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Unfortunately, Trump Message of Unity Following Las Vegas Massacre is Wishful Thinking

Unfortunately, Trump Message of Unity Following Las Vegas Massacre is Wishful Thinking
President Trump comments on Las Vegas murders. (The White House)

News services are scrambling to uncover what happened in last night’s massacre in Las Vegas, to be first in revealing some unknown dimension to a story that has the attention of the world. That’s led to conflicting accounts about the shooter—or in some accounts “shooters, and about motives (ISIS has already claimed responsibility, which the FBI denies) and about practically everything.

It’s human nature to want to “know,” especially when we all have a stake in the outcome, because what this means is the right to keep and bear arms will be under assault like we’ve never seen before.  I realize that’s a subjective prediction, but nonetheless, I believe the fury on this is going to be of a magnitude and pervasiveness beyond what we’ve seen following other massacres where the killer used a firearm.

If you’re a Second Amendment supporter, pray that I’m wrong. I do.

President Donald Trump has issued an official statement that you can watch in total, below, and/or read on the White House website.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

I call your attention to the following section of the president’s address:

“In moments of tragedy and horror, America comes together as one — and it always has. We call upon the bonds that unite us — our faith, our family, and our shared values. We call upon the bonds of citizenship, the ties of community, and the comfort of our common humanity. Our unity cannot be shattered by evil. Our bonds cannot be broken by violence. And though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today — and always will, forever.”

I wish he were right, but he’s not. The blame and hatred coming from the citizen disarmament camp is palpable. Celebrities are piling on. Politicians and gun-grab zealots are dancing in the blood, which they blame on NRA, on “conservatives,” on whites, and on anyone else the collectivists choose to smear as “Nazis” and “fascists.”

You can see it for yourself in responses to the president on his Twitter feed. He’s responsible for a “climate of hate,” say those who hate traditional America and are bent on its “fundamental transformation.”

His enemies – actually, the enemies of everyone who agreed with Trump’s campaign agenda – are seeing this as yet another opportunity to either add to the appetite for impeachment or to ensure his one-term presidency and a reversal of GOP Congressional dominance. And make the Supreme Court safe for “progressive” retirements.

No need for me to repeat the hate-filled invectives here. I’m sure each of you reading this can cite your own examples.

Don’t be surprised if there are immediate legislative setbacks, particularly efforts to advance the SHARE Act relaxation of suppressor rules and on national reciprocity.  Establishment Republicans are creatures of political optics first. Don’t be surprised to see those put on the back burner – indefinitely.

Here’s something else you shouldn’t be surprised to see, and that’s noises coming from some “gun rights leaders” (and that’s in quotation marks for a reason) suggesting areas where we can give a little up to stave off a larger attack. It won’t work, any more than throwing a scrap of flesh to a pack of circling jackals will sate their appetites and induce them to leave you alone.

After Newtown, when some of them were making such noises, gun owners unwilling to give that inch managed to keep faint-hearted “pragmatists” from giving away the store.  The message they and the politicians they have sway over heard then and need to hear again now  is unequivocal:


One thing we know from experience is the hard left has its share of the  undisciplined, and left to its own devices often reveals a reach that exceeds its grasp. So we’re now seeing not just renewed calls to ban “assault weapons,” but enraged demands to ban all guns.

That can be defended against. In a fight, you want your opponent to lose his head — assuming you  know what you’re doing and can handle yourself .

In the mean time, keep heart.  Most of us have been through much worse than this just surviving life, and if we’re not preparing ourselves to face real threats as a cold coup heats up, we’ve got some re-thinking to do about the nature of our situation.

I’m going to leave you with an essay written some years back by a good friend of mine. Please take a few moments and read the Memorandum on Arms and Freedom, and share it with those you think could use a boost to their resolve right about now.


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.






    PAY ATTENTION, OATHKEEPRS! {Sometimes the little Hamster goes to sleep on the Wheel}.

    1. A girl was warned about death from someone who maybe had a change of heart, who was in fact part of the plot. This definitely was planned. Burrito-eating anti1stAm subhuman feudalist parasite was not alone in the shooting. Beware of Anti1stAm (antiFA), and RedNation Indigenous group sponsored by soros and openly supporting feudalism, when it is feudalism that subjugated Native Americans in the first place!

