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‘Designated Gun-Grabber’ Shows Insidiousness of Hollywood Propaganda

‘Designated Gun-Grabber’ Shows Insidiousness of Hollywood Propaganda
So what’s Kiefer Sutherland’s character swearing an oath to, and how does that square with infringements on the right to keep and bear arms? (“Designated Survivor” Facebook photos)

That ABC’s “Designated Survivor” is a showcase for advancing “progressive” government objectives to include citizen disarmament is not news. I posted a link on my The War on Guns blog last April to a News Busters piece that appropriately described the program’s treatment of guns as “a dumpster fire of misinformation.” But I never watched the episode in question until recently and saw the extent of how bad it really was. (If you haven’t seen the show, this will contain spoilers.)

The premise revolves around efforts to pass a “background check” bill. The catalyst for that was the attempted assassination of the president (played by Kiefer Sutherland) and the execution of the vice president by his wife, both of whom were involved in the plot to kill the president as well as the wider plot that killed off the upper tiers of government by blowing up the Capitol during the State of the Union address. In other words, the “gun violence” was all initiated not by average citizens subject to going through NICS, but by a cabal including plotters in the highest levels of government. To top it off, the VP’s wife was violating the “gun-free zone” at the scene of her crime, Arlington National Cemetery.

The rest of the arguments for ending private sales are equally fraudulent.

The First Lady smacked down the lead “pro-gun” Senator by bringing up shootings in schools, malls and movie theaters. What that has to do with “background checks” was never questioned, leaving the viewer go believe the “solution” is to make them even more “gun-free.”

A woman at a town hall meeting tugged at everyone’s heartstrings recounting how her ex-boyfriend got out of prison (meaning he would have been a “prohibited person”) and shot her daughter to death with a gun he bought from an “unlicensed gun dealer” (which is an intentional deceptive conflating of private sellers with black market criminals).

President Kiefer used all the right buzzwords from the gun-grab narrative, terms like “common sense,” to then expand the prohibition pool with prior restraints on people who have never been convicted of any crime to include those caught in the mental health dragnet and those named on the deeply flawed “terror watch list.” And naturally he couched it as respecting the Second Amendment, all the while assuring the public with the ubiquitous “No one is talking about taking away anyone’s guns.”

Of course they are.  “The newspaper of record” published an editorial that flat-out advocates “Repeal the Second Amendment.” Democrats introduced a joint resolution to do just that in 1993. The year before, a Republican introduced a bill to ban handguns. And the current crop of congressional monopoly of violence advocates is still trying to reinstate and expand upon the so-called “assault weapons” ban.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi let it out that concerns over a “slippery slope” were in fact real and part of the plan – as opposed to “paranoia,” which gun-grabbers had previously ridiculed gun owners over for pointing out.

‘Designated Gun-Grabber’ Shows Insidiousness of Hollywood Propaganda
Penn with Jarrett (Obama White House video screen shot)

“Designated Survivor” is lending itself to a propaganda effort the Obama administration made great use of to help “convince” the public to support its agenda: Valerie Jarrett made no secret of her efforts to convince script writers to push Obamacare in popular entertainment. And it’s no accident that series actor Kal Penn, also given a “consultant” credit on the show, served in the Obama White House as Associate Director of Public Engagement.

So just turn it off, right? Rip out the cable! Don’t watch the propaganda and there won’t be a problem?

Not quite.

First of all, some of us have to keep tabs on what the public is being subjected to if we’re going to stay informed on what those who want to disarm us are up to and what they’re doing to manipulate political sentiments of the electorate.

Second, a show like “Designated Survivor” reaches millions of viewers. When you see polls that tell you how the majority of Americans favor background checks, that’s because the only information they’re getting is through the anti-gun news media and through entertainment propaganda.  An article like this, that counters the disinformation, will only reach a fraction of that amount, and most readers here will already be on the side of the right to keep and bear arms.

Too often, that’s an echo chamber.

