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Bunkerville Trial Postponed – Government Withholding Evidence?

by Tim Brown – Nov. 8, 2017

In a video report from Brian Hyde yesterday on what took place at the Bundy Ranch trial, which was supposed to begin on Tuesday, he gave some very valuable information, including the fact that questions were raised as to whether or not the prosecution was withholding evidence from the defense.

Hyde says that the day in court was “pretty unexpected” due to the fact that the trial was to begin on Tuesday.

Instead, the trial has been pushed back to November 14 at 8:30 am.

Here’s why.

Hyde reported it had to do with questions about evidence and the government’s handling of evidence, possibly even keeping evidence from the defense.

“Specifically, it was brought up that video cameras feeding live video and monitored by the FBI and others had been set up overlooking the Bundy family home,” Hyde said, speaking of the surveillance that took place in 2014.

He then added, “The questions that have arisen from the prosecution’s either failure to provide that material or unwillingness to provide that material spilled over into court.”

Before the jury could be brought in and opening statements presented, the judge heard several motions from the defense that raised huge concerns about what other evidence has not been provided to the defense.

Of course, we know that Prosecutor Steven Myhre has been less than forthcoming regarding the misconduct of Bureau of Land Management Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love’s misconduct and has attempted to paint the defendants in the worst possible light and sought to infringe on their rights and label their exercising of their rights as terroristic and conspiratorial against the government.

Hyde said that Myhre downplayed the fact that the cameras were set up and taken down in less than day, but didn’t sit well with the judge given last week’s testimony by the FBI agent who said it wasn’t taken down for four days, and that may have been due to it being rendered inoperable or being knocked over, according to Hyde.

One of the defendants made a motion for discovery concerning this evidence back in September 2016.  He reminded the court that he was mocked for doing so.

However, there is more to it.  There were multiple cameras set up and recording footage of what was taking place at Bundy Ranch.

Who was in charge of the cameras?  Who has that footage?  What was on the footage?

We already know that Myhre and his office has sought to suppress valid video and photographic evidence along with testimony that supports the defense.

Interestingly enough, the judge agreed that it didn’t make sense that these cameras would be set up if someone was not tracking or taking notes on what was being recorded.

Hyde said the judge was clearly frustrated and that she eventually said the trial would have to be continued until this was resolved.  He also reported that Myhre was frustrated too that the judge wouldn’t go along with him in the matter.


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