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Draining The Swamp – Part XIV – Genders (There are only two)

Draining The Swamp - Part XIV - Genders (There are only two)

The Cultural Marxists, who are intent on destroying Western Civilization, use many tools. Destroying education was one. Destroying the family is another. Throughout human history, a man and a woman joined in a union of love and respect to raise a family. The woman bore the children and was the primary nurturer, while the man protected the family and provided for them. It was a mutually beneficial compact between them, bringing the complementary strengths of the two genders together to raise the young, thus continuing the species.

Today, the Cultural Marxists would have us believe that the two genders are equal in every way. Really? Can men bear children? Can women do the hard physical labor that a man can? Men and women are different. There can be no denying that basic fact, in spite of what the Cultural Marxists would have us believe. Biology is biology. You are born a male or a female. To pretend otherwise is contradictory, and self-damaging. Both sexes have their strengths and weaknesses. Neither is better than the other; just different.

Today, men are giving up on finding a mate, thanks to the Third Wave Feminists who are Cultural Marxists. The foundation of Western Civilization, the family, is under grievous attack. It is time to tell those who seek to destroy the family where to go.

Paul Joseph Watson has several videos dealing with genders and the attacks on the families.

The Truth About Gender

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Sexodus: Why Are Young Men Giving Up On Women?

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Neomasculinity: The Male Backlash Against Toxic Women

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