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A time of mourning, condolences, testing…

By John Karriman, Oath Keepers Board of Directors

With regards to the latest mass shooting at the concert in Vegas on Sunday night – our condolences to the family and friends of those killed. To those that were injured, to the first responders and medical personnel that had to deal with triage and treatment in the face of this carnage and to the rest of my fellow citizens who wait for some light (and truth) to be shed on the matter; our thoughts and prayers go out to you all. It is truly a time of testing.

If you’ve attempted to track the various videos (before they’re taken down) that have been posted by the concert goers, cabbies and coppers that were in and around the scene; the only clear picture that emerges is the masses’ propensity to suffer from normalcy bias – “Everything is okay, bad things only happen to OTHER people.”

The mishmash of conjecture and conspiracy theory is enough to make the head spin. The following have been stated as fact or reigned back in as the investigation continues: Multiple shooting sites (no, just the one), Multiple shooters? Time will tell (or not). Explosives in his vehicle (tanerite or ammonium nitrate?). Antifa literature in his room? Was the room rented or comped? Off-duty police officer or security guard makes initial contact? Were they wounded or killed? Entry team kills the shooter (no, he committed suicide). He was firing an automatic weapon (or was it a bump stock?). The list of details and disinformation isn’t the story. The story, as we will be led to believe by the lame stream media, is about how vulnerable we are and how dangerous those bad old guns are.

Even after most of the concert goers had crouched in place, aware that something was amiss; a handful remained upright, apparently trying to figure out where the “fireworks” were coming from. The musicians seemed to figure it out fairly early on and moved rapidly to cover. Was it because they were good ole’ country boys that knew the difference between fireworks and gunfire or was it because of their perspective, as they faced the opposite direction of their fans? I don’t know about you, but I give backfiring cars and trucks plenty of respect until I’ve sorted it out. And yes, it usually entails moving to cover.

The concert goers remained clueless for a period of time, making no attempt to seek cover or concealment. Initial reactions mainly consisted of crouching in place (in the open) until the wounded screamed out in pain and bodies began to hit the floor. You have to admit – the desire to avoid being killed or maimed can be a pretty good motivator once it kicks in. Up to that point the – “bad things only happen to other people” mentality was in full display.

As Oath Keepers, our desire to live free and remain secure in our persons, places and things resonates with most all of us to the point of DOING something about it – namely going armed wherever we roam – not because we hate, but because we LOVE – not because we are ANTI anything, but because we are FOR things that we hold to be sacred. Most of us have offered our lives as the collateral for the sacred pledges that we took. We love our families, our friends and the principles we stand for (or fall on) and revere our moral obligation to preserve them to the extent of assuring their continuance and safety by going armed everywhere. It is a right and because of our training, it is our duty. And because of our ability; it is an honor.

Now, would it have made a difference if everyone at that concert had been armed? Fact: none whatsoever. That’s one of the reasons why it was chosen as a target. Fact: that group of God and Country lovin’ conservatives were fish in a barrel, twenty thousand plus strong in number, shoulder to shoulder in an open-air venue. Conjecture: they were collateral damage on the Globalist’s altar. Purpose: cause enough outrage at our vulnerability to cause/force a knee-jerk reaction – we’ve gotta do something!

For those of us that have been on the giving or receiving end of gunfire (and depending on our travels), another thing emerges from the available videos – the acoustic signature of not ONE, but seemingly THREE different caliber weapons and very nearly simultaneously! I anxiously await the surgeons and ME’s findings after their having dug slugs out of the living and the dead, but I think we’re going to find three different calibers- 5.56, 7.62 X 51 and 7.62 X 39. A couple of my associates are of the same opinion. I would like to say – the truth will out…but given how things have progressed (or sadly, have not); I’m gonna hafta go with BOHICA. In the advancement of sinister agendas; Truth is the first casualty.

Yes, a number of weapons were photographed in this dead Hillary lovers suite on the 32nd floor, but that doesn’t explain the muzzle flashes and synchronized reports coming from the 4th floor which were videotaped by a cabbie who was directly in front of the hotel, by several concert goers at the venue, and which were also reported by police.

