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Drain The Swamp – Part XVIII – The New Paul Revere Of Western Civilization

Drain The Swamp - Part XVIII - The New Paul Revere Of Western Civilization

In case you haven’t noticed, there is an attack in progress on the very existence of Western Civilization. Sadly, it cannot be denied, as Hollywood, Academia, the Mainstream Media, Politicians and Globalists from many businesses and organizations are trying with all their collective might to destroy our civilization. They all have one goal: The Collectivization of the world into a Marxist/Fascist oligarchy, with the vast majority of the people being subdued into serfdom, and brainwashed to hand their children into the care of “True Believers”, while parents scratch out an existence. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Hitler did just this, and the Globalists worship them.

In the fight against the Globalist mentality, there is one voice, in particular, that calls out for reason and sensibility. That voice is Paul Joseph Watson, a young man from Britain who became well known from being on InfoWars. I like to think of him as the new Paul Revere, as he calls out his warnings: The Globalists are coming!

Paul Joseph Watson speaks his mind. He goes where others fear to tread, and he speaks in a voice that resonates with both young and old. He’s not alone, of course, but he is very good at picking apart the various contradictory and absurd memes the globalists push forward to get their minions into frenzies of almost religious fervor and devotion to the Globalist Agenda.

Why, for instance, would Third Wave Feminists and members of the LGBT community defend Muslims, who wish to kill homosexuals, and who force women into subservience to their husbands? They are forced to wear the hijab in many Muslim countries, are stoned to death for adultery (but not their male counterparts), have few rights, and are generally viewed as property. like slaves were. Is this what the Leftists and Feminists want in our Country?

In the following videos, Paul Joseph Watson covers a variety of subjects. Each video is worth watching, if you care about preserving Western Culture.

Dear Gays: The Left Betrayed You For Islam

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  1. The liberal globelists have given gays for Islam and Hispanic “voters” The left is stupid. Gays are well aware of what is going on in other nations and most Latians are pro life, catholics Drain the swamp!!!!

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