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Marxist Nov. 4 “Revolution” Will Be a Massive Flop…BUT Lone Wolves or Small Terror Cells May Be “Triggered”

TLDR summary: The communist inspired Refuse Fascism Nov 4 kick off of a massive protest “color revolution” to remove Trump/Pence will be a flop, just like their attempt to stop Trump from taking office flopped, but there is a short-term risk of lone wolf or small cell terrorism against police and/or high-profile conservatives, and also a risk of assault for anyone on the right who blunders into an Antifa gathering (act accordingly if near them).   The long-term outcome is more dangerous, as this leftist fail will likely lead to frustrated hard-cores starting a modern version of the Weather Underground, and that could spark a real-deal left/right civil war.


Marxist Nov. 4 "Revolution" Will Be a Massive Flop...BUT Lone Wolves or Small Terror Cells May Be "Triggered"

Prediction:   Nov 4 will be a flop.  Many patriots on the political right are concerned about the possibility of leftist violence beginning Nov 4, and continuing in the days to follow, because of a call to action put out by the Soros funded, communist organization Refuse Fascism (and online sabre rattling on both “sides” surrounding it).   That call to action is the real source of all you will find online about Nov 4 being the supposed kick-off for the overthrow of the “Trump/Pence Regime.”  You can read it here.  And a near copy was also posted on the Revolutionary Communist Party (Revcom) site, here.

Note that one of the founders of Refuse Fascism is Carl Dix, who is a leader in Revcom.  Another founder of Refuse Fascism is Marxist “professor” Cornel West, also a Revcom leader.  And of course the communist terrorist Bill Ayers is also a key founder of Refuse Fascism.   It is communist through and through, and Refuse Fascism is really just a front and recruitment tool for Revcom as it tries to capitalize on the left’s fear and anger against Trump, to bring more people into joining a full on communist party (just like Revcom used Ferguson and other police shootings to try to bring more people into the communist fold).

Let me just say up front that I think this Nov. 4 kickoff will be a massive flop (but with an important caveat, below), just like Refuse Fascism’s massive flop on Inauguration Day, Jan 21, 2017, and the days thereafter.    Back in the bygone days of January (feels like years ago!), Refuse Fascism used the same sort of heated rhetoric about taking extraordinary, “outside the system” action to prevent Trump from even assuming the office of President or to remove him immediately thereafter.   They spoke directly about causing such a political crisis that both wings of the establishment would have no choice but to remove Trump/Pence.   It was a massive flop.  Nothing happened in D.C. on January 21 other than Refuse Fascism useful idiots walking around with signs with warmed over communist slogans on them and Antifa jackasses breaking windows, assaulting a few people, and burning a limousine owned (ironically) by a Muslim immigrant (ironic because they make so much noise about supposedly standing up for Muslim immigrants).    There was no massive uprising to prevent Trump and Pence from assuming office and no grass-roots “color revolution” camped on the White House lawn or otherwise grew to the point of causing a political crisis that drove Trump from office.

And that is how this weekend will go as well when it comes to the actual Refuse Fascism initiative.  It will be a massive flop.   The communists who run Refuse Fascism are repeating the same heated rhetoric about an “unprecedented” fascist regime taking power, and the need to remove it from power by means outside the conventional political system.   Here is a sample:

THIS NIGHTMARE MUST END.  Millions feel this and ache with the question of how to stop this unrelenting horror.  The stakes are nothing less than the future of humanity and the planet itself.

Who will end this nightmare?  We will. Only the determined struggle of millions of people acting together with courage and conviction can drive this regime from power.

JOIN US – Take to the streets and public squares across the country, beginning a movement of protests that continue day after day and night after night. A movement working to grow from thousands to hundreds of thousands and eventually millions.  A movement determined to not stop until our demand is met:


Our actions reflect the values of respect for all of humanity and the world we want – in stark contrast to the hate and bigotry of the Trump/Pence fascist regime.

Our determination to persist and not back down will compel the whole world to take note. Every force and faction in the power structure would be forced to respond to our demand.  The cracks and divisions among the powers evident today will sharpen and widen.  As we draw more and more people forward to stand up, all of this could lead to a situation where this illegitimate regime is removed from power.