So the questions then become, knowing overwhelming numbers of Americans are being swindled and also knowing the danger to all of us that poses at the polls, what can each of us do to alert more of our countrymen to the lies they’re being fed? And are we doing it?


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. What CAN we do David? “They” have all the influence in Washington,… “They” have all the money, …and “They” have all the willing believers to ‘act’ in their disgusting propaganda disguised as ‘entertainment’… –while ‘we’ on the other hand, are merely responsible, ethical, and moral citizen tax-PAYERS who have real jobs top go every day, real bills to pay and scant chance to be able to take any time off to even go protest these evil bast*rds, -let alone actually effect positive change.

    I’m with you 100%,…but have you got any good ideas?

    BTW I always look forward to, and appreciate your words. Thank you sir.

    ( we met & spoke in person on April 7, 2014 on the Hartford Ct. Capitol Steps..).
    I have a couple good photos of it all if you’d like, just respond by e-mail

    1. Start out with staying informed and then be a force multiplier to share links to information that tells the truth. And that means use the tools available, including so-called “social media,” despite all the censorship. The other side uses it– if we cede that turf to them unchallenged they will use it against us to great effect.

      If you were at the rally, you probably already do all that. I guarantee you most do not. That’s a problem I do not know how to fix except to just point about.

      I could write article after article on this because I have over the years, including under the heading “profiles in apathy.” I can’t tell you how many good things I’ve seen fail because no one would lift a finger or get involved.

      Thanks for the photos.

    2. minute-man, First and foremost, you should embrace your moniker. On April 19, 1775 Captain John Parker and his 70 Minutemen of the Colonial Militia faced down 700 British regulars.
      I don’t know if you’ve ever read any of his work, but look for Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. jd, and understand the essence of what the 2nd is actually all about.
      For several years now, I’ve written a number of articles on the 2nd, or more importantly, Article 1, Section 8, Cls. 15&16, and the corresponding State statutes, and Constitutions.
      In these last few years I’ve attempted to educate the pretend pro-2nd, and patriot community as to what avenues we could take. However, as Einstein noted, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over, and over, and expecting different results. I of course refer to passing news on to those who will never lift a finger other than to call 911 when the going is really tough.
      I’ve volunteered to speak about the 2nd because the vast majority of Americans know little to nothing about the first 13 words and their significance in law. A very big part of the problem is groups like the NRA that have mislead their membership, and helped place us in a very tenuous position.
      I have petitioned the State in which I reside under the relevant statutes to revitalize the REAL force of law in this nation; Militia. And Lord help me, if I mention Militia to some so-called pro-2nd groups they start to tremble with fear.
      There are few of us who want to broach this subject, but I’ve done so by asking others for a bit of support. I’ve told them that I’ll do the leg work, I’ll write the letters in accordance with the statutes. I need to show the state that there is good support for the revitalization. Once you explain that there is actual work involved, everyone turns a blind eye. Everyone wants to complain, but no one wants to actually carry any load other than what they’ve been shackled with by an overbearing government.
      People are unwilling to embrace history, and what freedom requires. I’m placing a link to a video that is a bit off topic, but it is significant in the sense that it tells a lot about the peaceful majority.

      1. @ Nick, DR.Virira, or other constitutional scholar, Nick I read your comment on the article below by David, I am a resident of WA. state. Last night I woke up with a panic attack and thought of doom. I am not a constitutional scholar and with the up coming legislative session I have a bad feeling. So many other of the fifty states have complied with their states radical agendas,yes I know what they want and what they intend to do.
        So my question is:WHAT GOOD IS THE CONSTITUTION? I mean we have it, it was intended for the people to use it, BUT….. What are my rights under the constitution? Not my neighbors, but mine? Do I or am I supposed to comply with or obliged to comply with unconstitutional laws that are passed by our communist legislators. Lord knows our AJ tried to make everything illegal as far as firearms last year, it was shot down because we had a majority of republicans in the senate.And what is the roll of the federal gov. in getting the states to comply with the constitution? I really need some help. I am not going to look down the barrel of a gun by my self. I’ll retreat to Idaho only 20 miles away if I have to.But I don’t want to run, on the other hand I need others to fight along side me, and I am so arthritic now about the best I could do is over watch or snipe. PLEASE HELP!
        Thank you.