    2. Though I can suspect, there have been no indications of left political leaning. But only thing I heard was “don’t know political or religious beliefs”. Of course we won’t hear from MSM UNLESS he was at anytime a conservative.

      1. There is at least one indication (not proof, just indication).

        He shot into a crowd that was likely to be largely made up of conservatives.

  2. As usual, when ISIS murders people it’s “not all Muslims” but when this happens it’s “disarm all evil American men.”

  3. With respect David, I disagree. President Trump clearly invoked God today. Obama invoked gun control. It’s that simple.

    1. With due respect back, I did not challenge his entire address, only his demonstrably wrong contention that this has unified Americans. The rift between patriots who believe in the Constitution and the subversives and their useful idiots who would “fundamentally transform” the Republic has only been widened.

      1. I agree David,. !!!! The President KNOWS who we are up against, and as he said to us before…. ” I won’t telegraph my intentions” ! It is the smart way to go and he will get to the bottom of the massacre and those who are responsible will suffer the punishment due them.
        My own take on the situation is that the shooter was tied in with the MUSLIMS in the.Philippines ( which was the reason he sent $10,000 to the P.I.) His “Squeeze” knows alot more than we suspect and I think will open Pandora’s Box to the motive and time lines. I also believe that Las Vegas was a “Dress Rehearsal” for a similar attack in the future, not unlike the FIRST attack on the World Trade Center. I would suggest the AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES pay attention to 3 possible Large outdoor venues coming up this Winter. 1. Macy Day Parade in NY City, 2. New Years Eve, NY City at Time’s Square.3. The Super Bowl !!! All three, if they were attacked by a LARGE FORCE of MUSLIM JIHADIS with Sniper weapons and Explosive Devices, could create HAVOC and unprecedented DEATH to our population.

        The CODDLING of REFUGEES coming from the Middle East must END NOW, and STRICT surveilance of MUSLIM”s already here, must be upgraded and imposed with due diligence. The WAR AGAINST ISIS and other Anti- American forces, ( both OVERT and COVERT) must be sought out and immobilized with maximum intensity. ANTIFA and it’s cohorts of Communist/Marxist are to be considered TERRORISTS and treated as such.

        1. This is not quite in the same context but I recently read that Muslims who have infiltrated to Germany are now saying that Germans need to leave their country and live somewhere else since they don’t fit in with the many Muslim communities and their beliefs. Many of us suspect that Obama wanted something similar to happen here.

        2. I don’t know how we can do it, but we need to return all Muslims to their countries of origin.

          Although most of them have not committed any violent acts (yet, that we know of), they all follow a book that commands that they either kill all non-Muslims or force them to convert. Almost no Muslims have voiced any problem with that command, and few of them have enough of a problem with that command to have left Islam.

          With over 60 Muslim terrorist training camps in this country, sharia law courts springing up all over the country, and our own courts frequently favoring Muslims over non-Muslims, and sharia law over American law, we simply can’t afford to give them access to our population any longer. The stakes are too high. The only way to stop the poison is to remove it.

          1. Dead center bulls eye Jeanette……they must be removed and relocated / eliminated at any cost. Anyone disagreeing with this must only look at Britain, Scandinavia and all of Europe to see the destruction, political and social carnage and the financial devastation consuming them. Islam is a cancer, and a terminal one. There are no options other than removal. This Sovereign, Constitutional Republic is not the place for them.

      2. @ Dave: We all are aware of the division in this sickened divided nation which you succinctly point out, but preaching unity, and Christian values, especially coming from the president is what the nation desperately needs. Unlike the division from the left and previous evil white house regime.

  4. Regardless do not swallow the bait. The left is desperate ro engage us. Stand your ground but do not let tge left dictate the bsttle.

  5. We conservatives are under attack from all sides now. Things like this shooting will continue to happen, to what end, only God knows.
    When I heard President Trump call on God today on the TV, I was proud of him and glad we voted for him.
    Things WILL get worse. That much is certain. That much is certain.
    We will continue to hold to our beliefs, our ethics, our morals, and our God for as long as possible.
    God protect us all.

