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Refuse Fascism – Antifa Protests Complete Flop

Refuse Fascism - Antifa Protests Complete Flop

As Stewart Rhodes predicted,  Marxist Nov. 4 “Revolution” Will Be a Massive Flop. Despite George Soros pouring billions of dollars into the campaign to “Resist Trump”, the turnout was pathetically small. At many protests, the Trump supporters vastly outnumbered the anti-Trump supporters, and in some locations, such as Austin, Texas, even the police outnumbered them.

Their dreams of a Communist revolution appear to be only dreams. The American people are beginning to understand that the “anti-fascists” are the real fascists. Their complete intolerance of anyone who doesn’t follow them blindly, belies their calls for tolerance. Their “talking points” are merely slogans that they spout, or chant, endlessly, that have no real substance, except maybe to indicate their own hatred for America and its people.

While George Soros sits in his comfortable home, his pathetically small contingent of followers chant their endless drivel and look pathetic.

What if they gave a revolution and no one came? Nov. 4 is a prime example. “Refuse Fascism” and Antifa are laughingstocks; paper tigers.

As the voices of the Elite, such as George H. W. and George W. Bush, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, the talking heads at the mainstream media, all spout lies and half-truths in defense of the globalist agenda, the American people yawn at them, for they understand that the globalists want to destroy America. Their New World Order, where the Elite will dictate everything, while they live lives of extravagance, (while demanding we “little people” live with less and less), is crumbling, as the people realize the lies they have been told.

The real Revolution is not the Communist Revolution envisaged by George Soros and his paid minions, but is the Revolution of 1776 Revisited, as We the People, take back our country.

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Shorty Dawkins



    1. I will wait to see final confirmation, but it does appear that this was a Christian hating leftist terrorist, who was attempting to kill but then survive to kill some more, rather than a typical suicidal mass shooter. And, unfortunately, that is something else I warned about in my Friday post about Nov 4 and the days to follow – that we may see hardcore leftists become discouraged by the failure of Nov 4 then decide to go full on Weather Underground style terrorist and target conservatives and anyone else they see as being on the political right. This church attack may be just such an incident. We will see, but I would not be at all surprised.

      But whether he had planned this for some time or was reacting to the failure of the Nov 4 launch of a supposed mass movement to remove Trump, our response must be the same:

      1. Go armed at all times, in all places, and be ready for it when (not if) the attack comes. That must be the physical practice and the mental state of all patriotic Americans. As I said in my Friday write up, expect it, and prepare for it, and that means a handgun and knife on your person, and a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle. It was a private citizen with a long gun who put a stop to this killing spree. You must be ready to do the same. It is a tragic shame that there was apparently nobody with a firearm among the victims in the church. I have heard nothing about anyone in that church returning fire, and it is most likely they were all unarmed.

      2. Go armed in church! See #1. Be armed AT ALL TIMES, IN ALL PLACES. And especially while in church or at any gathering of people that can be attacked by some jihadist or leftist terrorist (who hate the same people). If your pastor has an idiotic “policy” of no guns in church, give him till this next Sunday to change that policy (and teach him why he must) or go find a new pastor and a new church. Do NOT let yourself be disarmed in church. How many fathers and husbands died unarmed in that church while they watched women and children slaughtered around them? How many mothers where helpless to stop their loved ones from being shot again and again? Do NOT be disarmed by anyone, anywhere. Just one gun in the hands of a good guy inside the church could have stopped the slaughter, just like a gun in the hands of a good guy outside the church prevented the terrorist from being able to get away and kill more people somewhere else (it now looks as if he had explosives in the vehicle as well as more guns and ammo, so he may have intended to carry out other attacks elsewhere).

      3. Each of us needs to resolve that as a matter of duty, we will be armed and ready, and make that a solemn oath and pledge that we take deadly seriously, and then encourage others around us to do the same. Be the example of what must be done, and then help them do likewise. Show them how to do it, and train them so they are safe and effective in their use of their weapons.

      4. Carry a long gun in your vehicle! Just like the hero on Sunday who used a close at hand rifle to put a stop to the killer’s plans, you may be called upon to do the same and it is much better to do it with a rifle or shotgun in hand than only a handgun. He was in a RIFLE FIGHT with the terrorist and drove him off with a rifle, then pursued him in a high speed chase with another citizen, and then ended the chase with that rifle in his hand. Try to avoid having no choice but to bring a handgun to a rifle fight. If you are away from your rifle when it goes down, you may have no choice but to engage handgun against rifle, but if you can, fight your way to your rifle. But you can’t do that if your rifle is at home. Have the option of a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle.