Also watch this to see the clear connection between Refuse Fascism and the Revolutionary Communist Party (Revcom):

Marxist Nov. 4 "Revolution" Will Be a Massive Flop...BUT Lone Wolves or Small Terror Cells May Be "Triggered"

While history shows that communists are more than happy to use physical violence to achieve their goals when they think they can get away with it, at least on the surface what Refuse Fascism/Revcom is trying to do is spark massive, ongoing “color revolution” style protests that will bring about a political crisis sufficient to give Trump’s enemies in both the Democratic and Republican parties the political cover they need to remove Trump from office.  In that sense Refuse Fascism is a “peaceful” group (for now).   This latest astroturf “peoples revolution” will fail, and it will fail specifically because only a tiny number of Americans feel strongly enough about it to stand out in the cold for even one day, let alone weeks or months on end.

And even if all on the left were willing to take to the streets indefinitely to “demand” that Trump/Pence be removed, the other half of the country would not only refuse to join them, but would actively oppose them, and thus there will be no “popular people’s color revolution” as we saw in Egypt, Tunisia, or even in the recent example of South Korea.   Ironically, the very same left/right deep political division and cold civil war that the left has been relentlessly feeding will prevent them from ever having enough Americans on their side to have a snowball’s chance in hell of any such “peaceful” mass uprising outcome.   Even if all leftists took to the streets, at most they would kick off a civil war, not a popular people’s uprising.   But not enough of them are willing to stand in the cold to even get anywhere near causing any such crisis, whatever the outcome.   If they had the numbers willing to do it, they would have done it over the summer when the weather was on their side.    That should tell you all you really need to know.  So, this will be a big “nothingburger” when it comes to the call to action (but see my two caveats below).

As for supposed plans by Antifa to go kinetic in some kind of coordinated attack and spark a civil war on November 4, please note that, according to Oath Keeper Navy Jack (who tracks all things Antifa) approximately 70% of all the “Antifa” Facebook and Twitter pages are actually fakes put up by agitators who love to troll Antifa and get people spun up about what Antifa is supposedly planning so people on the right will turn out in armed opposition to a fake threat.   Two confirmed examples this summer of fake Antifa sites being used to get people on the political right spun up was the alleged threat to tear down the Sam Houston statue, and the threat to tear down or deface memorials at Gettysburg.  Both were total fakes.  Please keep that in mind and don’t let yourself be manipulated into showing up armed to oppose a fake threat (gee, I wonder who that would benefit – always ask cui bono?).

My advice for this weekend and the coming weeks is to let the cops handle it and let the cop hating, America hating, Refuse Fascism/Revcom and Antifa useful idiots show their asses, and don’t directly confront them or counter-protest against them.  They desperately want the optics of right wingers showing up with guns to counter-protest against them so they can screech about fascist oppression by “Trump’s Brown Shirts.”    And they would love to capitalize on another Charlottesville outcome of leftists being injured or killed by someone considered to be on the right.  Don’t give it to them.   The better way to go is to let them hold their silly, weak, public temper tantrums, and at most covertly observe, spot, and report any criminal activity to the police, as we did with our Operation Sabot during last November’s election season.   By being covert, you keep them guessing on who is watching, and you don’t give them the optics they need.

Let the leftists show their asses to the cops all on their own with no visible excuse for their bad behavior.   Of course, if they are about to burn your town down you should step in and stop them, just as we did in Ferguson in 2014 when armed Oath Keepers police and military veterans stood watch on rooftops to stop arsonists during the riots there.  Arson is deadly force and we would never suggest that you not take action to stop it in your town.   But do your best to coordinate with the police if you feel the need to take such action, and even there, keep the focus on defense of lives, and let the police handle the rest.

Ditto for some mass shooter incident tied to one of these protests.  By all means stop the killing if you are present.   See below.

Two Important Caviats:

Caviat #1:  There is a risk of lone wolf or small cell terrorism against police and high profile conservatives on Nov. 4th or the days following it.

A direct example of this was what we witnessed last year in the terrorist attack on the police in Dallas and Baton Rouge.   In Dallas, the deadly attack by a cop hating black veteran came during a Black Lives Matter protest, and in Baton Rouge, the attacker was “triggered” by the protests surrounding a police shooting there and drove across state lines specifically to kill police in retaliation (it is even possible that the Baton Rouge shooter was a second gunman in Dallas, surviving that attack to then conduct his final attack in Baton Rouge).   And there have been numerous other targeted assassinations and attempted assassinations of police that have happened in the past couple of years.  Even though Black Lives Matter is ostensibly non-violent, there are lone wolves or small cells of hard-cores orbiting around it who are not.   Black Lives Matter is “non-violent” – until its not.   The same is true of Refuse Fascism.   Orbiting around it are hardcore communist wanna-be Che Guevara’s who may well take it upon themselves to kick off the revolution.  This should not be surprising since one of Refuse Fascism’s key founders is the self-admitted and unrepentant communist terrorist Bill Ayers.   He serves as the perfect role model.