  6. They are going to do another full court press like they did after newtown. Luckily, trump is there this time instead of Obama, mutliple red state dems are up for re election in the senate, an alection is a year away instead of two, there are a lot more pro gun members of congress this time, and the GOA is dramatically larger and more powerful than it was before the newtown fight. It still might be another down and dirty political streetlight, but the odds are a lot more on our side this time around.

    Plus, there has been a big swing in the polls even from five years ago according to gallup:

  7. What police found in that hotel room doesn’t fit the right narrative and know that if they tell it like it is, the LV shooting would seem like nothing. Right now they’re probably cooking up a story for a motive they’ll try to ram down your throat that has nothing to do with any left wing radical ideology.

    1. There was a time when we’d get pictures from law enforcement or media of the crime scene. But today it is rarely truth from lefty cities. Instead we only get fabrication of agenda driven propaganda. Sandy Hook is an example of the extreme effort the antigunners will go to dupe the public.
      This shooter had plenty of money and assistance to pull this off. His moozlum girl/ wife and conversion to Islamic jihad is being buried by MSM.
      We cannot trust tge FBI et al on their narrative and rhetoric given the Clinton cartel and other Bath house Barry crimes are still being ignored.
      Recall a truck driver jihadi killed 84 and injured many in Nice, France. Do we need more truck laws? Do we need truck free zones?

      One person shooting back at this creep show might have subduded the gun fire and have saved many. Again we waited for law enforcement…. we waited 17 minutes.

      Police identified a shooter 1/3 the way up the hotel where video shows muzzle flash inline with gun fire report in addition to the broken windows on the 32nd floor.

      Thousands of witnesses saw a missile hit TWA 800. It was the FBI and our government in conjunction with MSM who buried the truth. Just like JFK and so many other lies conjured to demonize guns and reduce us to a poluce state.

  8. You are absolutely correct, Mr. Codrea. No giving an inch to the gun grabbers. We have too many gun laws as it is. They are not needed, as we have our 2nd Amendment, the only gun law this country needs.
    These mass shootings will stop when we expel the Communists and the traitors from our country. They’re the ones planning these engineered events and finding patsies to carry them out by twisting their minds … or be found dead right afterwards, with the real gunmen having escaped and evaded capture. It started with Dunblane, then Port Arthur, Montreal, Columbine, and on and on and on with the sole purpose of leaving law-abiding citizens defenseless against criminals and tyrants. What government which truly cares about its citizenry would do such a thing?
    As a Las Vegas resident, I’m angry that the traitors used my wonderful city for their sick evil game this time. But we Nevadans are not disarming. Not a chance. We are strong and will defend our families, our rights, and our country.
    Thank you for writing this, Mr. Codrea. We all needed to hear this.

  9. Has anyone else noticed that off duty police officers and their families are a significant portion of the dead and wounded? Seems like this was another deliberate assassination of conservatives and law enforcement. Most of the evidence points to this being a false flag operation, the logistics indicate at least a 4 person team needed, set up of the operation indicates more people involved, the execution of the operation indicates a 4-6 person team on the ground, most likely this guy provided funds and resources to a group who carried out the attack and was shot and left as a fall guy patsy to cover up the collusion or security failure.

  10. There is a video a cab driver took. It clearly depicts two shooters. One report is short and close to him, while another shooters report is much longer and from a different position. The cab driver, actually at the hotel, who is directly under the shooter, says the shooter is at the 10th floor. So, now there are multiple videos and police who report a shooter 1/3 up the hotel.

    Note there is a lighted sign on the hotel, which would have an access door for maintenance. Right where the muzzle flashes are seen. Odd thare are no muzzle flashes coming from the broken windiws at the 32nd floor. But definitely two positions of fire are heard.

    Unlike the compassionste message from President Trump, the left narrative is all hate and collect your guns while ignoring any truth, regardless of hiw obvious truth is.

