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Alex Jones Interviews Stefan Molyneux

Alex Jones Interviews Stefan Molyneux

In a wide ranging interview, Alex Jones gives Stefan Molyneux room to talk of many things; from the Trump Tax Cuts, to the insanity of the so-called “Progressives”; to the need to not only oppose evil, but to shine the light of good in these dark times.

Stefan talks of 2018 as, possibly, a year of intense struggle but with good winning out over evil, at least for now. Let’s hope he is right. The struggle continues, for evil never disappears, but changes form and returns. It for us to recognize evil, and to warn those around us, that they can fight it too.

One final thought. We are a Christian nation. By that I mean we follow Christian values, whether we go to church regularly, or not. Our society is based on Christian values. Period. Those who wish to destroy us wish to destroy our Christian values, thus leaving a void which the destroyers hope to fill with their vague Utopian beliefs of “Correctness”. They wish to enslave us to their beliefs. It is their lust for power that we are fighting. They laugh at the Constitution, our Christian values, and despise Free Markets, which reward effort.

Our voices have been raised, and will continue to be heard. No longer will they dictate our discourse. We will be heard.

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  1. What is incredible is the “destroyers” are liken to gang warfare mentality…the next bully comes along to destroy the current bully. Brilliant they are not. And as many of us have been awake for decades, the destroyers, thanks to instant media,and alternative media where one who is not a braindead parrot for the left propoganda, we now see many “deplorables” join to end the “destroyers” evil endeavors.

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