This would be the perfect time for everyone to review the ten orders that we, as Oath Keepers will NOT obey. You see, there’s a big difference between TAKING an oath and actually HONORING it. I’ll leave you with the take away from Marbury v. Madison 5 U.S. 137, 176 – “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” I’ll translate – repugnant means incompatible, abhorrent. Null and void (an idiom as it means the same thing) translates – without value, effect or consequence.

Inaction has allowed many of these repugnant laws to be enacted.

Inaction IS an action.

Both have consequences.


Photo credit:  Candlelight vigil at Town Square to remember those killed and injured –  Gina Ferazzi – Tns






  1. Can any one tell me any thing concrete? I heard the author say the murderer was a Hilary supporter. Is this factual? and does any one else have any solid evidence yet? Thank you.

  2. Excellent article and thoughts. That’s why I come to this site — for facts and insight.

    I’d like to share what I think is an excellent analysis of some video taken during the Las Vegas shooting incident. It’s a rather long video but worth watching.

    It seems to prove that there were indeed 2 automatic weapons firing at the same time: one is a belt-fed machine gun which may be in the Mandalay Bay tower, and the other is a suppressed rifle doing bursts near the crowd. The first volley was about 10 seconds long, and he shows how that is impossible with a standard magazine and a bump stock; it is most likely a belt-fed gun.

    I’m most interested in reading your comments after viewing the video, since you OK members are veterans or retired LE and are familiar with weapons. (I worked for the military but never served in the Armed Forces.) I think it’s so extremely important to know if audio proof exists that 2 full-auto weapons were being used simultaneously in different locations during the attack. Thank you very much.
    Las Vegas Mass Shooting – Mandalay Bay – Stephen Paddock a Lone Wolf?
    Published on Oct 2, 2017
    by Genesis CNC

      1. Thank you for watching the video (which I did not make, just found it on youtube) and commenting, Sir. I heard a former Army Intelligence officer say in an interview on a news program that he analyzed some videos and heard “one string of 85 rounds uninterrupted.” He said that’s definitely possible to do with a 100-round magazine, such as a Beta C-MAG. High-capacity mags like that were not found in the shooter’s hotel room from what the police have said, nor seen in the few leaked photos. Thanks again for providing some info, appreciate it.

    1. Thank you for this great compilation. I appreciate it. It validates a lot of information. I hope more people will be brave to post video footage so the truth will be forced to be acknowledged and then acted upon. Hopefully, they are looking for the other shooter(s), but they likely already know who they are.

      1. Oh I did not make the video. I found it on youtube. It was recommended by someone posting comments on an article about the shooting, so I watched it. I thought the man who made the video had some good points, but not knowing much about firearms, especially full-auto weapons, I’m asking for comments from you veterans and retired LE. I have great respect for the opinions of OK members. Thanks for watching the video and commenting.

  3. Great article John. Everyone should be asking the city of Las Vegas why its building code allows windows to be installed in a high rise hotel that can be easily broken. The way to have prevented this event was to install high impact windows rated for hurricane and tornado force winds. An object hitting a window at 120-150 miles an hour should not break it. The same window prevents suicide’s and ground injuries from falling glass or objects being thrown from tall building’s. Lets see if the city of Las Vegas corrects the root solution or if progressive/leftist/communists/socialist mental disorder continues to scream for further illegal action against the natural rights of citizens .

  4. Well going armed everywhere was something that for the first time seemed possible with hopes for concealed carry reciprocity – LEOSA for all citizens – finally.
    Sadly – our politicians who have the largest majority since WWI are now talking of a “BIPARTISAN PANEL” – EQUAL POWER FOR PROGRESSIVES (Who now have no power) TO FURTHER CITIZEN DISARMAMENT! Progressives relentlessly and unapologetically – WAGE WAR ON A DAILY BASIS – Incrementally taking a piece of our Second Amendment rights – one way or another – in one place or another.

    Guess I can now give up hopes of a Gorsuch Supreme Court reversing unconstitutional state laws that have effectively repealed the Second Amendment

    Not Good

  5. I’ve lived in Las Vegas off and on since the 70s and had just moved from the area 2 years ago. Still I have many friends who were working in the casinos the night of the shooting. All the casinos were on lockdown and spoke to one working that night at the Wynn. They fear for their lives, the loss of their jobs due to a decease in tourism. But, above all want the truth. Anytime I am seeking the truth outside what scripture can provide I always read what Oath Keepers has to say because I know of their commitment to finding the truth and they have the utmost integrity. Thank you for the article posted today. Keep fighting the good fight! We are behind you and keeping you in our prayers.