  11. Time to realize that the first amendment is not only the first of the Bill or Rights, but actually above the rest of the Bill of rights, as necessary to respecting the rest of the rights between different people. Without respect of first amendment, there is no respect for another person. Those who don’t respect the 1st amendment are bonded to parasitism, and choose subhuman existence. Parasitism has no racial or cultural demarcation to it, a person can exist as a human before choosing parasitism for themselves! God YHWH and Jesus Christ has the power to save all he created as humans, but while we can reach and wake back up many with love and understanding through Jesus, ultimately hard choices need to be made this fall as there is now full offense against civil society, parasitics who likely can’t be reached with reason will plan more offensive actions against patriotic people who still care about humanity!

  12. Our Hay dealer’s wife from Selah, Washington says she gathered from talk by Muslim store owners in Selah, Washington where she worked as an outside agent to sell goods to store owners (Muslim) that they were sending their kids home for “schooling”. One wonders where “home” is and what kind of “schooling” they were getting there.

    1. Since Trump was elected, at least the conservatives and many Republicans realize the government is NOT theirs, and that Trump is fighting for America. It is encouraging that more and more people realize this, and that politicians like Paul Ryan (whose wife is a Dem healthcare lobbyist) and Mitch McConnell ARE THE PROBLEM. How do these public servants become multi-millionaires, and live behind walls to protect their familiy? They are in politics to get rich, and don’t give a shit about America. Karl Rove is another one that is working with the globalist Bush and Clinton families, depending upon which one is more profitable to him. All of them traitors.

      American is on its last legs, we cannot yield anything more to satisfy the socialists, who are really communists.

    2. Some folks think I’m off my rocker, but the truth is that Islam is not compatible with modern western civilization. We need to export all muslims. There is a good study out on how they operate, using nice common folk muslims to enrich the islamic cause while they increase their numbers to chip away at your society and eventually rule as we see in Saudi Arabia and other islamic states. And as we see in all history, these regimes are taken over by the most radical and evil personalities. The globalist are desperate to see our freedoms fall at the hand of islamic jihadis.

      1. WGP, I think there are many fewer people who think you are “off your rocker” than there were even recently!

        I spent eleven years in Saudi Arabia, and many years after I got home to the US, sounding the alarm. Talk about people thinking one is off one’s rocker!

        But now it seems that only the leftists insist that Islam is not a problem, and they have a lot to gain by lying about Islam.

  13. The Globalists using their army (e.g. AntiFa) want to start a Civil War…Period!…This will be so consuming and chaotic for possibly years, it will remove the U.S. from the world stage.

    Something to remember is that a civil war does not start with the general population; rather it starts with the two opposing fringes. It is like taking a sparkler, cutting off the handle, and igniting both ends. Eventually it consumes the whole, much like it will consume all of society.

    LoneStarHog (Hog)
    Texas Life Member 140

  14. I agree where a previous commenter said that Our President invoked God, God is indeed devisive, He separates the goats from His sheep, the wheat from the chaff. We are indeed a nation of Love and we need to be more in contact with it while defending ourselves. A special ops guy who believes in God worked Benghazi having to slay people so we can be the same if we are called to defend our lives and our country.

  15. An evil has a grip on this country/world, Jesus himself would be hard pressed to bring us together when so many forces are hell bent on keeping us at each others throats.

  16. Mis/dis information is the name of the game. The NWO gun grabbers will do everything they can. We as Oath Keepers need put facts out there to support our position on Gun Control. JPFO is very educational. it has a lot of articles that rebut the usefulness of Gun Control with researched facts. John Lott PhD has 2 books out. There are others out there too. We need to study like our 2A depends on it with knowledge on our side. Gun Control is nothing but Actual Fraud. Call them out on their false claims of Public Safety.

  17. Great article as always David. Shame to hear that our lawmakers have betrayed us once again by shelving an actual common sense gun safety law: the SHARE act.

  18. I also think Trump is incorrect about the country unifying. He might have said it because it he almost had to say it, though, not because he believes it. Like telling a terminally ill youngster that he isn’t going to die.

  19. Watch this Trump video on Youtube and read the comments. They all praised President Trump, with a lot of love.

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