      5. Every church needs a dedicated armed security team, and that must include at least two armed men on the outside of the church so they can see and then stop a shooter before he gets inside. This wack job was able to stage outside, get out of his vehicle, put on his gear, get out his rifle, and then walk into the church unopposed. It is better to stop a shooter on the outside rather than on the inside. Have armed teams inside and out, with radios, with all in two man buddy teams. A team outside, a team at the exterior door(s), teams inside the doors, up front at the alter, and then dispersed in the congregation is best. Every man needs to be armed, but they should rotate the full on duty of security. Security comes first! Then your convenience.

      6. As I stated in my Friday piece, coordinate with local LEOs on some visual designator for you to wear, such as a certain color bandana or sash, that you let the local cops know about. It will help to cut down on the chance of your being shot by a well intentioned responding officer. With the church security, let the cops know how all church security personnel will be dressed (such as a certain color or style of suite jacket and pants). But also consider the sash, arm-band, or handkerchief/bandana that can be thrown on once the incident starts. This helps cut down the chance of terrorists dressing like your security element and fooling the police. And as you go about your day, that indicator needs to be with you, in a pocket or otherwise on your person. Change it every couple months for Op Sec.

      7. Prepare for the worst – a wave of left wing terrorism targeting conservatives, libertarians, Christians, police, military, veterans, etc (anyone the left considers on the right or part of the system). Expect it. Prepare yourselves in case this does lead to a full blown civil war. Get your food storage and fuel storage built up, since there will be shortages, disruptions in service, and possibly economic collapse if a civil war kicks off. Look to the experiences in Bosnia and other such places where bloody civil war broke out. Prepare for power outages, disruption in water services, heat, etc. And prepare to defend your home and neighborhood against terrorist attack. A neighborhood watch with teeth (armed) is what you will need. Start one now, or at least be ready to start one when the time comes, and that will mean having enough hand held radios and vehicle radios (FRS, CB, HAM) to have effective grid-down communication with your neighbors, friends, and families. Have a way to recharge the radio batteries, such as solar charges and/or a generator. Have a way to purify water for your neighborhood. You should also store up medical supplies, ammunition, and a few spare guns to lend out to trusted neighbors to use on duty with the watch. Be the source of knowledge and critical supplies for that community defense and for clean water and you will be the one the others look to for leadership. Be ready to lead.

      Never, ever, give up on the Constitution. It holds all the answers within it to any problem, including defeating a communist insurrection against it. Remember, it is the militia of the people that is specifically tasked in Article 1, Section 8 with repelling invasions, suppressing insurrections, and executing the laws of the Union. And that means you. And it means all of your family, friends, church members, and all your neighbors who are loyal to the Constitution. It will be up to you. Don’t count on the U.S. military or LEOS to do that vital task, since they cannot be everywhere at once. But the people can, and are.

      The people are always present in every church. The people are always present in every movie theater. The people are always present in every school. The people are always present at every concert, at every ball game, at every rally or conference that may be attacked. The people will always be there, while the police usually will not.

      “The people” are always, always present whenever a terrorist or insane madman goes on a shooting spree or carries out an attack. But are they ready to fulfill their duty as the militia? That is the question. You must answer it with YES, I AM READY. And when they ask “who shall we send?” Your answer must be “send me.”


    2. There is no evidence that he was with Antifa. If there is some, please post it, not just a statement claiming he was. I have not seen any other sources making this claim.

      Shorty Dawkins

  1. Stewart called it! Until our Liberal/Democrat neighbors, brothers, and sisters call their respective Chuck “Protector” Schumers, express their moral outrage, and DEMAND a stop to the obvious targeting of Republican, Tradititional, Patriot, Christian Americans, this will escalate…and I will remain convinced that the Leftists and Islamists are high-fiving each other over yet another massacre…and that “Gun Control” is the Leftist’s Allahu Akbar!

  2. From a larger view than this one horrid incident…

    Diversity and multiculturalism will topple a house divided and send to ruination the Founders “Great Experiment.” View the society, cultures and people inhabiting the USA when the country was created. View what is present now and what the tyrannical elites, via their politician lackeys, are inundating the USA with.

    A fearsome future awaits the declining empire.

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