    As a oathkeepers member, trained first responder, and attendee of the music festival, the presstitute medias agenda makes me question everything. The blood, death and carnage was real, no doubt but we have to now more than ever be diligent in our training and vigilant in our daily lives.

  7. I have no doubt this was the work of Globalist forces just as was the Oklahoma city bombing and 9-11 and many other incidents in this country and around the globe. There has got to be a hot spot in hell for these murderers.

  8. Great article. I too heard more than one shooter/gun in the first video I saw. I pray the whole truth & nothing but the truth will come out. But that’s asking for a miracle.

  9. Great piece of writing John. There is nothing that unites us in each other and with God as suffering, big brother. This was the first attack deliberately carried out on WE, the country-loving, gun and bible-hugging good ol’ boys and girls. It is WE who have forced the “hosts of the wicked” out from the darkness behind the walls where they have festered to weaken our greatest institutions, and into the light where they think they can defeat us…without realizing, the light is our ground: “that he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh for the lusts of men, but for the will of God.” ~ 1 Peter 4:2
    These were children: “The sufferings of the sanctified are caused by growing into the idea of the will of God. God did not spare His own Son, and He does not spare His sanctified ones from the requirements of saintship. A child is the perfect specimen of the genus homo, so is man. The child as it develops, suffers; it is a false mercy that spares a child any requirements of its nature to complete the full stature of manhood, and it is false mercy that spares the sanctified child of God any of the requirements of its nature to complete “the measure of the nature of the fullness of Christ.” We do not evolve into holiness, it is a gift—we evolve in it, attainment after attainment, becoming sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus.” ~ Oswald Chambers, Suffering of the Sanctified
    We will fight, suffer, and die as Christians. WE know the enemy. A much worse suffering than we can imagine…living and dead…by his own hand.

  10. Thank you John Karriman for the excellent article. Good insights! Yes, our thoughts and prayers go to the victims of this horrific event. Let us not forget that our society and America is also a victim. As our society continues to decay as evidenced in Las Vegas, Orlando, San Bernadino, Boston, our commitment to the oath we swore becomes ever more important. God Bless America!

  11. This article with its balance of compassion and realistic understanding of the real world, reinforces my pride at being a member.

  12. Great essay!! I’ll let the other’s comments stand as I agree. However, one paragraph caused me to take extra note. I believe it is so valid as to merit repeating here, and hopefully saved to our OK philosophy, as it says why we exist. This is it:
    As Oath Keepers, our desire to live free and remain secure in our persons, places and things resonates with most all of us to the point of DOING something about it – namely going armed wherever we roam – not because we hate, but because we LOVE – not because we are ANTI anything, but because we are FOR things that we hold to be sacred. Most of us have offered our lives as the collateral for the sacred pledges that we took. We love our families, our friends and the principles we stand for (or fall on) and revere our moral obligation to preserve them to the extent of assuring their continuance and safety by going armed everywhere. It is a right and because of our training, it is our duty. And because of our ability; it is an honor.

  13. “Inaction has allowed many of these repugnant laws to be enacted.” I would like to note, as a veteran, the son of one, the grandson of one, that the vast majority do not serve the nation at all, in any capacity. They do not want to, and will always find an excuse for not doing so.
    The character of man may be the reason for those who sit idly by. So with men like Patrick, a student of mans character, debating the ratification of the Constitution, is there any question why militia appears as an integral part of the document?
    In this day and age, militia would be first responders, they would provide immediate assistance to those in need, or in danger. They would also provide something that the anti-2nd community keeps pounding upon. If you’ve read any of the state statutes on the implementation, duty, and responsibility of militia, and its officers, you would know that background checks are an integral, and on going process. Officers, and of course others would have an eye on the community, with officers having the ongoing duty of conducting checks on the preparedness of militia.
    Militia is of course required to maintain in good working order a weapon conducive to military service, and train with that weapon periodically as part of a unit. This would provide militia with a birds-eye view of the community as it is defined as “the whole people” in the words of George Mason, co-author of the Bill of Rights.
    As a veteran, I’ve asked NJ for a position in the militia according to state statutes at Title 38A: 1-2 Composition of Militia. I did receive a response declaring that I should join the National Guard. The Guard cannot replace militia for a number of reasons. However, I continue to promote this aspect of community to those who claim to be pro-2nd. No takers!

