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Poland – Standing Up For Western Culture

Poland - Standing Up For Western Culture

Poland has refused to take any Muslim immigrants. It declares it is a Christian nation, and wants to keep its culture, unlike Germany and other European nations that are inviting the Muslim migrants and are seeing the results, as the Muslims are not assimilating, nor do they wish to do so.

In 1683, the Ottoman (Muslim) Army, was just days away from conquering Vienna, when the Polish King, Jan Sobieski, arrived with his army and defeated the Ottoman Army. Jan Sobieski is a national hero in Poland.

The Poles are a proud people who have stood up to the invading Ottomans in the past, and are standing up to the Muslim invasion of today.

It should be remembered that Poland has suffered under both fascism and communism, yet their spirit of nationalism is still strong.

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Poland independence day march 2017

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The Battle of Vienna, 1683: A Documentary

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  1. The spirit might be strong, but Poland in its history was not always as nationalistic as it is today. I’m happy that there is at least one place in Europe that is not filled with terrorism and Islam, although I bet they have other economic problems at the moment.

  2. Poland is not the only country in Europe that is not accepting muslim immigrants. Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary also.
    Austria is moving in that direction as well.
    The tide is turning.
    BTW – US state dept. currently interfering in Hungarian elections ( literally subsidizing the anti Orban news ). Need to get a globalist in. Expect a Ukranian style revolution shortly.
    Austria has made Soros a persona non grata.

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