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Draining The Swamp – Part XV – On Hating White Men, While Giving A Pass To Immigrant Muslim Predators

Draining The Swamp - Part XV - On Hating White Men, While Giving A Pass To Immigrant Muslim Predators

Why is it that Third Wave Feminists attack white males, particularly white Christian males, while being apologists for Muslim immigrant sexual deviancy? Sexual assaults by immigrants are forgiven, or ignored, by the Leftist, Globalist, Third Wave Feminists, simply because they seek to destroy Western Culture. White males, or Trump, or Putin, are the great evils of today, according to the Globalists. All evils in society arise from the white, patriarchal society of Western Civilization, in their view, because they wish to destroy that civilization to make way for their Utopian dream of an oligarchy of the Marxist variety to rule the world in one big, one-size-fits-all, where the majority of us are to be ruled by a minority of “politically correct” leaders, who will ruthlessly root out those who disagree with them, just as Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao and all the other “True Believers” in the Communist Utopian Diaspora have done.

Third Wave Feminism is being used to emasculate Western males, and to drive a divide between men and women. Divide and conquer is an age old means of conquest. Those who are attempting to conquer us will use any means available to do so, as they believe “the ends justify the means”.

Paul Joseph Watson discusses the sexual mess that is being fomented by the Globalists, and their Third Wave Feminist minions, and points out the ludicrous hypocrisy and inherent evil in their movements.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I would watch the video, but had a visual of waking up next to that screaming banshee and I just couldn’t.

  2. it is pathetically sad that these people have lost all touch with reality and are helping to destroy this country thru stupidity that they have been taught thru the Clinton and Obama administrations truly pathetic our only hope is God and Trump.

  3. It’s sickening that Democrats try and shame people simply for being white, and want to just open the boards to Muslims with out first putting them through any testing to ensure the safety of Americans and LEGAL immigrants that love America!

  4. Until we get to the root of the problem of who is behind, supporting and funding the RESIST MOVEMENT who held a three day meeting in La Costa, California this weekend these provocations are going to continue. We know George Soros is backing the group, but that is only a fraction of the participants. I would start by discovering “WHO” was registered and paid for a room at this plush resort.

  5. The trouble is these are not sexual puritans, they are advocates of pornography, underage sex, same sex marriage, etc. This is the disruptive tactics of the socialists trying to bring down American society. The question is how do we stop them before they succeed. We need to know soon as things are culminating.

    1. Klop,

      How do we stop them? By shining the light on their perversions and hypocrisy, and by being very selective in how we spend our money. The power of the purse is strong, as is the power of the light shining in the darkness. Don’t be afraid to speak. Take your children out of public schools, which are nothing but indoctrination centers. Turn off your TV. Get your news from the internet. Starve the beast. That’s how.

      Shorty Dawkins

  6. EXCELLENT and SPOT ON video. I’ve shared it with recommendations. As a woman who lived through and supported the “feminist” era in the 60’s and 70’s, I believe this current feminist wave is anything but true feminism! It’s hate-filled narrative against men, and I reject that totally.

    1. @ Marcy, Since you had a front row seat to this and maybe some of your old friends are still in it, I hope you are in a respectful (if able) way to speak to them and the harm that this has had.
      Regards and for the Republic. CB

  7. I feel especially sorry for men in academia nowadays. If there ever was a sorry situation where discrimination against the American white male is practiced, this is it. Minorities and women are frequently promoted over white men for reasons of bias. I have repeatedly seem brilliant male professors passed over and opportunities given to junior minority women with minimal academic credentials.

    I am an older woman and I have seen real sexual discrimination. In college, higher grades were given to men simply on a gender basis, making it difficult for women to compete (In one science class, women were not given “A’s” no matter how high their grades were.) On the job, there were sexual intimidations against female employees so serious that they even shocked male employees. Back then, we had no laws or recourse and women’s lives were so precarious that they needed to keep a job to survive, so they tolerated extremely overt verbal abuse so their children could eat. However, much has changed. There are now social services (maybe too many of them) and laws against such behaviors. Women have many rights and freedoms. Gender roles are so loosely defined nowadays that women no longer need to fit stereotypes and have many options. One can choose to be a housewife or mother or not… to work part-time, full-time and in jobs formerly considered male-dominated. I have worked men’s jobs, aware that if I failed, I would be ridiculed–but it was fair… if men failed, they would also be ridiculed. Presently, I am a housewife, self-employed part-time, a legal owner and partner helping run a family business.

    I think one problem is government that has grown too large. It spends too much of our hard-earned money frivolously so some politicians can gain advantages or personal profit. They play to special interests for personal gain. They defend the corrupt laws they make with tax payer dollars. Then, we must reach into our own pockets again to fight the laws through initiatives and in courts.