        1. You are correct Charlie, we have some tough times coming here in Washington. Know this; You are not alone!

          It’s interesting that you mentioned waking up with a less than stellar feeling about our future this morning. I did as well. If what you believe will happen, does in fact happen, then there is whole host of roles you may want to consider. Logistic support, or for that matter look at the CPT program and pick a specialty and get really good at it. You have skills, and resources are available. Think Laterally my friend… of the best things is make the right connections as you just did.

        2. @Charlie Brown, I understand your frustration. As I’ve noted, I’ve been at this awhile with little help.
          Do have an obligation to comply with unconstitutional statutes? No, absolutely not, but reality is that you’re not going to get the help that our Forefathers intended when they incorporated Militia into the Constitution.
          If we had a Constitutional Militia we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Militia would protect the courts from judges, and the legislatures from agenda. However, this is reality and for all my ranting and raving on the topic, I’ve found that people are more apt to do the wrong thing rather than what is prescribed by law. We’d rather show up armed with no force of law, rather than forcing the issue of law as it was written. I’m very perplexed.
          As you peruse the Internet you’ll find a lot of tough talk about what this guy or that will do if ‘they’ come for the guns. I’d rather avoid all of that, and rather do it now instead of waiting for a rational majority to comprehend what is taking place. Even at that moment, and that’s why I posted the video in my comment, you’ll have to deal with a firmly entrenched military from the myriad of so-called law enforcement, and God forbid, the regular army.
          But the real question goes out to groups like this, the NRA, and GOA. The law is in our favor as it is written. With the millions of available members, why would you continually skate the issue of law? I don’t understand at all, and I know that there are others who are as frustrated as you and me.
          It seems illogical to conclude that all those who think they’re going to stand up and fight when there is little chance of success, while they avoid a peaceful tactic now, today.
          Unfortunately, our biggest enemy is ourselves.

          1. Thanks for your reply Greg and Nick, I wish I could say I feel more upbeat about this, but I don’t.Well I think this may be the Agenda, to take out one or two states at a time so before too long there will not be any where else to go. Maybe we should all go to Mexico and retire on the beaches and let the Mexicans have this plot of land. (with a wimpy lol).

  2. Hollywood has made billions off damn near every weapon imaginable, many of which haven’t been in common use for centuries, many that have never been utilized, and many that haven’t been invented as yet. Now, the powers-that-be use their elitist ego bloated marionettes to demonise the personal possession of firearms while overlooking bombs, claymores, hand grenades, anti-personnel mines, etc … ad nauseum. Hypocrisy – – in its truest form.

  3. No surprises. However it is interesting gun shooting violent video games all those young video gamers play. Wonder what they go purchase with spar change?

  4. David, I do not watch TV, never have except when visiting a friend and they are so I am no help to you there. But I am a gamer, from CS to WoW, Battlefield series, etc. I talk to other gamers about what goes on, what is real, what they might want to check on, about the US Constitution and what it means.

    When Ron Paul, the last constitutional candidate was running, there was a Vote for Ron Paul guild on WoW and many joined and learned about RL while gaming and about reality. Yeah, funny I know. But Ron Paul still has a young following.

    There are quite a few active cops and soldiers (when are in areas that they can game in) that are gamers also, just a FYI. All can be used to reach target audiences, as they are used by “others” against the USA and her people, legitimate government.

  5. The battle will never end. Keep your powder dry and do not give in to any gun control scheme whatsoever. None, nada, nyet no way

    1. Are you surprised at that? I’m not. The “Jack Bauer” character routinely wiped his ass with the Constitution in the name of “security” and “necessity” on nearly every episode. This is simply more of the same, but with a slightly different “face” to the same underlying arguments – that the necessity of the emergency calls for hard choices and extreme measures, blah, blah, blah, but all end with scrapping that “outdated” old Constitution. Same crap, different wrapper.