Marxist Nov. 4 "Revolution" Will Be a Massive Flop...BUT Lone Wolves or Small Terror Cells May Be "Triggered"

Die-hard Communists Carl Dix and Cornel West using anger over police shootings of Blacks to recruit more Americans into the Revolutionary Communist Party

Antifa is overtly violent and proudly advocates violence, but has so far stopped short of using firearms or explosives, and instead uses steel pipes, bike locks, and knives to attack people.   Their standard modus operandi is a gang attack on an isolated individual.

However, we have seen more hardcore communists joining Antifa because they see it as a vehicle for the “revolution” since Antifa is willing to actually use force now, not just in the future.   Eventually some of them will indeed go kinetic and will use guns or explosives to target some of us pesky hard target conservatives who they can’t beat in a straight up street fight using their non-kinetic weapons.  Expect it.  Frankly, any high profile conservative street activist that is already on Antifa’s hate list, such as Kyle Chapman (Based Stickman) or Joey Gibson, should expect to be targeted and take appropriate measures to either get off the X by not being where expected this weekend, or at least prepared to repel boarders.   There are many historic examples of terror cells conducting armed attacks/assassinations on targets at home, at work, or in their vehicle on a habitual route.

Patrol officers are also at risk because they are in marked cars and in uniform and may end up being targets of opportunity for yet another cop killer.  The same risk can also apply to conservatives who love their pro-Trump/pro-gun bumper stickers and tee shirts.  Your tee shirt is your uniform, when it comes to some nutbag who wants to go out and kill conservatives in the street.

So, police and high profile conservatives should be extra alert and aware this weekend and in the coming days that they could be selected for a targeted assassination/terror attack by a lone wolf or a small cell.  And they should take precautions to protect their homes and families.   Oath Keepers has a standing offer, as part of our Family Safe program, to protect any police or military family and home that receives death threats or is otherwise at risk.   All they have to do is ask and our police and military veterans will be happy to stand guard.

And even when there is no specific targeted individual, it only takes one lone nut to do a mass shooting like we recently saw in Las Vegas, or a small cell of hardcores to do a Mumbai style armed group terror attack.   With the reality of frequent active shooter attacks in America, all of us should already be armed and prepared as we go about our day to step in and stop an “active shooter” terror attack.   They happen, so it is a part of our duty as patriots and “sheepdogs” to be ready, willing, and able to put an end to them.  The longer it takes to stop the killing, the more people will be killed, so you have a duty to be the “first responder” if you are there.   The best course of action would be to work out, in advance, an identifier, such as a certain color bandana, sash, or armband that local police know you will be wearing as you respond to an active shooter incident that will identify you as a “good guy.”    The only ones who should know what that indicator is and what color it is should be you, your group, and the local cops to prevent bad guys from wearing it to confuse police.

But even if you have not worked such an indicator out, you should respond.   I will not go in depth on that issue here, but I will in a followup piece.   Suffice it to say that I adamantly disagree with the viewpoint that your concealed carry firearm should be used only to defend yourself and your family but not to stop other Americans from being murdered, and that you should instead run away and let responding officers handle it, despite the reality that more will die because you did not engage.  I find that both cowardly and a dereliction of duty.  Frankly, I believe every patriot should not only carry an accurate and reliable semi-auto pistol, but should also have a rifle or shotgun in their vehicle for the same reasons police have them in their patrol cars – they are the better weapon for closing with and killing armed terrorists when you have the opportunity to use them.  Yes, there are important do’s and don’ts when it comes to grabbing a rifle or shotgun and going toward the sound of the guns, since there will hopefully be responding officers doing the same.    But your duty is not erased by those considerations any more than the cop’s duty is.  They are the same.  Take it seriously and prepare to do it right.