    The other thing about big govt is that it provides so many social safety nets that they have become hammocks. Women have discovered that they can rely on govt to provide for their needs and advance their agenda. (For example, look at some of the high-paying jobs open to women in govt, esp. in advocacy and minority programs.) Dependency on govt is the new goal. It replaces the family as a basic social and economic unit. Thus, those who would destroy the family unit for personal gain, loose everything by promoting Marxism… but they do not understand this.

    One further thing. It is a husband’s responsibility to make sure his wife is not left in a dependent situation. My husband wanted me to have the confidence to deal with bankers, brokers, attorneys and accountants. He realized that if something happened to him, I am not good at this stuff and would have to rely on others. So, I accompanied him on many office visits. We have recently made business and financial changes, so the next step will be to put a future business plan into writing to protect our assets. Finally, one of the most useful steps is that I have my own accounts. Sometimes they are used for joint expenses, such as purchasing assets, but they are primarily held in reserve. When I was young, one day he wrote me a check for $1000. He told me, “”There is a way I can write it off as an investment. Either I give it to you or I pay it to the govt in taxes. Go make money!” I asked what I was supposed to do with it. He said, “I don’t care. Figure it out.” I thought about going back to school, but working outside the home would not have left us much money after a significant tax increase with loss of deductions, vehicle expenses, insurance, wardrobe, fast foods, etc. I finally decided to invest in the stock market. 5 years ago, I was able to contribute $100,000 to the purchase of land and still have money left over to grow. I also contributed to a house purchase from this seed money. I invest with common sense from a housewife’s perspective. When a new product comes on the market, if, in the beginning women are eager to rush out to buy it, I invest.

    I also decided I had value at home, doing things that money buys, like growing a garden, butchering, sewing, refinishing beautiful antiques. I would have to earn $2 (before taxes) for every dollar I spend, so saving makes a lot of sense. This has given us a standard of living we could not have afforded otherwise–good food on our table and quality in many aspects of our lives. It is not only about what you receive as income, but about what you do not spend. There are many things we do not need since we are not keeping up with the Jonses’s. Actually, we are the millionaire next door.

    There are also intangible benefits, like a man coming home to a homecooked meal. Having someone at home for deliveries and the repair man, helping an invalid.

    The genders are different. It is not about holding one side down, but partnering for the benefit of all. Instead of discrimination, why not respect, gratitude and admiration? I know many men who treat all people with respect and would never tolerate abusive behaviors–I have tried hard to surround myself with good people. As we see in the news, it seems many of the turdballs are at the top levels of society. It must take a special form of perversity to seek certain prominent positions. This is some kind of mental disorder that really does need to be dealt with. Normal people with real work to do just don’t have the time or interest for this kind of BS.

    Walk in the dignity of your manhood and womanhood. Be your best self and harm no one.

    Many people are powerless because they believe they are powerless. We can speak. Confidence and intolerance scares the crap out of evil-doers. I have experienced this when disarming juveniles. If you see something happening, intervene. Step up to the woman in the presence of the abuser and tell her, “M’am, if you want to press charges, I can be a witness.” Get law enforcement help and cell phone videos in cases where you, alone, cannot help. If you are able, isolate a perp. Many perps are actually cowards. I saw a woman on the ground on a street and a man beating her. I parked my car and started shouting at him. That was all it took to scare him off. Then, I took her to the nearest house and called 911. You hate to get involved, but that is what decent people and mature adults do.

    I think a good case can be made for CCP, but an even better case for constitutional carry. The news reminds us daily that it is not a safe world. So, that is a major argument against gun control.

    It does not always take money and power to make the world a better place. You just need to use the skills and gifts you were given. You were given these gifts to use–otherwise, there would be no purpose in having them. Make the most of every day and do what you can, even in small ways to make the world a better place. Find something to love–people, plants, animals, the land, history, healing, creating… Nourish and support it. The combined actions of many could be truly awesome. But never sacrifice your rights and freedoms and do not submit to tyranny.

    1. You have articulated my own thoughts so beautifully. Wish this was required reading in every junior high school classroom, then repeated in every grade thereafter, especially in college. Thank you.

  8. I have been talking about this for years while watching this country fall to pieces. Why is it if your a patriot and prideful American you are now A RACIST? Personally I feel if your a prideful patriotic American I really don’t give a hell where you come from as long as your here legally or what skin color you are. What can we do now to fight all this B.S.??????????? #revolution

  9. Sin. Basic to all the troubles of society. And now we have, as a nation, rejected God. And God has given us over to twisted and selfish minds.
    Want to see one basic truth. God says in Genesis that He made the woman to seek after her husband. To yield to him and support him. Selfishness of today’s women have abolished that And when they start to only think of themselves, it is impossible for the husband to obey, “love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave His life for it.”

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