special counsel was warranted in the deal which saw 20% of American Uranium sold to a Russian state-owned energy company in a 2010 transaction allowed by the Obama administration. Prior to the deal, individual connected with Uranium One deal had donated over $140 million to the Clinton Foundation. Moreover, Bill Clinton gave a $500,000 speech to a Russian bank which issued a favorable rating on Uranium One stock. Clinton and Putin met the same day of the speech at the Russian leader’s private homestead.

Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions finally going to do something? Has he finally placed Hillary Clinton in his crosshairs? Will this new look at the evidence of the Uranium One deal result in anything? Only time will tell, of course, but it is encouraging to see him actually doing his job. Or maybe it will be a glossy, quick review and nothing will come of it. Again, time will tell.

The Uranium One deal is just one of several matters that need investigation, which AG Sessions has thus far been unwilling to proceed with. Another matter that needs investigation is the Trump-Russia “dossier”, and the Clinton camps involvement in it, along with the FBI, and whether the “dossier” was used to acquire FISA warrants to spy on Trump and his associates. With the incestuous relationships of all the parties to the “dossier”, from high officials in both the FBI and the DOJ to the Clinton camp and Fusion GPS, it stretches the imagination to think the DOJ can give an impartial look at it. Sessions, thus far, has ruled out a second Special Counsel, though it appears to many people that it is needed.

Robert Mueller and his Special Counsel team need to be investigated, also. That Mueller stacked his team with anti-Trump Clinton Loyalists is apparent to any observer. And keep in mind that Mueller was head of the FBI during the initial investigation of the Uranium One deal.

The same names and faces (mostly Clinton Loyalists) keep cropping up and intertwining in various cases, such that it is impossible for any sane individual to believe in the impartiality of the DOJ, the FBI and the Special Counsel. A thorough cleansing of all of them is necessary if faith is to be restored in the DOJ and FBI.

If Gen. Michael Flynn can be tried on the flimsy evidence that was concocted against him, surely the voluminous evidence available at present to the public, plus whatever evidence of wrong-doing has not been released, is enough to indict a number of these people.

That these people are, or have been, high officials should have no bearing on whether they should, or should not, be indicted. In America, everyone is subject to the law. Justice, we are told, is blind. It is time to prove it.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Team USA knocking out the Russkies at Lake Placid in 1980 was my personal “exhilaration” (ex-Hillary-ation) moment. When Hillary finally dons orange, it will make Lake Placid seem like a funeral dirge. 🙂

  2. Yes, if we just replace them with different people everything will be fine…. This election will be different…. When will you guys learn that nothing is ever going to change except for the worse ? Government is the problem. We are controlled economically not politically. Look at Hong Kong. Watch “The Miracle of Hong Kong” on YouTube. The money and power was usurped from the people officially in 1913-14. We have been economic slaves ever since. The adult thing to do is to educate your self on the fundamental principles of Capitalism. “Economics In One Lesson” by Hazlitt, “It Didn’t Have To Be This Way” by Veryser. Watch YouTube clips of Thomas Sowell or Walter E. Williams. Read “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell. Go to Mises,org and access the massive free library. If we don’t understand fundamental economics and the true nature of government (like our better founders did) we are wasting our time and energy.

  3. Based on performance and lack of action, I have very little confidence in Sessions or the DOJ or FBI to do any sort of rel investigation of themselves basically ?. I do not see why anybody could or would given all the obvious information and evidences available freely in recent times.

    I realize Sessions is NOT part of the deep state cabal. But he is being over shadowed and manipulated by it and that is well past obvious. In short, he is simply not the junk yard dog necessary to deal with the deep state apparatus as it exist in DOJ, FBI, IRS and many other government agencies that are fully corrupted and out of control.

    It is clear Sessions is weak and incompetent because Rosenstein, McCabe and others who have committed many crimes of obstruction and other crimes are still running DOJ and FBI !

  4. Pray for all our government leaders, that God will give them knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and guidance, to lead us in the proper direction, and if they will not; remove them from office, and replace them with others who will.

  5. What a croc. Sessions has proven to me more a Clinton loyalist than everyone else connected to that bitch. There is ONLY ONE SOLUTION to truly draining that swamp, and everyone should know what that solution is by now. Until we perform the draining ourselves, you can forget ANY draining by the politicians in DC, including Trump.

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