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UPDATE & Funds Needed for Oath Keepers Puerto Rico Mission

Oath Keepers are now on the ground in Aquadillia, Puerto Rico providing security for Dr. Alison Thompson and her team from Third Wave Volunteers. Just like in our previous hurricane relief operations in Texas and Florida, it seems that the rural areas are being neglected.

Tuesday is day two, and communications are difficult. So far, we have two facebook posts and a 30 second garbled phone call from our team in Puerto Rico. We also have no photos or video of the rural Aquadillia area because there is no way to send anything out yet.

This is from Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers, posted on Dr. Alison Thompson’s facebook page:

“This is Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers. Just putting out the message that I am on the ground here with Dr. Thompson in Puerto Rico and we are doing fine. Commo is next to impossible, but all is well with our team and we are doing good work helping people. We have more teams on the way. People here ARE NOT getting any aid at all from San Juan. We need water, above all, and food. The rural regions are not getting aid. The local “relief center” had two small bags of rice, and that was it. We are trying to fly more in. We are doing security for the doc. God bless. Please pass this on.

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This is from Dr. Alison Thompson, also on her facebook page:


SOS – Please hear my call out we are in Aquadillia and Aquada – people have no water here – we were able to get food at a supermarket but people are hungry all over and this is a city area – we head out to country areas now.. ( Rena has found towns close to starvation in far mountain areas) Heading to Isabella today…

Our plane was too small to bring our aid in and our team were meant to come in behind us with the Aid and water supplies etc. but they cant get in…..Our team has food…. but the people don’t have… everyone’s out of water and today we had to beg a local church chicken shop for water and they were only going to give us 1 bottle for 8 of us. ( in the end it worked out as we explained we needed to have water so we could help others. Thank you CHURCH CHICKEN!!

Met with Mayor of Aquadilla and they showed us their aid at this arena here and we cried out loud :(……there were 2 small bags of rice and one case of water.. 2 Fema people came today and gave the mayor a box of candy… this is not an attack about FEMA or anyone as my good friends work there but we need to get the HUGE aid on boats and warehouses flowing from San Juan to Aquadillia.

I had to come to the airport to beg the lady behind desk to let me get this message out.. There are no communications (random wifi near airports) – NOTE we are not near San Juan near that wifi –we are out WEST and our SAT phones aren’t getting messages out and not working in most areas – so please be patient if you don’t hear from us.

Albert – my husband–you are my rock – I love you I’m sorry i can’t reach you but I am safe I have the with us….

ANYONE DO NOT THINK ABOUT Coming in without security. People are desperate –

We have so much aid in Miami and San Juan – lets get a smart plan and get it here to suffering humans – we have secured the warehouse arena with the mayor – NOW LETS GET THE AID HERE out of the bottle neck of SAN JUAN !! Ill Fly to the WEST ILL be out of communications today but ill try to find a wifi tomorrow love Alison Thompson Bobby Rodrigo Michael Capponi Albert Gomez


On day two, more volunteers and supplies are on the way, as a result of many people and many groups working together to make it happen quickly. This second jet is larger with the capacity for cargo. More flights with necessary supplies are scheduled.

This is from Bobby Rodrigo, on facebook:

UPDATE & Funds Needed for Oath Keepers Puerto Rico Mission


UPDATE & Funds Needed for Oath Keepers Puerto Rico Mission


UPDATE & Funds Needed for Oath Keepers Puerto Rico Mission


UPDATE & Funds Needed for Oath Keepers Puerto Rico Mission


Our Oath Keepers in Puerto Rico need more volunteers to assist with security. This first five-man team will be quickly strengthened by additional Oath Keepers teams which are on their way.   Dr. Thompson is arranging the private flights from the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area into Puerto Rico.  If you are a “quiet professional” with the requisite background and training, and the presence of mind and calmness under pressure to operate as a security escort for doctors, medics, and search and rescue personnel in a potentially dangerous disaster environment, please volunteer to help us.

You can contact us at: and we will begin the vetting process.  Billy Simmons is in overall charge of coordinating volunteers for this security mission.

We also need the funds to continue with our efforts to help those who so desperately need it. We are supported only by our members and by generous donors. Every dollar helps and we sincerely appreciate donations of all sizes.

Our goals are to keep the mission going and, if possible, reimburse some of our volunteers’ expenses. Thank you so much to those who have already donated to support our rescue and relief efforts in Texas and Florida.


UPDATE & Funds Needed for Oath Keepers Puerto Rico Mission

Donate for Puerto Rico

We are only limited by the funds available.
Thank you very much to everyone who has already donated,
and everyone who will donate in the future. 

With your help, we are making a difference!








  1. Repeat the Berlin airlift – – – Forget Fema. Comm with Fed Ex, or Army National Guard. This is their jurisdiction.

  2. Hi all, Thank you for all the work the aid teams provided during the hurricane recovery periods.
    Regarding the issues encountered in Puerto Rico; I know in today’s wiz bang world everyone is so use to their cell phones and email being reliable at the click of a button. Thus, like most technology, we’ve become dependent on it and once we become dependent on it, with out backup, well, we’re basically screwed.
    I understand the problems encountered due to the issues and the limitations caused by limited transport, supplies and the remote locale. But the issues of comms should have been addressed prior, utilizing sat phones, on the less expensive end is short wave radio, You may not get instant gratification but something is better than nothing.
    I hope that a reliable solution for any future emergencies, God forbid, can be formulated and executed.
    Spec. D.W. White (U.S. Army)

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