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Draining The Swamp – Part XVI – Depopulation

Draining The Swamp - Part XVI - Depopulation

On the NBC News website, there appeared the following article by Travis Rieder:

Science proves kids are bad for Earth. Morality suggests we stop having them.

In it, Rieder uses the same arguments that Paul Ehrlich used back in 1968, in his book The Population Bomb, albeit in a slightly different form, but still based upon the great fear of overpopulation. Rieder adds the twist of “carbon footprint” to bolster his position.

Time has shown Paul Ehrlich to be wrong, and so will Travis Reider be proven wrong. While Ehrlich and Reider call for fewer children, they support Leftist positions concerning the Welfare State, which just happen to encourage those on welfare to have more children. I’d call that hypocrisy.

The idea of drastically reducing the world’s population has been floated by David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates and many others in the Globalist community. Depopulation is one of their biggest goals.

Bill Gates gave a TED Talk where he promoted the idea of reducing the carbon footprint to ZERO! The strange thing about this desire to totally eliminate “carbon emission”, is that carbon dioxide is necessary for plants to survive. Those plants take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen as a result. Humans, of course, need oxygen to breathe, else we will die. Do you see something wrong with Bill’s thinking? I do.

In that same TED Talk, Gates speaks about using vaccines and medicines to reduce the population. Really? Is that the goal of vaccination?

Bill Gates’ Father, William H. Gates II, known as Bill Gates Senior, has been a Board Member of Planned Parenthood, which is not  surprising, as they both have a desire to reduce the population of the world.

When you look at the Globalist attempts to divide the sexes, you can readily see that behind that attempt is the desire to limit the number of families, thus decreasing the birth rate.

What they won’t say is that the birth rate in the US, (and other Western countries), has dropped to below replacement rates. If there were not immigration into the US, the population would be declining, already, yet Gates, Travis Rieder, and others, want us to sacrifice more, by not having children.

They would prefer to bring into the US, hordes of people who are unwilling to assimilate into our culture, than to allow for those already here to replenish our own population.

So, what can we take from this? Travis Rieder, Bill Gates and the Globalists they support do not care about us, the people, who are of the Western culture. We stand in the way of the Globalists achieving their dream of a Dystopian Utopia ruled by their oligarchy.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. “They would prefer to bring into the US, hordes of people who are unwilling to assimilate into our culture, than to allow for those already here to replenish our own population.”

    Less educated and more easily manipulated with give-aways. Slaves.

    1. 73+ percent of Americans are either so fat that it affects their health seriously or they are simply obese and very sickly. So they willingly are harming themselves. No doubt there are many NWO types out there trying various things to control us, but why be so lazy or stupid to harm yourself at a time when we all need to be fit and healthy ? Most gun guys are not even close to healthy or fit and they would fail in any real battle because of it.

      Makes the content and argument being made in the article a bit silly, Hey ? And I agree with every point. Just saying there is a far better way to live and think !

      1. I am a “gun guy” and was in incredibly good physical condition when I had a freak stroke that disabled me. God is restoring me slowly and when the restoration is complete I will return to my daily workouts. I am actually a bit under weight for my age (67) and height ( I am 6′ tall and weight 165 lbs) so I find your comment untrue and offensive. Most of my “gun guy” friends are also very fit. They spend lots of time in the woods hunting and are very active physically.

        1. Yes sir, I have had many maladies and serious accidents and was crippled for the better part of 10 years and was able to heal myself without doctors. I am convinced anybody can do this if they just wrap their head around it and have the right mindset. I have helped many people get fit and healthy. In some cases we may not get back to 100% , but letting yourself go and getting fat is not an answer by any standard. All you have to do is look around and what I am saying is obviously correct. I did not say all were fat and unfit, just most or many and that is a fact if you are honest. The statistic of 73+ % is quite real, I did not make it up and gun guys are some of the worse so that statistic is likely higher in their ranks, not average or less. I see it everyday in my work and that is what I do, help people get fit and healthy. Everything is all about our mindset and being offended about my factual comment is your problem, not mine.That is what snowflakes do, get offended about reality !

          I healed myself with meditation and prayer as well as a rather deep Inner Journey that was over 10 years and still ongoing. I am in fact stronger and healthier today with more stamina than I had in RVN in 68-69 and I am older than you. So I am not talking crap or intending to insult anybody, just saying what I know yo be true for a good and valid reason ! The simple truth is most gun guys cannot run a mile if they had to and it is possible they may have to. Beyond that any and all training to be a better shooter should also include PT in various levels besides just the many health benefits. Having a stroke you should be on a PT program for sure and definitely NOT taking any pharmaceuticals unless you want to die and give the doctors all your assets. There is a far better way to live and think and enjoy it all everyday ! You can thank me later and good on ya.

          1. I too, am ex-vietnam, but in okay shape for age.NOT FAT…Do you have book that I may get stronger by?.I do yoga daily and walk..but many injurys hamper heavy workout..THANK YOU for stating the obvious about Americans overweight..& Overpopulated..

  2. ‘DEPOPULATION’ can start with THEM ……. set an example for us to ‘follow’ ….yeah riiiiiiight ….

  3. So if this is the plan why are you so called oath keepers not standing up and call for all out war civil war against the globalist and Federal Governorment

  4. Nothing changes unless the Federal reserve ends and the Treasury gets our money back. The swamp is huge and so are the sacrificial Lambs. Don’t be fooled. End the world banks and their Zionist wars.

  5. In this ‘High Tech’ ..Automated/Robotic Society…as the Population Grows the Need for them will Proportionally Decrease….Thus the Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer..!!!
    I don’t see this Ending Well !!!!