  6. Maybe it’s because I live in Indiana, one of the most gun-friendly states in the union (lifetime license to carry, open or concealed for $125), but I don’t have a great deal of concern that Feds will come knocking at my door and ask me to surrender my guns. I know that’s the wet dream of most on the Left, but, as a practical matter it’s just not likely to happen and certainly not in the foreseeable future. There just aren’t enough federal LEOs to enforce such an order, even if they all decided to break their Constitutional Oath, which I don’t think they would. The percentage of the military that would be part of a gun confiscation scheme would be even lower. In fact, should it ever come to that, I think there would be a revolt within the military. Now that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stay vigilant, but, except for a few blue states, gun rights have been expanding in recent years. The so-called Assault Weapons ban was allowed to expire, and despite the Dems’ whining and moaning, is not likely to be re-instated. And who would have thought 10 or 20 years ago, when everyone who traveled state to state was getting a Utah carry permit, that we would be this close to a national concealed carry reciprocity law? I do agree with the previous comment about keeping our powder dry. Let the Commie Leftists fire the first shot and not live to regret it.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, from any angle or viewpoint, they are coming after our hardware and have “doubled down” with their efforts. Recently HR-38 passed and many are not aware that HR-4477 (NICS) was combined with it. HR-4477 was written by Feinstein and Schumer and it includes 600 million to finance the operation. When they get the computers going full speed, they will have the new law behind them to research every man and woman in the USA, in particular veterans and law enforcement people that have ever been accused or convicted of ever having an altercation and see to it that their rights to own a firearm are removed. Do some research on HR-4477 and the depth and range of it will really get your attention. Feinstein has also introduced S. 2095 which would prohibit AR-15’s and basically every other semi-automatic firearm……and the beat goes on. …This may never make it, but the fact remains that they will NEVER give up. The Communist Globalists can never successfully achieve their goal until they have us disarmed. We remain under full attack…….stay prepared.

  8. I no longer watch TV, with the exceptions of college football and golf, so I never hear these Hollywood liberal’s propaganda. That being said, I do hear my friends complain about what they hear regularly on TV.

    The only cure to this disease is for intelligent people to stop watching the idiot box and restrict the time their children are allowed to sit in front of it. We as a nation of gun owners need to remain diligently vigilant (a term a colonel fro whom I worked loved to use). The left will never give up on their dreams of disarming us and turning us into the serfs of the new world order.

    To Retired Navy Spook: I wish you were right, but the military from which I retired doesn’t exist anymore. Both my sons(one Marine, one Army) tell me that the reason neither stayed in was because of the politics to which they were constantly subjected. My nephew was commissioned two years ago and he too will get out after one tour. The military will do whatever the powers that be tell them to do. There are contingency plans to send guard units to states other than their state of residence because they will be more likely to confiscate weaponry from people to which they have no connection.

    The only solution is to reduce influence of the liberal media and Hollywood on the public at large. How do you do that? I haven’t a clue. In the 90s Nirvana had a song that my kids listened to with the lyrics, “Here I am entertain me.” That is all the subsequent generations seem to care about. There are exceptions but they are the small minority.

    1. Taz,

      Well, I hope YOU’RE wrong. Actually, I hope we don’t have to find out. Had Hillary won, I think we would be finding out in short order — with Trump — not so much.

      I retired from the Naval Security Group in 1989 after 24 years, and I have not stayed close to the active military community. I can read, though, so I’m somewhat aware of the extent to which political correctness has permeated the military. But there’s a flip side to that. Should push come to shove, my bet is that our current military won’t be much of a match for the 100 million gun owners in a guerrilla war.