  14. I live in Las Vegas.

    Turned the news on at 11 PM the night of the shooting and watched through the night. Listened to the scanners as well. Lots of things were happening and going on.

    We’ve been discussing this AT LENGTH and I’d invite the media to head over to the Nevada Shooters website to follow the thoughts and discussions.

    But I want to mention something here.

    We’ve discussed whether it was a single shooter who planned and executed this plan himself, as well as his motivations, whether he was paid by a higher up to make it all happen, or whether there were multiple shooters including a gun deal gone bad with ISIS or similar types.

    First the multiple shooter / gun running deal gone bad. The gun deal would make sense and help explain his multiple purchases with the exception of one lone fact. The hand held sledge hammer shown in the room ‘dead shooter’ photo. That’s what was apparently used to break out the windows so that indicates the shooting went off as planned and was premeditated. So it wasn’t like ISIS types did this as a crime of opportunity when a gun deal with an undercover agent went bad. I just don’t buy that or any variant of it. The hammer was there for a reason, as well as the hoard of other tools found in the room. This went off as planned as far as the shooting itself. Maybe earlier than planned due to being interrupted by a security guard, but still along the shooter’s agenda.

    As a poker player myself who’s played at the pro level I’ve voiced real concerns about this guy’s winnings. No one’s heard of him nor is he a live or online poker player as far as anyone knows. He plays VIDEO poker on casino machines. And live players don’t report their winnings to the IRS so they can be taxed on them. It never shows up. Video poker is not POKER, it’s playing against a programmed computer chip.

    It’s been widely reported that he earned $5 million in 2015 due to his ‘poker winnings’. Again, this was on casino poker machines. THAT’S UNHEARD OF. Those machines are programmed and anyone making that kind of bank would be expelled from the casino or the machines would be re-chipped to tighten them up. Think about how they trespass and eject card counters (I know one of them). No casino is going to take a loss like that and this guy would be on everyone’s radar if he was making that kind of bank on video machines.

    It just doesn’t happen. That’s where a deep state or left winger comes into play. If you wanted to make this guy your pack mule you’d have to bribe the hell out of him as well as get something over him so he wouldn’t take your money and run before committing the atrocity. Did someone have him prove his worth by videoing him killing someone leading up to this, using it for blackmail purposes later? Was that the reason the shooter was having such trouble sleeping, as reported in various media reports? Was his conscience exploding?

    Let’s assume that the feds or a private source such as Soros screened this guy due to his gun and gambling habits in addition to his assumed leftist views. Let’s stay on the $5 mil for now. What’s the IDEAL WAY to launder that money to get it to the shooter? Chip certain machines to be extremely loose so he could sit at them for eight hours and make $50k in a single sitting. One of his neighbors said the shooter showed them a ‘receipt’ for $20k as he bragged to them about being ‘a professional poker player’. The MGM or any other casino could siphon millions to the shooter over the months or years by loosening up select machines as the plan is laid out and developed.

    So the first thing is to FOLLOW THE MONEY. Find out EXACTLY where it came from and how it was then dispersed by the shooter. $5 mil doesn’t do him much good if he’s dead. Maybe his ego allowed it because he wanted to be known as a shooting mastermind and wealthy man. He had no children. And maybe he was duped into thinking that he’d live to spend it one day.

    The other concern would be whether he’d been diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer so figured he’d go out making a statement or on behalf of a larger mission, cashing in while doing so, with him seeking out Soros or someone else with a plan to make this happen. He was a former IRS employee so may have had lots of deep inside connections.

    The mission? Generate public pressure to force a confiscation of all semi-autos so the deep state would have less fear of Patriot retaliation. Attack ‘God and Country’ Trump supporters. Ruin the Las Vegas economy. Generate sympathy and/or hatred for MGM, who owns the Mandalay Bay casino. MGM is reported to have been supportive of leftist causes. Did one of MGM’s competitors want to see them ruined? Steve Wynn sure seemed to be setting them up for litigation by stating that his operations would NEVER ALLOW for a guest to be locked in their room for more than 12 hours without allowing cleaning or other services to enter the room (Do Not Disturb signs). He seems to be stating that MGM was negligent for not doing so, baiting them for a massive litigation loss.