Marxist Nov. 4 "Revolution" Will Be a Massive Flop...BUT Lone Wolves or Small Terror Cells May Be "Triggered"

Some things never change

Caveat Number Two:  A risk that frustrated hardcore communists will go full “Weather Underground” and launch an ongoing terrorism campaign.

This is the more dangerous long term risk.   And there is a historic precedent that ties right in with Refuse Fascism.    Before Bill Ayers was a bomb setting terrorist, he was a national leader in the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).   The SDS had hundreds of thousands of student members on college campuses across the U.S.    Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn (now his wife) and other leaders of the SDS wanted to take it to the next level and spark a full on revolution.  So, they tried to recruit the members of the SDS and other students on colleges and in High Schools to join them for a big kick off of the revolution with their Days of Rage in Chicago.   This caused a split among the national leadership of SDS, with the less violent prone refusing to go along with it.  So, Ayers and Dorne, along with their hardcore pals, took over the SDS headquarters  and essentially conducted their own coup within the org.   Then they carried out their Days of Rage attack on Chicago police.   But only 200 hardcores showed up to street fight with the cops, instead of the thousands they had expected.   Turns out the vast majority of the student members of the SDS were not yet ready to go full on communist revolutionary.  The small group of hardcores at the top had outpaced their own members and their target audience.  Their attempted launch of the mass people’s revolution was a spectacular flop.

So, after they got out of jail, Ayers, Dohrn, and the other hardcores at the top of what was left of the SDS doubled down on stupid, went underground, became the Weather Underground (Weathermen) and began a terrorist bombing campaign using three cells (West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast).   Their first targets were police, and the rest is history.

I expect that when Refuse Fascism fails to spark a popular color revolution that removes Trump, some of their followers, and maybe even some of their leaders, will go full on Weather Underground, just like their founder and patron saint communist terrorist mentor Billy Ayers did.   And that may in fact be his long term goal.  He lived the same trajectory, and he knows where it ends.    But whether or not that is his real intent that is what will likely happen.   The future Weathermen who will take it to the next level and try to start the revolution with violence and death are likely somewhere among all the Kool Aid drinking young useful idiots in Refuse Fascism and Antifa that are being indoctrinated by Ayers and the other ancient decrepit communists.     And when they pop off, they will target not just cops, but also Trump supporters and anyone they view as being anywhere on the right (you libertarians will not get a pass!).   Expect it.  Prepare for it.

Just like one lone nut “anarchist” sparked what would become World War I, the actions of one or a few wanna-be revolutionaries on the left could spark the next American Civil War.

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. Ignore them! No point in worrying. We have 300 million Patriots and they have what 10,000 Communists. No contest. Good article Stewart.

  2. Stewart, you’re spot on. Close attention to the caveats you’ve pointed out should be given. Your intel is corroborated by other sources I’ve seen thus making it credible. There’s also the fact that there’s big money behind the frantic and desperate push to bring our country down to its knees; not going to happen. We may see the Bolsheviks down the street and some nasty stuff come from within their ranks, such as terrorist acts, but they’ll NEVER have their way with our country.

  3. Left has been a failure throughout history, they know nothing of History, so there’s no way to have rational discussion with them. I believe they’re all brainwashed or just too stupid to realize it. All I have to say is I’ll meet them
    on the battlefield whenever they’re ready.

    Semper Fi

    1. I understand how you feel. I spend seven years in both college and in law school debating/arguing with indoctrinated leftists. Some I was able to reach, over time, but it was a long grinding haul just to get them to think outside of the “Marxist dialectic” they used to view the entire world around them. It really is like a religion to them, and their copy of the works of Marx and Engels is their bible, in which they have complete faith and any word to the contrary is blasphemy. One of my classmates at Yale Law School was a young woman who was a Union organizer from NYC, and a proud Marxist. When I brought up the mass murders of Stalin as just one of the examples of the failures of communism, she looked me in the eye and seriously said that Stalin was our fault (the fault of the U.S.) because we had meddled in Russian affairs by supporting the White Russian faction in their civil war with the Bolsheviks. She actually believed that any and all bad actions by communists were really the fault of the West, and of capitalism. So, like you say, how do you have a rational discussion with someone like that? Funny thing about her was that despite all her talk about her Marxist ideals, she went on to work in one of the big corporate defense law firms just like most of our classmates. When it comes to a steady paycheck, the great majority of them put aside their supposed contempt for capitalism and “the system” and they become obedient cogs in the corporate-fascism machine (which I find disgusting for my own reasons, and never did, ironically).

