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Are We Passing Along the Torch of Freedom?

Charlton Heston’s “A Torch With No Flame”

Charlton Heston discusses passing on the legacy of the Second Amendment.

In this spellbinding performance, the NRA past president challenges Americans to keep freedom’s flame alight from generation to generation.

Delivered with unedited authenticity reflecting a deep love for his nation, Mr. Heston’s eloquent message radiates truth as it lights the American way.

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Building a Nation of Riflemen

Can you hit a target at 25 yards? How about at 500 yards? Whether you are new to the shooting sports or a seasoned shooter Appleseed will be able to teach you a thing or two.

For the new shooter we can teach you to use your rifle safely and also be able to hit your target. For the seasoned shooter we can teach you to shoot more accurately – even out to 500 yards.

Project Appleseed can help transform you from a man with a rifle into a Rifleman. A Rifleman is more than a man (or woman) with a rifle. A Rifleman understands that owning and mastering a rifle is part of his heritage as an American. And he knows why: This is a nation founded by Riflemen — men and women skilled in the use of arms.

Those skills served the colonists well when they stood up to the British on April 19, 1775, at Lexington and Concord, and routed the British forces that tried to seize the colonists’ arms. They did it with grit, with determination, and with superior skill in marksmanship. They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the task. And they didn’t stop until they had won. Throughout history, Riflemen have embodied personal responsibility and been pillars of their communities, characteristics that are becoming ever more rare in our nation.

At Project Appleseed, we want to return America to being a nation of Riflemen. And we want you to join us.


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(This article was originally posted on November 2, 2016.)

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  1. I cried and am still crying after hearing C.H. message, I do believe that president D.T. wants to keep America, America.I think this message should be played on the net works and any other avenue that it would be received. The country is dying and it is all of our faults. We. listened to the child protection services when they said we could not take a belt to our rebellious kids and we obeyed the unrighteous laws that God set up to keep a right a moral society. I really do not know the answers that many of you may be seeking, but for me it is JESUS.And I also know that this will not happen until He tears down all human govt. and is crowned Lord of Lord’s and King of King’s I really have no answers aside from that so I will now shut up. Please Lord Save Us.

  2. He was a great American patriot and i truly miss him and men like him. All our government has done in my lifetime is infringe on the 2nd and most of our Bill of rights. I pray Trump is the start of restoring them.

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