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GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – Should the NRA Support a Constitutional Militia?

Progress Report

25 November 2017

Dear GOOD GUY Associate,

That’s right you are now a “Good Guy Associate” if you champion our new movie project:

Should the NRA Support a Constitutional Militia?

a James Jaeger Film

Here’s a synopsis of the plot:

Every time there’s another mass-shooting at a church, school or public place, predictably the same “gun-control” freaks come out and advocate yet more infringements of the Second Amendment. More gun-free zones, more registration, more limits on weapons and accouterments that could save lives.

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS explores the reasons the Founding Fathers gave WE THE PEOPLE a means of protecting ourselves, not only through the “individual right to keep and bear,” but through well-regulated state Militias.

Given the first 13 words of the Second Amendment — as well as 3 additional clauses in the U.S. Constitution — shouldn’t gun associations, like the NRA, be supporting ALL of the reasons the Framers wanted Americans to keep and bear?

Inspired by the works of Edwin Vieira, Jr., author of Thirteen WordsThe Sword and Sovereignty and By Tyranny Out of Necessity

Although the artwork (by Gary Varvel) may be temporary, we have a really exciting wish list of experts we are going to invite into the movie.  It goes without saying we are going to invite STEWART RHODES because OATH KEEPERS will be working with MATRIX ENTERTAINMENT on this project.

We are also going to invite STEPHEN WILLEFORD, the actual “good guy” that stepped in to save the day on the recent Baptist Church shooting in Texas where 26 were murdered by a madman with a gun.  Accordingly, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS, will hammer on the point that “gun-free zones” advocated by the Left’s gun-control lobby are really mass-murder zones.  Given this, shouldn’t “good guys with guns” be peppered across the nation anywhere and everywhere?  And shouldn’t these “good guys with guns” be trained, organized and well-regulated like it says in the first 13 words of the Second Amendment?

Stephen Willeford may not have been able to neutralize the Texas shooter were he not trained by the NRA in how to handle a weapon.  So, in this case, we want to applaud the NRA for their part in training a “good guy with a gun” and respectfully suggest they do more of it.

But as you can see from the subtitle of the movie, we are also going to ask them the question: should the NRA support a Constitutional Militia?  And of course the answer is yes, they should support a Constitutional Militia –– so why don’t they seem to?  We will invite WAYNE LAPIERE, CHRIS COX and TED NUGENT into the film to answer this question.

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS will take a close look at the NRA Leadership and Membership and offer them some constructive criticism, hopefully to step up support of a Constitutional Militia System hence better apply principles in the U.S. Constitution.  Read the first draft of the narration script at to get the details.

This script is inspired by the works of Edwin Vieira,Jr. as well as a letter he sent to the NRA Board.  For those of you who may not be familiar with Dr. Vieira, he holds four degrees from Harvard and is one of the foremost Constitutional attorneys in the nation.  His many books include The Sword and SovereigntyBy Tyranny Out Of Necessity and Thirteen Words – all available at

So if you want to help us kick off this movie project -– GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS — check out the website, review the script, budget and experts and donate what you can.  The donation page is at

Early donations will be given special attention and prominently acknowledged in the trailer as well as the actual title sequences of the motion picture when done.

This documentary will be relatively short – about 90 minutes long – and we hope to get it done by next Fall because time is of the essence.  The mass-shootings that have been happening across the nation must be addressed.  The producers and sponsors of this film believe the only way they can be stopped is by “good guys with guns.”  This means WE THE PEOPLE need to revitalize the Militia of the Several States and encourage our gun organizations to step up training in the proper handling of arms appropriate to stave off attacks, whether such be mass-murders, terrorist raids or the “invasions” and “insurrections” mentioned in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the U.S. Constitution.

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS will be our 9th feature-length documentary.  All of our movies are public service projects and you can screen all of them for free at or get them on DVD at

Again, thank you for helping make these important films.  A “free state” and “a more perfect union” are made possible by men and women who care.




P.S.  Go to and donate whatever you can afford even if it’s only $100, $50 or $25.  You can donate any amount by credit card, check or mail, once or on multiple occasions.  We will keep track and automatically upgrade your screencredit through the following title acknowledgements: Production Associate, Associate Producer, Executive Producer, Producer or Presented by screencredit accordingly.  Details at the donation URL.  Thank you.

Political cartoon by: Gary Varvel








  1. !st you have to be able to acknowlege the TRUTH that these are all Government SSponsored False Flag Events 911 Sandy Hook they all were…… If the NRA Cannot stand for a Constitutional Melitia they should Disband give it a new name and let true Patriots take it over….. Freedom is not Free……

    Here is the TRUTH on 911 if you can handle it!

  2. I would be proud to be a good guy associate. The drawing looks appropriate for me. My long gun doesn’t look like that. I can not give a donation at this time. I was forced into retirement in the people’s republic of Kalifornia. But, I can add one more voice with fire backup. I agree to a constitutional and trained militia. So, what’s next?

  3. the well regulated Militia is in our the documents that established our country so… lets get on with it for the small Militia groups in various states are not enough to do the job of the Militia and they aren’t organized as a united force as they must be… yet. Nearly all Americans can help in the Militia if not for being the armed men between specified ages women can help in a variety of ways… If the NRA would not support what is our laws it would shock me. God help America.

