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Bundys to Be Released From Prison

by Shari Dovale   11/29/2017

In a stunning reversal, Judge Gloria Navarro has ordered the release of Cliven and Ammon Bundy from detention during the remainder of their trial, currently underway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ammon should be the first defendant released, possibly as soon as tonight. Cliven Bundy, the family patriarch, has refused to be released unless all of the other defendants are released along with him

Defendant Ryan Payne is also expected to be released, though it could be next week before details are worked out through the Oregon court of Judge Anna Brown. Payne has made a plea agreement in the case of the Malheur Refuge Protest.

Details are emerging as to the reasons Judge Navarro made this reversal and is allowing the defendants out of prison.

Bundys to Be Released From Prison
Government Snipers in Bunkerville

The defense has been challenging the prosecutions rhetoric and claims that they did not know about how far the BLM went in their over reaching impound operation against the Bundy’s. The prosecution’s claims that there were no cameras set to surveil the Bundy Ranch home were disproven.

Prosecutors then made a series of claims that went from: there were no cameras, to no one watched the footage and it was not recorded. Every claim seemed to be easily shot down by the defense team, with the government grasping for another reason immediately on it’s heels.

The latest claims are concerning the government snipers at the standoff. Prosecutors have denied snipers were there at all, though this information came out during the previous trials.

It is not known yet whether the defendants will be placed in a halfway house, or under other restrictions, while the Judge considers a mistrial, or possibly a dismissal of the case.

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