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Is the Bunkerville Trial of the Century Finished?


By Shari Dovale   12/11/2017

The Las Vegas trial of Cliven Bundy, and others, began this morning after a long break of over a week. However, only about an hour and half into the hearing saw Judge Gloria Navarro release the jury for the remainder of today and tomorrow, later extending the time. She made comments indicating the jury may not be coming back at all. “The jury won’t be called back before [December 20th], if they are needed,” Judge Navarro said.

What brought this on?

Judge Navarro discussed in open court the numerous violations made by the prosecution and the agents of the BLM and FBI in relation to this case.

Multiple Brady violations topped the list, with many exculpatory items not being turned over to the defense teams. Items such as the Threat Assessment reports, names of potential witnesses, reports from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reprimanding the BLM for not enforcing the court orders for years, and many more.

There are at least seven Brady violations the judge referred to in court today. Additionally, there were violations of evidence not being turned over in a timely manner, which are referred to as ‘Giglio’ violations, pointing to the court decisions of Giglio v. United States .

After the jury was sent home, the courtroom was cleared of spectators so the principle players could immediately go into another of the now infamous super-secret sealed hearings.

This court trial has become known for their overuse of the sealed hearing rules. A majority of the evidence has been sealed from the public view, bringing questions as to why the government is hiding so much information from the citizens. Our Constitution guarantees public trials, yet the government does not hold themselves accountable to the US Constitution, as their representative so testified.

They seem to only believe in transparency when it suits their agenda, and the Bundy Ranch Protest trial is quickly falling far from their agenda.

Before long, several defendants and defense attorneys exited the courthouse with news that the court is in recess until December 20th. The sealed hearings are over for the day and the prosecution has been given over a week to prepare their responses to the plethora of motions filed by the defense.

Many of these motions have been sealed, as they refer to bad acts by the government, and this judge continues to try to hide those facts from the public. She has made it her mission to not allow the government to look bad in front of the jury, and she hopes, in the public perception.

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  1. Judge Navarro KNOWS that one of the thousands of sealed indictments has her name on it. She’s now trying to appear like she’s denouncing the judicial TRAVESTY she committed, for when her time on the stand comes she has a card to play. Have patience, you’ll hear about it soon.

  2. I believe there to be damaging info they need to keep from public view.Something major to make judge Navarro have a sudden change of heart.Major! Hmm…Time for the us to go on the offensive and expose these traitorous fools for what they are.

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