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Oath Keepers CALL TO ACTION to Deploy to Puerto Rico

We need volunteers to provide close protection/security for medical/rescue teams going into rural Puerto Rico communities which have not received food, water, or medical relief in the wake of hurricane Maria.

Oath Keepers launched this mission by volunteering to help in the emergency medical evacuation of a critically ill child.  First into Puerto Rico today will be a two man Oath Keepers security team who will help Dr. Thompson’s medical team evacuate the child.  One of our team members will be Florida Oath Keepers leader Scott Dunn, who is a retired trauma nurse, veteran police and corrections officer, and a U.S. Army Ranger School graduate.   Dr. Thompson asked Scott to go on this first-flight-in because of his extensive experience in the E.R. as well as his capabilities as a protector.  Also on this first two-man security team will be Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, who is an Army Airborne veteran and former volunteer fire-fighter.

This first five-man team will be quickly strengthened by additional Oath Keepers teams which are on their way.   Dr. Thompson is arranging the private flights from the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area into Puerto Rico.   If you are a “quiet professional” with the requisite background and training, and the presence of mind and calmness under pressure to operate as a security escort for doctors, medics, and search and rescue personnel in a potentially dangerous disaster environment, please volunteer to help us.

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You can contact us at: and we will begin the vetting process.  Billy Simmons is in overall charge of coordinating volunteers for this security mission. We will post up more details on that shortly.

As stated above, we are looking for “quiet professionals” who are well trained and experienced infantry, police, PSD, or security professionals. We are also needing medical personnel as well as communications experts.

Engineers and construction/contractors are also very much needed to help clear debris from roads and help build emergency shelter  while we also work our primary mission of security for the doctors, nurses, medics and rescue workers of Third Wave Volunteers.

Veterans, it is time to step up and help protect our rescue and medical personnel so they can safely do their critical work.

Plan on bringing the proper gear for a security operation in austere, grid down, without rule of law conditions where you will have to sustain yourself while keeping others safe.   Our mission is humanitarian disaster relief but the sad fact is that bad guys take advantage of such conditions to prey on innocent people.  Therefore, let us do our duty to stand in defense of the vulnerable.

Primary contact method is emailing:

Please check back here for more details on volunteering for this medical and security mission. If you have any questions, please use the email address above.

If you are qualified to participate in Puerto Rico, we would sincerely appreciate your help.  If not, you can still help by donating a little or a lot to help with the expenses incurred by our volunteer teams.




Oath Keepers CALL TO ACTION to Deploy to Puerto Rico








  1. Will the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico allow us to bring in our own weapons/Firearms and ammo in country, especially with their anti-2nd Amendment Stance? I served two years Law enforcement after I was Honorably Discharged from the US Army, and am aware on how difficult it is for a civilian to bring your own weapons to Puerto Rico.

    1. Have you gotten an answer to your first question? My read of PR gun laws makes it pretty clear that we wouldn’t be taking our own weapons, unless they grant an emergency waiver. They don’t honor any concealed carry license from the outside; open carry is illegal, and forget long guns. You’re not even supposed to have more than 50 rounds of ammo.

  2. Thank you for your help in this desperate situation.i use to be a nurse on a disaster team. I had to retire when i became disabled. I will be praying for you especially your safety especially. I know all too well about the bad boys in disaster situations. Take care and God bless

  3. I have reached out to the published email address, to volunteer. Who will get back to me, and when I can expect to speak with someone to begin the vetting process? Thanks!

  4. Is this another event were we would be responsible to get ourselves out if stuff goes south? Do we have any back up? And I would volunteer if the weapons questions were answered? 2 years Iraq PSD team member, route clearance, commo trained, airborne infantry man with ewo identifier. I cannot by any means volunteer for something that would violate this islands laws or our Constitution. Please advise thanks

  5. I am a FL Oath keeper member, ex navy radarman, so I have some com skills though much is out of date. I am going to P.R. to haul gas to help relieve the shortage. I would be interested in helping if we could carry. Also would be interested in having O K escort the fuel delivery trucks.

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