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“Bad Faith!” Govt Caught Withholding Evidence – AGAIN! Bunkerville Trial


By Shari Dovale  November 3, 2017

During a final day of testimony in an evidentiary hearing for the Bunkerville Standoff, it was confirmed that there was live video for at least four days of the Bundy Ranch house being played in Dan Love’s office.

The hearing was granted to investigate the allegations of the BLM and/or FBI destroying vital exculpatory evidence prior to their leaving the scene at the Bunkerville Standoff on April 12, 2014.

Multiple witnesses testified that they saw a large screen TV set up in the command center that showed a continuous live stream of the Bundy Ranch. This video has been asked about for many months, yet the government prosecutors have always said that it did not exist.

It was also stated that no search warrant had been seen for this video. This would only add more violations of these defendants rights by including the Fourth Amendment.

Once it was confirmed through testimony, AUSA Nadia Ahmed attempted to downplay the video, and even asked why it mattered. She stated that the camera was located on public land, recording a road nearby, and just “happened” to be pointed towards the Bundy Ranch.

Attorney for Cliven Bundy, Bret Whipple, gave an impassioned argument to dismiss the case based on this new evidence. “Three-and-a-half years and two trials and this is the first we learned there is a live stream,” Whipple said.

“In what plausible situation could there be a live feed and we only find out about it now?” Whipple asked. “It is Bad Faith!”

Whipple had been careful to specifically ask the witnesses about what they saw, or did not see, on the live feed. “On that live feed, did you observe any activity that would support the allegations of Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the United States?” Whipple then continued with the other allegations. Each response was a resounding “No.”

As expected, Judge Gloria Navarro discounted the new evidence and ruled against the motion to dismiss. She did say that attorneys could file a new motion based on the new evidence, but stated that the hearing was only supposed to cover the shredded documents, not video of the ranch house.

There are further questions on the belief that there is a second camera that was used by the BLM during the standoff. The government, as before, denies it’s existence.

Redoubt News

Photo credit: Redoubt News – Rancher Cliven Bundy, 2014. (Photo by Shannon Bushman, used with permission)





  1. Is EVERYONE in the Federal government dishonest and criminal? Why is it that just us “little people” have to obey the laws?

  2. Bad Faith…. What else is new?… Everyone knows this Court crap is a farce… The Bundy’s are already convicted… Court is just a formality… Got to keep folks employed… Make it a public spectacle to set an example for others…

  3. Please share this information! The more the truth gets out there, the harder it is for “them” to cheat. There are currently 8 articles on the Bunkerville trials on our front page. Please share by email or facebook. The judge was recommended by Senator Harry Reid, and appointed by Obama. That should explain a lot.

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