    Steve Wynn in his Fox News interview said the shooter was a very rational guy who did a very IRRATIONAL thing. His thought was that it could only have been to send a message (if the shooter acted alone).

    So the first directive is to follow that money. How did he achieve the impossible and do it under the radar in this town? It just doesn’t happen. Almost had to be fed to him in plain view.

    The next thing is even more troubling. Because I listened to this go down on the scanner, monitoring both fire and LEO frequencies, I heard this timeline unfolding. Even after the ‘shooter was down’ there was another dispatch, after fire rescue personnel were searching lower rooms for victims, that there was an ‘active shooter on the 4th floor’. That went out several times and fire rescue retreated as a result. Perhaps it was simple confusion but the dispatcher was super adamant about that second active shooter.

    But the timeline is what’s troubling. Sheriff Lombardo first said that the shooter was discovered by a security guard more than ten minutes into the shooting and that’s what prompted the shooter to stop and eventually kill himself. He then stated that when METRO arrived on scene on the 32nd floor they came into contact with the security guard who then told them where the shooter was. They said the guard helped them unlock each door to evacuate guests, even with a bullet in his leg.

    Huh? That whole thing just didn’t add up for me. They said that 200+ rounds were shot through that door at the guard. If you look at the photos of the door on the right that’s still intact you can’t see ANY shots through it. Maybe the rounds went through the other door so that explains it. But the story was that the shooting stopped after the guard showed up.

    Well in the most recent presser the Sheriff slipped in a tiny detail that the security guard actually was on the floor to investigate an open door but it was SIX MINUTES BEFORE the outside shooting started. The sheriff only mentioned the time, nothing more, and nothing about the massive discrepancy between his two versions of the truth. That came out because of reporter’s questions.

    Sheriff Lombardo was asked about the drills and tools that had been reported in the room and Lombardo admitted that the shooter was indeed drilling holes when the guard came up the hallway. He said the guard HEARD the drilling so moved toward that room. Lombardo suggested the holes were going to be for a camera or to shoot though into the hallway, but the drilling wasn’t finished yet. He also said the door to the stairway had been screwed shut by the shooter.

    So NOW what we’re told is that the shooter PANICKED and opted to blow his plan and cover by releasing 200 rounds through the door toward the security guard. Seriously? Against a single security guard? Why not just ignore him altogether and don’t answer the door, or answer the door and blow the guard off if he was asking about the drilling? That just doesn’t add up. But let’s assume he did that. Fired 200 rounds through the door.

    He had to see that the guard escaped but it was another full SIX MINUTES before he started shooting at the concert, if that’s a real timeline. I guess he had to think about whether he should accelerate his plan so then opted to break out the windows and proceed. We won’t know what else he’d planned before his cover was blown. But in some videos you can hear that his first shots were sniper rounds, not ‘auto’ gunfire. As a side note, with all of this research that this guy did he SURELY KNEW that he wasn’t going to blow those fuel tanks with his .308 rounds. The best he could have hoped for would have been to cause a leak. My recollection is that jet fuel is high grade diesel and it has a high flash point. That’s for another discussion.

    But back to the security guard. WTF? This guy was just the recipient of 200 rounds of incoming (seriously, and only one hit?) but according to METRO he never left the floor. Lombardo has stated that METRO arrived AFTER the shooting had stopped. So by his timeline that was 17 minutes after the guard was shot. So why the HELL did that guard stay on the 32nd floor for all that time? Why wasn’t he fleeing down for help while calling it all in? At that point everything was CALM and no other shots had been fired or heard.

    Now perhaps the security guard reported the shooting and it was forwarded to METRO and that’s when the guys started heading that way. We don’t know but that would give them 17 minutes to arrive at the door rather than the 12 that Lombardo reported.