      1. My conversations with our military, the worker bees, is they repeatedly claim about 80% are on the side we patriots stand for; they are very pro-constitution and patriotic. They claim they would stand with us against the 20% that are going to ignore constitutional law. Back during our service days I’d guess it was 50/50. But it changes with the winds of politics. Is New Orleans a good example of what to expect or Kent State? I think not. I’d be concerned with ABC agencies armed with mecrenaries and SWAT types giddy with hate, ready to wage war onto the public. Times have changed. 8 years of constitution trashing, dividing and conquering all that is good by elite globalist tyrants has opened the eyes of many to the evil that is invading this land. As Cal pointed out, every avenue of communication is an opportunity to enlighten the blind.

        1. I agree with you on this, and I think this org has helped in that regard – we helped put the oath front and center in the minds of both current serving and veterans, and that has made a real difference in their mindset. But, as you say, the real change has been the ability of the current serving (along with us veterans) to see what is being done, and the constitution violators have only themselves to blame because it is their blatant actions that are so easy to see. The free flow of information and ideas on the web helped, but the actions of the elites themselves do the heavy lifting. I have said for many years that what is being done right in front of our faces, visible on C-Span, on the evening news, and in mainstream papers, is all bad enough to wake up those who are willing to look, and we don’t need to go off into conspiracy land. I’ll use what is openly admitted in the mainstream press to prove what we have suspected/known for years. Snowden’s revelations are a good example. He merely confirmed what many of us knew long ago – that the U.S. intelligence agencies were using foreign intelligence agencies to spy on American citizens, via “Echelon” and similar manipulations used to get around our domestic legal limitations on spying on American citizens. Back in the 90s if you talked about that, you were dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist” despite it being true. Now, it is finally in the mainstream, thanks to Snowden.

          The corruption, the massive theft, the blatant unconstitutional actions, the clearly expressed intent of the majority of the political elites to do away with our borders, and with our Constitution, are now out in the open and a matter of public record. Their own statements and actions condemn them.

          Now, it remains to be seen what we will do about it. Those same elites are now so confident (overconfident?) that even if we know about what they have done, and what they plan to do, we won’t be able to stop them. That is now the critical question. We know. But what will we do with that knowledge?

          Short term, as David said, we need to keep spreading the truth and waking more up. But I also think we need a very focused effort to unite the “sheepdogs” of the American warrior class. The core insight I had when I founded this org is that rather than continuing to try to wake up the general public, as I had done while working for Ron Paul and during his campaigns, we should focus on the military, the police, all veterans, and all first responders (fire, search and rescue, EMS, etc) because that is the trained warrior class of this nation – the ones with the demonstrated courage, commitment, and skill-sets that would be needed to restore the Republic. They just needed to know what was happening, and to have a better understanding of what their oath means, and a better understanding of what they swore an oath to.

          But now, I think the time has come for us to really focus hard on bringing those “sheepdogs” together with all the patriotic gun owners who also have the same sheep dog mindset (the mindset of the protector). In the past I have said I don’t much care for the sheepdog term, since a sheepdog guards sheep, and it was not at all the Founders’ design to have a nation of sheep guarded by a select class of professional “sheepdogs.” We are ALL supposed to be the militia, all supposed to be “first responders” and all supposed to be the guardians of not just our own lives, but of our towns, counties, states, and nation. I still feel that way, but the reality is that there are many Americans who now act just like sheep – passive, untrained, unarmed, unprepared victims in waiting who simply go fetal on the floor when evil men attack with guns. That’s not the way it is supposed to be, but that is the way it is.

          So, I think we can recognize that reality, while also condemning it and working to change it. Therefore, let’s use the “sheepdog” meme for what is is good for, while working to make it obsolete. I am the guardian of my family. I recognize my duty to be the protector, even if it costs me my life. I accept that role and that duty (and honor, frankly). But I also work to train my family to be their own guardians. That is both a practical necessity, since I can’t always be there all their lives, and also a requirement for them to be fully capable adults and full citizens of this Republic. They are the militia too! Every free man and woman needs to have the ability to defend themselves and their community, and also the obligation to train, equip, and step up when their community needs them. That is what it means to have a militia of the people.

