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Ingraham: The Bushes’ Bitter Backlash

Ingraham: The Bushes' Bitter Backlash

Not only is the Clinton Dynasty crumbling into a heap of refuse, but the Bush Dynasty is too. Voters resoundingly rejected Jeb Bush in 2016, and Daddy Bush has been accused of groping six women.

Dynasties fall, thank goodness, as nations change, but the rulers don’t. Those rulers main focus becomes retaining power, rather than serving the needs of the people. Like the Clintons, the Bushes feel empowered to be the leaders. But, what have they to offer now? More of the same? More globalism and war? Sorry, HW, Dubya and Jeb, you had your moments in the sun, but botched it. Now you are bitter. Laura Ingraham puts it very succinctly in this video.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. What is the REAL problem here? She is still pushing “party”, factions” though they tear our country apart, allow the influence of foreign states, corporations, banking, etc. Parties unlawfully SELECT candidates for us to choose between.

    Got a novel idea, how about we all go Constitution instead of party? How about we KEEP our Oaths to that document instead of assisting the destruction of our nation, our legitimate government?

    How about we REQUIRE those that run in any area of government be able to not only answer constitutional questions, but be able to tell a person what it means, what the REQUIRED Oath will mean, what standards they are to uphold by the supreme contract? That way we will know that they understand the contract that they – at every level, elected/hired/contracted/etc – will be serving under and then we can, with openness and cheerfully, HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE?

    Make sure that they understand that it is the Militia of the several states that is to be called forth and used to
    — Enforce the US Constitution (supreme Law of this nation) and each state’s Constitution (highest Law of the state except in the rare instances of constitutional conflict),
    — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
    — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
    — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

    She speaks of the Bush’s as if they are good human biengs. They supported, if not assisted in creating, Nazi Germany and the rest. Anyone bother to study their history? They are traitors, even as president working and talking out about the USA becoming a PART of the NWO, losing our sovereignty, and all we own.

    Lets follow the US Constitution so well that, as Ron Paul would have done – like him or not – any person that serves as a US President is REQUIRED TO PRESERVE THE US CONSTITUTION, not just “protect and defend” it. That higher standard belongs ONLY to the person who serves as a US President, and for at least 8 decades, more, has NOT been followed – a felony and Perjury.

    We have to say, not following the US Constitution, no office, job, contract, etc in OUR governments – state and federal. That, and THAT alone will save our nation. It will de-regulate most everything. It will put the people back in arms and training and enforcing all constitutional laws, all governmental positions (accountability).

    Hard to get anyone to follow, but if it is forbidden by the US Constitution, if it is NOT delegated to the federal government through the US Constitution (and much that they do today is not, including attacking foreign nations which keeps the American people broke), then it is delegated to the states OR TO THE PEOPLE THEMSLEVES and if it is not in writing within the US or a state Constitution, it is not a governmental task, power, etc.

    1. we might have a little problem trusting the people of this country, since polls show about 60% like the idea of socialism…..not many of these people even know what our Constitution means let alone what it allows the government to do…..and 90% of what our government did/does IS NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY ALLOWED…..maybe out of the ashes a new Republic may come forth….but this one is headed for the shit pile of history….sad to say since it will require blood sweat and tears from those of us that plan on surviving to see the new day….imho…Semper Fi

    2. This is an especially timely comment Cal. With the newly proposed (passed by the House) tax alterations, we should consider the fact that they did nothing to reduce spending as the worse aspect. It’s not. The worse aspect is the Centralization of Taxation by taking out State Tax Exemptions. Something as, or more disturbing, is this cozy relationship with the Global Corporations. Not only did they sell it to the polis with a higher tax exemption standard, but they reduced Corporate taxes in favor of higher wage taxes. Does that give the the big wheelers a larger presence at the table? I bet it does! It also sets us even closer to a true Fascist State.

      I have been trying to put some thought into how we slid this far especially of late. We can talk about the 100 year slide to Progressivism, or the Socialist incursions into the fabric of our society (Colleges, Corp Boards, Govt., etc.), but It has really taken root in the last 20-30 years. Let’s talk about the last 10 years.

      Social Media, or what I call the “Look at Me” society. We have lost our identity. We tap out our personal filth and hope for others to “Like” it. God forbid you don’t “Like” someone else’s comment that the collective “Likes.” You Dirty little “Outlier!” I say that in jest as I am tapping out my own filth, but I started to wonder about these yahoos that go on mass murder sprees. Is it possible they didn’t get enough “Likes?” Is it possible that they are not OK with themselves and seek to get noticed, if even for a small tick in time? It’s for certain they are predatory (abusers, stalkers, etc.) in nature. Then it hit me.

      You see, they exhibit all the same characteristics of the Domestic Abuser. Even more telling is the Progressive, who also exhibits the same characteristics. Look at all these Govt., College Profs, and Hollywood Barons that are being outed for sexual misconduct. We know that some people in power tend to treat others with a certain disdain, so it’s easy to extrapolate the relationship. Basically, they have set up a condition where most want to be in a bigger than self condition (the social groups), but want to stand out in the same groups. In short, we are developing a Nation of Sociopaths. The Constitution be damned to these people, it’s all about them!

      1. A very good description of a much smaller group of our population than the devil would have us realize Greg. The devil’s #1 talent is making us believe he doesn’t exist. His #2 talent is making the minority appear as the majority. The problem is that if we the majority don’t realize our power, we will inevitable cede it to the minority.

      2. PS ~ And if I’m wrong about that, there’s always the Fulton Sheen fallback position: “One person + God = a majority.” 😉

        1. Great Point Chip!

          Have been considering this tax thing. To get back to the Principles of a Constitutional Republic, the State Taxes need to be divorced from the Federal Taxes. However I’m stuck on which is more important; divorcing the taxes or allowing exemptions for state taxes? Obviously, they need to be divorced, but the current narrative revolves around States reducing their role via reduction, in favor of the Federal Govt. becoming more in control. I have heard nothing of spending reduction on the Federal Level. My instinct is that they are opening the door for total Centralized Command and Control. Hope I’m wrong!

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