    Regardless, this guy was just going to let himself bleed out because he wanted to keep an eye on the room or something? And he waited there for METRO to arrive so he could point out the room? That’s BS. This entire security guard timeline and involvement has been BS from the beginning. Perhaps it’s unclear and the guard actually went down to the lobby and that’s where he met and briefed METRO. That would make more sense, but that’s not what was said initially as far as I recall.

    NOW we can ask if there was a second shooter who was helping the first secure the room, that shooter at some point killing the suspected shooter and firing off the rounds himself. That second guy may have panicked and shot through the door initially.

    And regardless of any of that after the security guard was shot, WHY DID THE SHOOTER STOP SHOOTING after only 11 minutes when he still had a target rich environment and plenty of rounds to unleash? Did he empty all of his bump stock rifles and not know how to reload? Did he simply give up after emptying all of the bump fire’s? In the bus stop video we can hear some single rounds going off after what was seemingly the last bump fire volley. Was the thrill gone for the shooter at that point?

    For some reason he stopped shooting. Mission complete so he shot himself long before METRO breached the unit? Was he shot by a second shooter before the second shooter escaped the room?

    Lombardo has purposely skewed the timeline regarding this guard and we need to know why.

    There’s another huge problem with his timeline narrative. What he originally said was that his ad-hoc crew of first responders met up downstairs and chose to run up the stairways to confront the shooter, unaware of which floor for sure to look on, perhaps two floors, the 29th and 32nd. He then said this crew of five LEO’s went to the door and found it was too hot to proceed, that they were taking rounds so retreated and waited for SWAT to arrive because they were better equipped. He said they took their time because by that time the shooting had stopped. He also said that that first ad hoc team had come in contact with the security guard.

    The problem is that the security guard was at the other end of the hallway. Maybe the team was split in half into two different stairwells, but the problem is that the team stated that the stairway door near the shooter’s room was screwed shut using a metal plate and screws.

    But let’s backup for a second. On the 60 Minutes interview, four of the five responders on that team said that NONE OF THEM was on scene when the shooting started. They responded from other areas. One guy said he was in his office 9 miles away so flew down the freeway to respond. He then had to run TWO BLOCKS in his cowboy boots which he kicked off when he got into the Mandalay because his feet were blistering. The team then gathered up, two dog handlers without dogs included, and ran up the stairwells to the 32nd floor. Did they pause on the 29th? No mention about evacuating any of the guests in the other rooms.

    Sheriff Lombardo swears that his men were up there in 12 minutes time. So this one guy ran from his office, got into his car, drove 9 miles, ran two blocks, and then gathered with his teammates and ran up 32 flights of stairs in 12 minutes? Bullshit. Time for Lombardo to release another narrative and timeline.

    Lombardo also stated that the initial team backed away under fire and waited for SWAT and it took a full 75 minutes before they blew the door. But the guys in the 60 Minutes story said that THEY were the ones to blow the door, with the dog handler stating that he was holding a shield and praying to God that he didn’t take automatic gunfire through the door as they were planting the charges. He said the SWAT guy on their initial team was the one with the charges and there was ONLY ONE OF HIM, no other SWAT. He also said that that same SWAT guy had a crowbar on him when they climbed the stairs and they seemingly acted as a solo team in doing it all, including entry. They freed the stairway door with the crowbar.

    WTF is going on here? None of this is adding up. Maybe Lombardo was just severely misinformed early on, but how about these men on 60 Minutes who were actually THERE? And why 75 minutes when you consider the story of the initial team?

    And one more question. Why were the initial team members virtually all from outside of the area of the shooting? Where were the METRO responders from right there in the venue? It just doesn’t add up.

    I’m going to leave it here for now but this seems like a massive false flag that at first appearance was financed by private or deep state money. If this guy was acting alone then the Sheriff has a lot of explaining to do regarding his timeline and actions. And why haven’t we seen an interview of the security guard yet? Too much briefing so he’ll get the false flag narrative right?

    Too many questions need to be answered here. Follow the money.

    1. Three days have passed and Sheriff Lombardo has given another update, concluding with an emotional breakdown regarding his own officers while REFUSING to take any questions for the first time since this incident unfolded. He was obviously very guarded and upset during this press briefing in an obvious CYA presentation.

      Obviously posts like ours and others have been taking a toll. My prayer is that he truly digs in and follows the money. To date I haven’t heard a single reporter question him on the subject of the $5 million in poker machine winnings.