          And just as I have accepted the duty and honor of being my family’s primary protector, while also training them to protect themselves, I also accept my public duty to be the protector of my neighborhood, my church, my town, county, state, and nation when needed. But I also have an obligation to train my neighbors to likewise be public protectors.

          So, let us work to unite the existing warrior class – to unite the current “sheepdogs” while also working to spread the knowledge and capability throughout our communities to the point where we are a nation of sheepdogs without sheep, as the Founders intended. ALL citizen soldiers. ALL capable of answering the call, of taking down the mass murdering terrorist or nut-job. ALL capable of defending against invaders, of suppressing insurrections against our Constitution, and all capable of executing the laws of the union, as the Constitution specifies.

          For 2018, I would like to do a series of “military appreciation” base tours where we invite all of the “sheepdogs” – military, police, fire, etc, as well as all veterans of those service, and all patriotic gun owners (those willing to go to the sound of the guns as Sheepdogs) to come together, to meet face-to-face, and to unite under the common cause of defending the Constitution and defending our communities against both man-made and natural calamity. Let’s bring them together and get them working together at the local level, and what better place to start than in the towns around and near all the major military bases? And then we can spread it to all towns/counties in the nation.


          1. You’ve just written the short version of the modern militia in your post, thank you! this is the antidote for the poison that the Hollywood propaganda machine is spreading.

          2. Stewart, your first paragraph took me back to 1993. During lunch one day, one of the guys in the shop started to criticize the stand off at Ruby Ridge and contemporary (at the time) Waco. As soon as he was done with his Unconstitutional diatribe, I spoke up. You can imagine my position; “Those acts being precursory to dictatorships, the people should be armed equally to military, everyone is born into the militia in this country, civil forfeiture will be used on the average citizen, blah, blah, blah. You could have heard a pin drop after I was done. Then one person asked about the “Civil Forfeiture.”

            I was off to the races again, explaining the Unconstitutional aspects, “Bill of Rights,” etc., only to get “you must something to hide then.” I included the 201 files, and Unconstitutional agencies spying Unconstitutionally on the people, and gave examples in history, why we should stop it now! Then it happened.

            The very next day I was drilling holes for fish screens and this individuals buddy walked up to me during break and started up about how people like me get taken out of society. Gave a vivid example of what was about to happen at Mt. Carmel, and that I should shut up, because he had an example of just such a person he knew. “That will happen to you, Greg!”

            Fast forward to Nov. 2012. After suffering the 5 stages of grief, 4 times a day for 2 months (Obama re-elected) I started a facebook page entitled, “Our governments bipartisan soft march to fascism.” Every day I would put up an Unconstitutional act, or position from both sides of the aisle. Every other post was censored. I killed my facebook account in March 2013. Then, the Tea Party Community started and I joined that.

            The NSA had just built their new info collection center and someone suggested overwhelming them with false flag info to throw some sabots into the works. I liked it, then said, “now that’s an action with some teeth.” It pissed off the leadership so bad they contacted me by phone. I can get into the twitter thing, but you get the point.

            Truth is, “silence is the favorite weapon of dictatorial individuals.” We see it from ALL politicians, agencies and special interest groups. What is the best venue to fight the good fight? Personally, I’m sick of people being willfully stupid, or worse, people from outside our country getting on the current social media outlets, to boost the progressive position as if 50% of this country were on board.

  9. The ONLY solution to the “progressive” leftist, communist, liberal politicians’ desire to take our guns from us is to use those guns for the exact purpose our founding fathers intended. They knew that ALL governments eventually become dictatorial anti-freedom, liberty-crushing power centers and that an armed militia (militia means all of we the people) is the only bulwark against this eventual status of the government of the USA. The conundrum is this: We cannot stand and fight against the evil facing us as individuals for we will surely lose; we must stand and fight as groups; yet, the minute we form groups, the feds infiltrate the groups and ensure they are ready to stop the groups when they are ready to do so. God help us for nothing short of God will grant us victory in the end.

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