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Oath Keepers need your help in Puerto Rico!

The Oath keepers disaster relief team is on the ground in Aguadilla and the surrounding towns. The needs are clear. We need your help. Please donate your time, money, or expertise. Please, don’t stand by and watch the bureaucrats and politicians move like molasses. These Americans need your help now.

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To volunteer:

If you can, or know someone who can, donate cargo space on a plane for food/medical supplies, etc. direct to Aguadilla:

Please donate to help us continue our disaster relief mission in Puerto Rico:   DONATE

Oath Keepers need your help in Puerto Rico! 





  1. Some information on how and where to send supplies would be good. Or is it just better to donate money ? It sounds like there are plenty of supplies in Fla, but the bottleneck is transportation to PR. Is that accurate ?

  2. Here is a great story about what a single PR college student is doing. Maybe Ok should get in contact with her ?
    College student crowdfunds $82,000 for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief, charters a plane and delivers the aid herself
    • Rosana Guernica, 22, decided to deliver aid to her native Puerto Rico
    • She raised enough money to charter a private plane twice for the expedition
    • They have already evacuated six people and brought 1,000 pounds of supplies
    • Other students at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have also chipped in to help out
    By Scott Campbell For Mailonline and Associated Press
    Published: 14:44 EDT, 15 October 2017 | Updated: 13:44 EDT, 16 October 2017
    On October 4th, she spent her first $20,000 in donations to bring 1,000 pounds of supplies to the island including infant formula, batteries, water, water filters, medicine and medical supplies. She also brought back six evacuees.

    Read more:
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  3. Thank you! Good to know you are there and have the right skill-set to actually help with this dire situation for so many American citizens. Wish I were able to donate more $$.

  4. Puerto Rico has had several voting opportunities to become a State, but has voted against it every time, and for one reason: they get to avoid paying Federal taxes. As a Territory, they receive many Federal benefits without financial responsibility. Now they complain that the U.S. is not sending U.S. dollars fast enough. The word that applies here is “hypocrisy”.

    1. I’ll repeat what I wrote on the donation page–I don’t think OKers need to be spreading ourselves too thin. NC OKers sent 2 trailers down to FL and FEMA seized the supplies. We need to consider donating materials & money to someone like F. Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse, and limit our response to our expertise in security, comms medical.

    2. Let’s worry about the politics another time. For now let’s focus on fellow Americans, and HUMANS, in need. These people need our help.

      1. This isn’t about politics. If you know a trusty big-city agency that delivers the goods, I’ll use it.
        But If our aid is seized or dumped — what then? Continue doing the same?
        Let’s be real, and rethink our strategy.

    3. LG please read up on the referendum history. They have voted 2 times in favor of statehood in the last few elections but congress ( as usual sits on it and don’t know what to do) please read up on it before posting public statements that may sway uninformed people that don’t bother to research thing into thinking they don’t want statehood. They do! Take is from a history buff, and a 30yr US Army vet. Not here to instigate nor disagree but will not hesitate to call it when I see something way off from the facts. Please research PR statehood recent voting referendums in the last 20yrs and you will be surprise.
      And they pay more taxes than you and me due to the Jones act that obligates them to pay 30% higher prices on all good coming to the island, yes 30 on piece of gum

      Joewy here!
      Ask Stewart who I am and he will let you know am shot str8 no bull

  5. This is an EXCELLENT video. My heart and prayers are with our Oath Keepers there on the ground as well as our FELLOW AMERICANS in Puerto Rico. The Good Lord bless Stewart, Scott, and the team for doing so much to represent O-K members everywhere. It was great meeting and working with you all in Houston.

    Like the National Guard and so many private corporations and citizens around the planet, It’s great to see Oath Keepers members stepping beyond their ‘branded functions’ and reaching out to serve so many important needs. Every Oath Keeper should be proud to be part of an organization that so unselfishly gives of their time, wealth, and lives to be a part of this.

    Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop. With the necessary support funding I too will be down there to help. My better half is working on behalf of FEMA in Texas so I’ve been holding down the fort, but I’ll find some care for our Rottweiler if I can find a way to get down there and make it happen. Two more boots on the ground.

    Lord bless you all for giving of yourselves to help so many. Such a positive face for all Oath Keepers in doing so!!

  6. Deceit and consent. Everything is run by these two words. They deceive us and we consent to it. Here is one example. In Florida, the county tax collector sends all property owners an estimated tax that says that it is not a bill and do not pay. However, you are given 30 days to disagree to it or it becomes a tax bill later. No one ever puts a signature on the estimated tax nor on the tax. We then believe that we are responsible for the tax and pay it with consent.

  7. The power of NEW WORLD ORDER is much greater than you think. A great many of our corporations are multinational and are controlled by these same elite. And I can assure yo that they are WILLING to take a financial hit and, just like Target, believe they can outlast us.
    I suggest you obey II Chronicles 7:14. but it only works if you are “called by My Name.”

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