  6. In this ‘High Tech’…Automated/Robotic Society ….as the Population Grows the Need for them will Proportionally Decrease…!!!…The Labor Intensive ‘Industrial Revolution’ is OVER…!!! So are the ‘Jobs’…..Way TOOOO Many People …The Rich will get Richer and the Poor will get Poorer…!!!
    But they will Vote ‘Democrat…!!!..Don’t See this Ending Well…..!!

  7. Perhaps that explains, to a degree, the a-sexual, sex robot, metro narrative explosion perpetrated by the propaganda alphabet networks…. the depth and prevalence of that Bravo Sierra is indicative of connivance.

  8. “They” work toward shrinking and destroying the “middle class” in this country, but use funds taxed from that class to pay for support for the expanding welfare class.

  9. Good article! There may be a few surprises for the USA and the manufacturers if the new tax breaks bring them back home to roost. It is all a game, a farce, that the Globalist Progressives are playing, and we’re the pawns. I read The Population Bomb my first year in college in 1957. It has several flaws but it sure made you think. Brave New World will also make you think.

    My guess as to what the result will be when various manufacturers start bringing jobs back from overseas to take advantage of lower government tax breaks. The tax breaks will be a definite advantage to these manufacturers, but I doubt it will be much of an advantage to the working laborer force. Time will tell!

    What I see happening is when the manufacturers make the decisions to return to the USA, they will bring the manufacturing functions with them. Since they left, they will have to build new manufacturing facilities because their old ones have either been bulldozed or otherwise rendered unsuitable to produce their products. That new building will use automated equipment if these manufacturers are smart, and I think they are. A vehicle manufacturer, for instance, will likely be able to get by with about 10 percent of the employees he had when he left due to the automatons doing the old manned functions under artificial intelligence system controllers.

    There may be a few of the old assembly jobs left, but not many. The high paying jobs will be in the area of programming, engineering, maintenance of the computers and the robots. The robots can take care of all the grunt work under the supervision of the AI controllers. About 90 percent of the original assemblers will no longer have a job. I guess there is always lawn mowing and other service jobs that they can do around town or be on welfare, however the grass and shrubbery on the site itself will likely be done by company automatons, or non-existent. With so few employees remaining, the plant will not need an employee parking lot. They won’t even need much of a lot to store excess new vehicles since the plant can be geared to output requirements and only custom produce vehicles they have orders for.

    The manufacturer may find labor here in the USA using automatons so much cheaper than it was overseas using nearly slave labor that they can custom make each vehicle on the same production assembly line, and have companies that make special parts build next door and connect the buildings with conveyor belts for precise on time delivery of the special parts, like Ford does in Brazil. The savings in labor costs will be staggering; automatons don’t take smoke breaks or coffee breaks, the don’t have to go to the restroom, they don’t need brightly lighted work areas, they don’t go home to eat and sleep or have a bad time with a spouse or get drunk and come in with a hangover, they don’t argue with the supervisor, they don’t take vacations, there are no labor union problems like strikes, sick-outs, or pay arguments, they don’t sue the company for anything including sexual harassment, and with all these savings the company can afford to lay in a second and maybe a third production line, and integrate each single line to produce any number of different models at the same time, all controlled by the same AI controllers and professional IT staff, and no human hands need to touch the product from the time the production assembly line starts until someone is needs to do a final check and drive the new vehicle onto the delivery truck, and this step can probably be automated as well, particularly when trucks are equipped with AI driving systems and can load, go down the road, and unload without human assistance. A special delivery case could even be made using an AI drone big enough to carry a vehicle to the customer.

    Things do break down, but modern computer systems can self-diagnose and notify a technician to replace card A3 and get the system running in a matter of minutes for most malfunctions. Actually, this technician could be replaced by a mobile automaton. Isn’t AI going to be wonderful? Think of all the free time we will have to starve ourselves (GMO food will take care of obesity) while entertaining ourselves playing computer games, having unlimited sex with hundreds of partners just for fun (procreation be damned), and watching movies. There’s always the NBA if the NFL keeps taking a knee and finally croaks. Big Pharma better get busy and stock up with Soma, we’ll be needing it in our “Brave New World!” This is just one representative example.

    So, a manufacturer that used to provide a thousand jobs now needs only ten people to accomplish the task. What do we do with the other nine-hundred-ninety employees when their union’s super-duper unemployment insurance runs dry and their union closes its doors? Multiply this by a hundred or a thousand; don’t you see a problem here? What about all the cheap laborers they dropped in the country they were in before the move back to the USA? Problems there, too! This is why the Globalist Progressives keep talking about depopulation! They say Soylent Green tastes better, and maybe it will! It will be interesting to see how all this plays out (pun intended)! I doubt I will live to see the end result, not that I really want to. Good luck, and have a nice day, guess I’ll go clean my guns.

    1. Something else to consider,

      If robots are doing all the work, how will people be able to buy the goods and services the robots produce? What about the humans?

      Shorty Dawkins

  10. To correct an error. I guess it was 1968 when I was in my second year of college after getting out of the service when I read The Population Bomb. Guess I’m getting old and memory doesn’t serve me as well as it used to. Sorry about that.

    1. @ Bill H, A good example of this is Amazon. Bezo is getting filthy rich, while laborers in brick and mortar stores are losing their a—s. Amazon is automating,selling every thing under the sun. Problem for the few employees at Amazon is no one will have any money to purchase their products. But Bezo will have his and be a part of the club that you and I will never be able to join.
      I am glad I put my hope and trust in Jesus Christ. Will it get real bad?Yes. Will it endure?No. I did enjoy reading your article, but I believe that book you read would be bad for my digestive system.
      If God did not exist or if He let this continue, there would be no one left. The old saying,”It is lonely at the top” would then literally be true..

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