      Communism is the greatest engine of mass murder, slavery, and oppression in human history, and yet the brainwashed college kids on American college campuses have yet to get the word.

  4. Wow Blowbama and Hitlery funded by Soros need life to death for starting this maxist crap . National Guard should have their nets ready This is sick and over 90..% of true Americans have had enough of this Ill behavior. Did us true Americans act this stupid when we had an illegal president in? No! We got out & voted! Maybe it’s because over half can’t vote who knows but we’ve never been this devided.

    1. Yes, this nation is terribly divided. One of the things that really struck me while doing two months of hurricane disaster relief work in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico is that the average American really doesn’t give a crap about politics and just wants to be able to take care of their family and live their life. It is the “powers that be” who want to make us all hate each other.

  5. Learn from history. The tactics being used here are very similar to those used by the Communists when they over threw the Tsar of Russia in 1917.

    1. Yes, agreed. But so far they have flopped here, when it comes to building any large coalition of groups who want to tear down the existing order. In Russia, they duped many sincere people who wanted more freedom into joining with them to tear down the Czar, and then when the communists could not control the new legislature, they disbanded it by force. They always result to force, in the end, but at first they will make much of supposedly being peaceful and wanting to work with people across the political spectrum, just like Refuse Fascism is doing now. But they will fail if for no other reason than they have pissed off, alienated, insulted, and demonized over half the nation for decades, so all of us pesky patriots will not believe their bull and know exactly what they are – and we have the bloody history and mass graves of Communism to look back on to also keep us from falling for their crap. But, they may eventually succeed in pitting millions of Americans against each other, in a bloody civil war, along not just political but also racial lines (which they would be more than happy to do), and that itself could lead to their desired destruction of this nation and the Constitution. But rather than a “communist utopia” or “dictatorship of the proletariat” with them at the top as the vanguard, what they will get is more globalist fascism, which is what Soros really represents. He is the “bag man” or money man for the international globalist elite who want to enslave all the people of the world. The communists are his useful idiots.

      What we need to watch out for is the creation of a crisis that leads to conservatives demanding extra-constitutional measures be taken to correct it – getting patriots to demand “martial law” or jumping into the arms of some strongman general to stop the communists. That pattern has been played out over and over in history too.

  6. My membership lapsed because I had trouble renewing on line. I will try again today. Great story. I agree with everything said and will pass it along. I never had the honor of serving in the military because of a physical disability but, my dad was 2div artillery Marine in the 2nd world war..

  7. Seems to me an easier way to stop this madness is for (JustLess) system to hold Soros accountable. Send him to prison for hate crimes, empty his bank accounts…Jail Clintonistas. If Sessions is unable to grow some, replace him

  8. The puppeteers planned this soon to be outdoor non-event at the beginning of the coldest months of the year. Why? They certainly know the weakness of their simple minded, low energy, pasty skinned minions being water and cold temperatures, so why set the event up for failure? What could their goal be? Maybe Stewart is right. Except, maybe they intend to expedite their organically managed modern day Weather Underground experiment.

  9. Our gov’t should be rooting out arresting these leaders for planned terrorism and yet I haven’t seen that yet. We just let more in while being picked off one by one. Not we but the leaders usurping our country. Not by land not by sea but by subversion. I am afraid western culture is soft and will loose in the end.
    I think read George Washington or a founding father said something like this, “We must be willing to walk away from our fortune to defend it.” If not we lose it anyway. The left want it all by any means necessary. We bring them in, feed and cloth and expect to continue as we began. I see why leaders of the past around the world have had round ups and exodus such as saving Spain for the spanish and so on.

  10. If George Soros and his Billions of Dollars is causing all of these Problems in these United States, he should be found and exposed. Publish George Soros’s complete Address and Phone Number for the People to see. As of today, NOBODY , seems to know where he lives or even WHAT COUNTRY he is from. TSgt., USAF Analyst Retired.

  11. What I have used against these evil people that has often left them stuttering (or the written version of stuttering) is that they support female genital mutilation through their unconditional support of Muslims.

    Shuts them up every time, because they can’t deny that 1) they support Muslims unconditionally; and, 2) Muslims mutilate girls and women.

    Now the Muslims are beginning to call for world wide forced genital mutilation of ALL females, and the label is even worse than it was before.