      MGM, the owner of Mandalay Bay, issued a statement that strongly disputed the Sheriff’s timeline of events. Either Lombardo has gotten the message and is doing his best to protect the casino from liability or there’s more to this story that we’re hearing. Lombardo stressed yet again that ‘the facts may change’ as they learn new info. Convenient narrative?

      The MGM is clearly at risk for major litigation here, based on two factors alone. First, Steve Wynn has made them sound negligent for not forcing their way into the room after the guest left his DND sign on the door for so many days in a row. And we now know that the shooter was in the room for an entire week, not just four days as originally stated. Lombardo did his best to justify the discrepancies.

      Next, MGM will be deeply liable if their security and maintenance guy both reported the shots fired (shots could be heard during the radio transmission) but failed to contact METRO ASAP. The first we know about the shooting is when a METRO officer called it in on his radio at the 10:08 PM timeline that we hear on the radio transmission timeline (Broadcastify). So if MGM didn’t call that in then they were highly negligent and clearly cost lives.

      A hit like that against MGM would be a massive financial blow to them and the Las Vegas community, even if it was done in error, and Lombardo may feel it’s his duty to the community to revise his statement in such a convenient way.

      All of this will be on 911 logs so it shouldn’t be in question. We also know that at least ONE of the radio calls from MGM employees was recorded (shots in the background) and SURELY that has a time stamp on it as well.

      Lombardo’s revised narrative was that the security guard arrived on the 32nd floor to check the jammed door but he did so by going up the stairway (or down it). Huh? Was he already on a nearby floor? Because normally someone would take the elevator to the 32nd floor, not the stairs. Maybe he was on a nearby floor and closer to the stairwell than the elevator and that explains it.

      But Lombardo now says Jesus Campos, the UNARMED security guard, came to the screwed-shut door so went to another floor and all the way to the elevator and back to that same jammed door, upon which he took gunfire, and that accounts for the time discrepancies. Moments afterword the second employee, a maintenance worker, showed up and began taking fire as well. Whether that was an additional volley of shots or the worker walked in while the shooter was reloading, we don’t know at this point. The details are too sketchy to conclude.

      But keep in mind that this shooter was likely monitoring all of the casino’s radio communications and KNEW that the shots had been reported to management.

      They are saying that the shooter fired into the hallway and then out to the concert crowd within one minute’s time. Maybe he had to bust out the windows and then immediately began firing. I doubt the windows were broken out before then, if you believe this timeline, because the guard said he heard drilling sounds coming from the room before being fired upon, indicating that the shooter was not yet prepared for his onslaught.

      As I’m writing this, at 1:45 PM on Friday afternoon, I saw a report FOR THE FIRST TIME on the Fox Business Channel in which they were asking about FOLLOWING THE MONEY!! They suggested he had a dark deep hidden past which may have accounted for his reported income.

      Sounds like someone may be waking up.

      But here’s another suspicious detail. Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security guard who was shot on the 32nd floor and then stayed there until police got to him more than 25 minutes later, was supposed to be on the Hannity show on Thursday night. He wasn’t on. He was then also supposed to give five separate TV interviews on Thursday as well. He got into private talks with his union and Mandalay Bay/MGM officials and then promptly walked out of the discussion and as they told it, ‘disappeared’.

      WTF? Was he being told to relay such a BS narrative that he couldn’t bring himself to pull it off? I said that in my earlier post, that he’d have to be briefed on what to say and HOW before they’d turn him loose. Maybe he was shaking the casino down for some serious $$ before agreeing to risk his life or reputation for a false narrative. No mention of him in today’s press briefing. In all likelihood he did indeed call the shooting down at 9:59 PM and wasn’t going to lie and say he didn’t.

      Time will tell. Let’s hope and pray that he doesn’t disappear ‘for good’. He may need the protection of some Oath Keepers until these events are fully vetted out.

  15. NavyJack is currently Tweeting his “factual” opinion that there was only 1 shooter in LV. Regardless of the cabbie audio recorded at the scene that clearly demonstrates 2 LMG’s firing…one far and one close. I’m starting to wonder about NavyJack. There is a ton of disinfo out there and good evidence as well and he’s falling on the wrong side of the argument.

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