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Churches Rattled by Texas Shooting

Churches Rattled by Texas Shooting

I found this article on PJ Media:

Churches Rattled by Texas Shooting

They should be.

Christian churches should be very concerned with the safety of their congregations, as there are more and more violent leftists who hate Christians.

From PJ Media:

Churches around the country are rattled after the horrendous attack today in Texas — understandably so. I went to our church’s evening service tonight — a Baptist church in a small town, not unlike Sutherland. We arrived late due to inclement weather in the area and found the doors locked from the inside. One of the deacons, acting out of an abundance of caution, had locked the doors and was “on patrol” in the lobby.  There were conversations afterward about how churches can/should prepare for an active shooter situation. I know several men (and probably a few women) in our congregation carry when they’re in church, but today’s attack was a complete ambush. Most, if not all of the congregants would have been focused on the sermon or the music at the front of the sanctuary. An attacker could get off hundreds of rounds before anyone realized what was going on. There’s no way a church can fully prepare for such a situation, and most wouldn’t want to employ armed guards or force attendees to go through metal detectors.

That said, many churches are actively taking steps to protect church members.

I know of a congregation here in Montana that always has armed security present during services, and whose Pastor doesn’t discourage its members from carrying during services. Christian churches everywhere should follow his lead.

If there had been dedicated security personnel at the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the death toll would have been minimal, or perhaps zero. Liberals are always saying, ‘if it saves one life it is worth it”.

Stewart Rhodes, founder and President of Oath Keepers, has encouraged churches to provide security for their congregations. In a recent article he said, about the Sutherland Massacre:

I will wait to see final confirmation, but it does appear that this was a Christian hating leftist terrorist, who was attempting to kill but then survive to kill some more, rather than a typical suicidal mass shooter. And, unfortunately, that is something else I warned about in my Friday post about Nov 4 and the days to follow – that we may see hardcore leftists become discouraged by the failure of Nov 4 then decide to go full on Weather Underground style terrorist and target conservatives and anyone else they see as being on the political right. This church attack may be just such an incident. We will see, but I would not be at all surprised.

But whether he had planned this for some time or was reacting to the failure of the Nov 4 launch of a supposed mass movement to remove Trump, our response must be the same:

1. Go armed at all times, in all places, and be ready for it when (not if) the attack comes. That must be the physical practice and the mental state of all patriotic Americans. As I said in my Friday write up, expect it, and prepare for it, and that means a handgun and knife on your person, and a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle. It was a private citizen with a long gun who put a stop to this killing spree. You must be ready to do the same. It is a tragic shame that there was apparently nobody with a firearm among the victims in the church. I have heard nothing about anyone in that church returning fire, and it is most likely they were all unarmed.

Pastors and church officials have an obligation to protect their congregations. It is time they woke up to the dangers they face in an increasingly hostile environment. Yes, there are many violent anti-Christians who will do harm to congregations, unless they are prevented from doing so.

Our Judeo-Christian culture is under attack, both verbally and physically. We are under attack. It is time for us to be ready to defend ourselves, both verbally and physically.


Shorty Dawkins