    So: Antifa-FGM.

  12. American Patriots ~

    As Rush said the other day, we must focus on sharia and the fact that sharia is inconsistent with American Rule of Law and our values of treating citizens with respect and dignity regardless of whether or not we agree with each other. ANITFA is so similar, these arrogant, disgruntled, unhappy and manipulative folks on the far left want to destory western civilization as well, just as their counter parts the sharia suporters want to destroy western civilization.

    SO if one supports sharia they must be deported immediately and we must refuse to allow them to enter or remain in America with anti-American views and values. American citizens must pledge alligence to and support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, or leave the land along with others who hate and want to destroy our nation.

    My dear, faithful Patriots, please trust that we will succeed and we will restore our Constitutional Republic. Failure is not an option. Of course we must attempt all efforts to debate and win in the court of public opinion; however, should sharia lovers and destroyers of liberty set a fire to large to contain, we may be forced to extim=nquish the Sharia lovers and other fascists amoung us. If it ever comes to violent counter revolution that we are forced to engage in, we will be force to destroy all those who have been manipulated into demouncing their own race and their own country as well as the leadership which uuses the useful idiots to spread their lies and assault decent Americans.

    So my fellow Patriots be porepared get prepared and pray for the best and be prepared to defend liberty and the live sof innocent Americans.

    Those students, professors and other young people, yes all of the fools who have bought the lies about America, President Trump and this great nation who have been doped into supporting this radical leftist agenda and turn their backs on the nation that has provided all of their opportunities to succeed, they are responsible for their action, however wrong they are and mistaken they have been. They own their decisions to scream at and strike out physically and verbally at their fellow citizens. If and when we come to blows, they will become the victims of a wave and tidal wave of reaction to their violence and we willtake no prisoners. So I urge all of the useful idiots who will be extremely vulnerable to personal harm, to distance themselves and oppose this insane direction that they have taken. Save yourselves. Your violent leaders will not protect you they will push you into the vanguard to be mowed down in a violent confrontation. Please I urge you beautiful, misguided young people to leave this socalled movement where you are used and abused.

    All bets will be off when you masters insit that you stand in the front lines of a civil war. The leaders of this fascist organization yes this marxists organization will fall and take the innocent down first.

    I have heard that some Patriots plan to go after the leaders so they may run but they will not be able to hide and they will receive justice swift and final.

    Please mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers tell you sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, to leave the so called ANTIFA and radical leftist movements before it is too late.

    Bless God America. God bless America; Long Live our Constitutional Republic… Peace ~

  13. It could be the fact that I live in rural northern Indiana, a couple hours from any major city, that my world view is somewhat tainted, but I’m exceptionally proud that virtually every Conservative patriot I know is showing incredible patience in the wake of the ramped-up rhetoric and violence we’ve seen in the last year by radical elements of the Left. Until such time that they actually start shooting at us, there is no downside to allowing the Left to own violence as a political tactic. Most Americans are not violent people, and violence by the Left will turn a lot more people against their cause than toward it. But I don’t think the Antifa types have any idea what’s in store for them if they continue on their present trajectory. I think the fact that the majority of Conservatives are Christians plays into the equation, ie., the turn-the-other-cheek thing, but I think even most devout Christians probably have a breaking point, and the hell that is going to rain down on those who would destroy our Republic is going to make the term “shock and awe” seem like a poem about flowers. Just my 2 cents worth on a dreary Sunday morning.

    1. Retired Navy Spook, well said and I agree 100%. And look what happened yesterday (Sunday) not long after you posted that comment. I am curious to hear your take on the Texas church shooting.

      Looks like what I feared may happen has already begun to happen – hardcore leftists are realizing they can’t get a mass street movement going, so are trying to set off armed conflict by going full blown Weather Underground, and going kinetic. I think that was what the terrorist Devin Patrick Kelly was all about – making war on the Christian right. What do you think?


      1. Stewart, there seems to be some attempts by several right-wing fringe sites to tie Kelly to Antifa. I haven’t seen any credible evidence of that yet, and hesitate to comment with so few facts available. It appears the one thing that can be said about this horrific event with any degree of certainty is that much of what is made public will probably not be the truth.

      2. I misspoke; there is one other thing that can be said about this tragedy with absolute certainty. Even more deaths were prevented by a good guy with a gun.

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