  4. 10 USC 246 already defines the militia. It is clear by 10 USC 247 that it means EVERYONE who is a citizen of the United States. So what really needs to happen is that this needs to be made clear. The citizens of the United States need to be made aware of their obligations.

    One thing that I think Oath Keepers could do to help reduce these school and church shootings is to work with the school districts and churches and all other gun free zones, to work out how we could set up a perimiter outside of the gun free zone with armed volunteers, who have been carefully vetted and properly background checked. But, of course this would need to be carefully coordinated with the school districts, and law enforcement, and would be done in the name of the militia as required by 10 USC 246, so they would have a difficult time arguing with the legitimacy of the guards. Just my two cents

  5. Ok! Now this is what I like to hear.
    Decades ago, when I initially joined the NRA, I asked the question, what does the first part of 2nd mean? I was told, it means nothing. Decades later, and a lot of research, I find that the first encounter I had with the NRA was to give me bad information.
    Now I spend time writing articles about the 2nd, and why it is “necessary.” I must admit I spend entirely too much time convincing so-called supporters of the 2nd that the there are 27 words therein, but there are a lot more under Article 1, Section 8, Cls. 15 & 16, and the state statutes that define Militia.
    So the first thing I should do is put my money where my mouth is. I’ve contributed.

  6. Same here my fellow patriot! Just saying, we need our guns to protect us from the intolerant,ignorant morons that seem to be very pervasive on the left!

  7. Should the NRA Support a Constitutional Militia? Hell YES!! What could the left do if the NRA had a 5 million man militia?? Wow…..think about that……

  8. 1775–New England–Bring your gun to CHURCH or get FINED.
    —-King George didn’t care if it was Sunday–NOT his religion.
    2000–WHY Keep letting the BAD guys KILL INNOCENT people ?
    1787–JUSTICE and Due Process–FAIR TRIAL does NOT Equal a Slap on the Hand.
    —-ALL Murderers, as well as Corrupt, Incompetent, Domestic Enemy Politicians, etc.,
    should be TRIED, CONVICTED, EXECUTED and publicized–All media outlets.
    1. JUSTICE –for the VICTIMS and Taxpayers–NO $ 40,000 / yr to house ‘Garbage’.
    2. PREVENTION–Only do it ONCE !
    3. DETERENCE –SPINELESS, chicken Sh** criminals will Break the chain of Crimes and
    Corrupt, Incompetent, Domestic Enemy Politicians will QUIT like Flake
    START being CONSTITUTIONAL, Cooperative vs. Liberal, Communists Weasels.

  9. I’m not a big nra fan. Currently letting my subscription lapse- not the first time I’ve chosen this non action.
    Well regulated state militias—–big time YES!!!!! As the US Constitution does NOT justify standing armies, I’m putting my eggs in that basket—- and only that basket.

  10. That is what the Founding Fathers actually meant. It didnt read a government organized militia as they would impose you to believe, If it did it would not mention keeping our own government in check. History proves this during the Revolutionary war and Civil war , self organized civilian militias fought respectively and there were no Federal or State age limits on who fought or could fight or wound up inadvertently because of being located where the war was brought to farm houses, schools, towns etc. just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Which if the grid was knocked out on American soil could happen again !

  11. The NRA might consider starting with a Militia Leadership Training Program. Such a Program could bring in people from all over the United States and teach them how to create a legal Constitutional local militia, how to screen and train it’s members. The screening process would be critical to eliminate radicals, racists and other Anti-government undesirables. Training on legal aspects, firearms, first aid and tactical procedures would be ongoing. The local Militia’s could be of great service to local law enforcement agencies in times of emergency, natural or man made.

  12. I left the NRA several years ago when I found out that they play both sides to keep the gun debate going so they can keep making money. In stead of paying funds to the NRA, we the People should be making payment and supporting a state Militia in each state.

  13. Article 2 Sect 2 of the Constitution separates the armed forces from militia. Militias in the various states are more relevant than ever to come to the aid of the US and specifically the Commander In Chief if he asks per article 2. With the political climate, talk about “removing” the president, coup or whatever they have up their sleeve, it’s more relevant than ever.

  14. We are already the well regulated militia, not regulated by law or rule, but well regulated as a fine jeweled time peice in our skills, knowledge and willingness to act when it becomes necessary. We, the well regulated militia, of free men, are independent of a government; federal, state or otherwise, empowered by our will to remain free.

  15. … also, why even bother with the NRA. They obviously don’t support the entire intent of the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. Their silence is deafening.

    1. WGP said: “… also, why even bother with the NRA. They obviously don’t support the entire intent of the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. Their silence is deafening.:

      Why bother? because they hold the mailing list for 5 + million potential militia members…
      otherwise,.. I FULLY AGREE with your assessment sir.

  16. In the Articles of Confederation, ALL of the states agreed to maintain “a properly maintained and equipped militia.” Somewhere along the way the States decided it was not necessary anymore. We have the National Guard, feel better now?

  17. So you think you are a citizen ? Do you even know the definition of the word? A citizen is a resident or employee of the 10 sq. miles of D.C., it’s forts or ports and territories. Understanding the words of the constitution is this countries biggest problem. So to top it off, when you register to vote and you check that citizen box, you just committed a felony and your vote can not be counted.

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